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Nilo J Sanchez & Associates

15 reviews
(Family Law Attorneys)
 1006 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607US

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(813) 879-4600

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5on Google, Jan 11, 2017
Nilo Sanchez and his team did a tremendous job on my divorce support modification matter. His team was responsive, organized and kept costs to a minimum. Nilo put us in a great position to successful mediate the matter. He always made sure I fully appreciated the economic risks and rewards during mediation and achieved an outcome that exceeded my expectations. He is professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Nilo Sanchez and his team for any divorce and child support related matter. more »
5on Google, Nov 27, 2016
I met Nilo Sanchez and his staff about 18 months ago when I was considering divorce. Mr. Sanchez was empathetic and honest throughout the entire divorce proceedings. His staff responded efficiently and professionally to all my questions. I felt extremely fortunate to have found a very competent lawyer who was focused on my emotional and financial state. I would highly recommend him. more »
5on Google, Jul 25, 2016
Going through a divorce they say is the worst things a person can endure next to the death of a loved one. I was scared, upset, and unsure of a lot of things in my life. Working with Nilo really helped put my mind at ease, made me feel comfortable at times when I was seriously overwhelmed, and guided me through the process. He's one of the best people I have ever had the privilege of working with! I would highly recommend! more »
5on Google, Jul 25, 2016
I remember like it was yesterday, the day I walked into Niko's office! I had a horrible prior divorce lawyer, I had lost my kid's gardianship because of a nasty divorce battle, I had no money, I was a stay home mom for over seven years and I was in a divorce battle for over a year! No alimony, no child support for over a year! Nilo was able to get my kids back and get me the best divorce settlement ever! He is confident, aggressive and will never promise you what he can't deliver! At the end I felt like he was part of my family and he will fight for you like he is fighting for his own family member. The best part that he will never try to get you to fight for things that will eventually hurt you or your family; however, he will try his best to work with the opponent attorney to come up with the best deal for both parties. Even if you are mad, he will try to look for your best and at the same time look for the best of your family. I would highly recommend him without reservation! Nilo is the kind of person that would not drag your case to make more money but he will look for your best and the best of your family! more »
5on Google, Jun 21, 2016
As you read all the reviews below, It is clear that Nilo has all the expertise and abilities one could ever hope to find in an attorney to address your divorce, child custody, modifications or personal injury cases. But more than that, I can tell you that Nilos loving passion for his family, his staff and his clientele, will touch your heart and assure you that this man will always be there as your friend and advisor. God bless you Nilo, for all you do and who you are. Your pal Sal. more »
5on Google, May 28, 2016
From the minute I met Nilo, I knew I was in good hands. I felt he was very honest and knew on that day, I could totally trust him. He is a family man, great morals and values which to me is very important to have. I decided to retain him and transferred my case from another attorney who I worked with for almost a year and unfortunately, never provided good results. Nilo immediately began working on my case and in no time, the case closed. He handled my case with respect and much care. If he said he would call you back that day, he always did. His interaction with other attorneys was very clear to me that he is a very highly respected attorney in the family court system. Nilo is a very truly caring man and wants the best for you. He has an amazing staff, very friendly and always ready to help.
Hiring Nilo Sanchez as my Family Law Attorney was the best decision I made for me and my family. 
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5on Google, May 28, 2016
My experience with Mr. Nilo Sanchez has been a phenomenal one. I worked with a different divorce attorney before I knew about Mr. Sanchez and now I know that caring and devoted attorneys do exist. I felt and still feel like Mr. Sanchez genuinely cares about my situation, which in my opinion takes an authentic and compassionate person to do so. He had the professional experience to tell me the harsh reality of my situation along with the tenacity to fight for my rights when I didn't feel strong enough to do so myself- he was my muscle if you will. I would recommend him to anyone who is dealing with a divorce as I feel he will provide that same level of genuine service to any one of his clients. more »
5on Google, Feb 27, 2016
Nilo is an excellent attorney. My case was in good hands. He was concerned about me and he really cares about his clients well being, not just financially but across their whole life. He always does what is best for his clients. I had him for two cases over a two year period. Not one day did I regret having Nilo as my attorney. When I first hired him I didn't know anything about him but I couldn't be happier with my choice. I was able to explain to him all the issues I was having and he immediately understood and knew how to help me. Nilo took the case in his hands and won, and I was very satisfied with the outcome of the case. Hiring Nilo was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my family. I would never go to another attorney now. more »
5on Google, Aug 29, 2015
Nilo Sanchez is a terrific Family Law Attorney. He knows the court system inside and out. Nilo Sanchez always fights hard for his clients whether in divorce cases, custody matters, or financial settlements. He is also a well respected Family Law Mediator who can help settle even the most difficult cases. A really good divorce lawyer, Really. more »
5on Google, Jun 29, 2015
In July, 2014, I met with Nilo Sanchez concerning my divorce. I immediately felt that I had just met with an attorney that I could put my full trust in. He has excellent knowledge of all aspects of Florida divorce law, is aggressive but at the same time is
very morally grounded and compassionate. At all times Mr. Sanchez made me feel my best interests were his top priority. He also has surrounded himself with an excellent staff that is just as caring and dedicated as he is. I would highly recommend Nilo Sanchez to anyone needing a great divorce or family law attorney.
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5on Google, Jun 29, 2015
From the minute I met Nilo Sanchez I knew I was going to be okay. And what a relief it was to be able to totally trust him with my case. Hiring Nilo was the best decision I ever made. I retained Nilo as my attorney after working with another attorney for several months, which was a total nightmare. . Nilo is a very conscientious man who is always prepared for anything because he studies your case and is familiar with every detail. He is knowledgeable with every aspect of family law, organized, and fair. He is willing to go to battle for you and deal with anything that is thrown at him. Any questions I had for him he would answer me immediately. If I was told he would call me back that day, he always did. During court proceedings he would meet me before the proceedings to go over everything that was going to take place and he would sit right beside me even while we were waiting our turn. From my observation of his interactions with other attorneys during these proceedings it is clear he is well respected in his field. Nilo is able to read people very well and knows how to deal with them. This was extremely advantageous during mediation. He knew exactly how to deal with my ex-husband. Nilo has an awesome staff and they are wonderful to work with. I felt like I was part of the family. But the best thing about Nilo is that he is a truly caring man and wants the best for you. He is also a Christian man with high moral standards and values, and he has the gift of getting things without compromising those standards.
If you need an attorney I personally would recommend that you retain Nilo Sanchez and guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you have an attorney and are frustrated or not happy with the treatment you receive, I urge you to change to Nilo. Going through a divorce is so emotionally draining, but I truly felt like I could let go of all the legal stuff to Nilo and he would take care of it. Again, hiring Nilo Sanchez was the best decision I ever made! . .
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5on Google, Jun 29, 2015
I strongly recommend Mr. Nilo Sanchez as a Family law lawyer. I felt from the beginning that he was very honest about my case. Nilo shared what he thought would the difficulties/realities I would face, based on the facts that any judge would take into account based on existing law. He provided strong representation, suggested strategies to follow and the pros and cons, cost/benefit for consideration. Nilo has the tools to do what/if analysis that help in the negotiation process as well as in the decision making. If you should have to go to court, Nilo and his team are very organized, friendly and responsive. Nilo is a skillful deposition taker and has a presence in the courtroom should your case ever need to get there. Nilo is able to put legal matters into plain terms to explain your options. You will see this from your first meeting with him. He was also on top of pending legislation that could have an impact on my case. Overall, I felt that Nilo achieved a great outcome for me and should I ever need representation in family law in the future, no doubt I will call Nilo. more »
5on Google, Jun 29, 2014
Mr. Sanchez is by far the best divorce lawyer in Tampa Bay. He is considerate, thorough and aggressive and proved he has the knowledge to negotiate and litigate even the most difficult of divorce cases. I would highly recommend divorce lawyer, Nilo J Sanchez & Associates in Tampa. more »
5on Google, Jun 29, 2014
I would definitely recommend Mr. Sanchez as a family law attorney if you need one in the Tampa Bay area. If you are having issues with child custody, timeshare or support, Mr. Sanchez is extremely knowledgeable and can help you get the results you need for your children. Many thanks to Nilo J Sanchez & Associates! more »
5on Google, Jun 29, 2013
Experienced, agressive Tampa divorce lawyer, yet very compassionate and friendly. The staff is extremely attentive and professional. I would highly recommend Nilo Sanchez & Associates to assist you with your family law matters. more »
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Divorce Lawyer, Tampa , Nilo Sanchez & Associates, Family law firm, Divorce, high net worth divorce, child support, child custody, support and custody modifications, time sharing, alimony. Tampa, Lutz, Clearwater, St. Petersburg. Divorce attorney, Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough County. Se Habla Espenol. Visit us online at or »

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