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Nathan J Dineen Attorney At Law

63 reviews
(Criminal Defense Law)
 310 E Buffalo St, Ste 104, Milwaukee, WI 53202US

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(414) 847-5655

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5on Avvo, Feb 08, 2016
I hired Attorney Dineen about a year and half ago for a drunk driving case that I wasn't behind the wheel at the time of arrest. An individual drove me home from a poker tournament an cause my vehicle to be in a accident. I didn't know the person's full name so we search for this individual for a very long time. It's was my attorneys desire to make this right and with some luck we found the person responsible. I had my case completely dropped because of the hard work he did for me and reputation he has as an outstanding OWI attorney in Wisconsin. The quality of work and the attention to detail made me impressed that I definitely made the right decision to hire him. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring and down right good person look know further because he's the one you need on your side. His experience will give you every opportunity you need to help your case and then some. My experience with Attorney Dineen has been nothing but a awarding winning position from integrity, honesty, and respectful. Again if you want someone to fight for you don't hesitate to call him for a consultation. more »
5on Avvo, Feb 04, 2016
Nate and Dan were a huge help in my case. Everything explained to me was more information than I got from any other lawyer I talked to in the hiring process. Everything was accurate and extremely helpful in a stressful time. This entire process can be very confusing with all of the terminology and technicalities. I'd highly recommend someone that will make sense of it all and include you in the process, just as these guys did. I was facing 60+ days huber (minimum), wound up with 30. I felt well represented the whole time and felt as though I could call at anytime if a question came up. more »
5on Avvo, Dec 01, 2015
Although my BAC was below the .08 limit, the municipality decided to go to trial. Nate was there on my behalf and got the case dismissed without any points or fines. I did not even have to appear in person at the trial. I am very pleased with the outcome. I already recommended him to a friend of mine. more »
5on Avvo, Oct 04, 2015
If you are looking for warm and fuzzy, look for someone else. If you want someone who is straight to the point, knowledgeable of OWI laws, how the system works, and wants to beat the court, Attorney Nathan Dineen is your guy. He is up front and honest. There are no surprises. OWI is what he does and he knew everything there was to know as we navigated Milwaukee County's court system together. He was responsible for me getting a minimum sentence. I spent a few hours in the House of Corrections, and while talking to both other inmates and corrections officers alike, I repeatedly heard, "You must have had a great lawyer." It was at that moment that I realized how much Attorney Dineen had truly helped me. The penalty for OWI is severe. It is expensive, stressful, and time consuming. There is no way around those facts, but for me they were minimized because of the services of Attorney Nathan Dineen. more »
5on Avvo, Sep 17, 2015
During my initial consultation, Nate immediately made me feel at ease. I was very confident in retaining him and was more than impressed with his knowledge and expertise. Nate represented my interests with the utmost professionalism and diligence. I HIGHLY recommend him! more »
5on Avvo, Sep 16, 2015
I hired Nathan for an OWI in a small town where I am known well by law enforcement with cards stacked against me. He was not afraid to stand up for my rights and worked very hard for me. He went to bat for me and knocked it outta the park. The OWI was dropped as were a litany of other charges. He was always a phone call away and was very forward about the case. Hiring him was the best thing I could have done I would recomend him anytime! more »
5on Avvo, Jun 01, 2015
My review of Nate may read like a Book but if I were to go into complete depth of my case, it would contain Chapters so this will be a LONG version of my case~SHORT.My case challenged Nate's expertise doubly which he passed with flying colors!!I originally hired Nate to help me with an OWI and while this case was in progress, had to REhire him for yet another OWII received 8 months later. more »
5on Avvo, May 26, 2015
Nate did an excellent job preparing me, and my case for trial. He was very informative, and has a proactive approch. He looked at the case from all angles. He then prepared me for the worst, but delivered even better results than I think he even expected. He also did a great job of making himself available to answer any, and all of my questions. In conclusion, He is very professional, and I highly recommend his expertise. more »
5on Avvo, Apr 01, 2015
Nathan took my case and was a true professional! My case was guaranteed to have a less than desirable outcome... but Nate fought very hard and got me the best outcome possible. He answered all of my questions and concerns I had about my case and met with me multiple times. He is caring, smart and gives great guidance. He knows his stuff! I would recommend Nathan to anybody who needs a lawyer in any DUI situation. more »
5on Avvo, Feb 14, 2015
Nate saved me. Its as simple as that. I made a bad call and nate got me out of it. We took it to trial and the prosecutor caved. I would recommend him to anyone. True professional. He handled everything from A - Z. Couldn't be happier with him. more »
5on Avvo, Nov 25, 2014
To Whom It May Concern, I recently had the great misfortune of requiring legal counsel for my twenty year old son and the great fortune of retaining Mr. Nathan Dineen. The consequences of an evening of poor judgement on my son's behalf which could have affected the rest of his life was handled with a confident expertise of the law and of the procedures and requirements of the tests administered by the police at the time of his arrest. In the state of Wisconsin, there is no one as knowledgeable and experienced in the processes of collecting and testing blood and the requirements of the law. Our trust in his abilities was well founded; he was honest and not hesitant to fight for the best possible outcome. For our family, we received just that...The best possible outcome, which makes Mr. Nathan Dineen simply the best lawyer available. Period. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 07, 2014
While my case never went beyond 2 meetings with Nathan, I found him tio be responsive, knowledgeable and committed to my case. He met with me in a timely way and explained my options. He then made his recommendation which I found to be very forthright and informative. I would recommend Nathan to anyone in the situation I was in. more »
5on Avvo, Jun 30, 2014
Overwhelmed and embarrassed about the whole OWI process initially, Nate was a very calming influence and lead me through every step. Possessing true client focus and a comfortable style, Nate took the time to explain all of my options and was eventually able to reduce a charge that saved me thousands of dollars. Nate facilitated the best possible outcome for my situation and is the only attorney I would recommend to my friends and family. more »
5on Avvo, Feb 19, 2014
Nate is honorable, professional, and most importantly, understands the clients' rights under the law and utilizes that information to best represent him. In court he is assertive and well versed in the nomenclature of the proceedings that can greatly influence the decision in favor of his client.
I would strongly recommend working with him based on his legal acumen as well as his understanding of the professional culture in the court process.
more »
5on Avvo, Dec 03, 2013
I highly recommend Attorney Dineen. From the very start he was down to earth, respectful, and on top of everything. My job as a traveling salesman was on the line so I needed the very best. I meet with a few attorneys but chose Mr. Dineen because his knowledge and experience was unparalleled. He is definitely not cheap but in my case he was worth every penny. After a day long trial my case resulted in a Not Guilty verdict! I would highly recommend Attorney Dineen to anyone who needs or wants to fight their DUI charge! more »
5on Avvo, Dec 02, 2013
Nathan Dineen represented me in an OWI case. Due to his diligence, relentless work ethic, and determination I was found NOT GUILTY! He is a hard working man who is committed to defending his clients. He is as advertised, the very best. more »
5on Avvo, Dec 02, 2013
Nate really helped me through a difficult situation. He really helped me to understand the process and was very knowledgable of the the OWI Law. I would highly recomened Nate to family and friends. more »
5on Avvo, Aug 13, 2013
I felt blessed to have Attorney Dineen working for me. He is aggressive, thorough, and relentless in his pursuit of justice. more »
5on Avvo, Jun 24, 2013
Nate is a great DUI attorney. He helped me get through the horrible situation I got myself into. He was always on top of my case and available to answer my questions. In the end I decided not to fight my case to trial, but Nate was ready and willing to if I wanted to. His knowledge of the law, the legal system, and entire DUI process was very impressive and helpful. I would highly recommend Nate to anyone facing a DUI charge. more »
5on Avvo, Feb 07, 2013
Nate was truly a professional trustworthy Attorney, He was able to make an uncomfortable OWI situation
more understanding every step of the process. He was able to get the one charge that bother
ed me the most dropped and despite the current unjust legal system that was forced against me and my defense he kept on fighting and I am satisfied with the outcome. A great Lawyer and I truly would recommend Nate to family and friends. more »
5on Avvo, Jan 19, 2013
Living out of Wisconsin Nathan J. Dineen really kept me informed with the Wisconsin laws. He was very professional in helping with my case. Always returned my calls in a timely matter and charged a very reasonable fee. I would highly recommend Nathan J. Dineen. more »
on Foursquare, Dec 05, 2012
If you have been arrested for a charge of driving under the influence, or OWI, call Mr. Dineen for a free initial case review. more »
5on JudysBook, Dec 05, 2012
If you have been arrested for a charge of driving under the influence, or OWI, call Mr. Dineen for a free initial case review. more »
5on Avvo, Nov 27, 2012
Due to Nathan's experience and expertise, I was very satisfied with the best possible outcome after being charged with 5th OWI. He was very professional, compassionate, and went the "extra mile" to help ensure the best possible defense. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 25, 2012
Fought my case aggressively and ended up saving my license. He was with me every step of the way and was always available to answer my questions. I would recommend him to anyone in the same unfortunate situation I was in. more »
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310 E Buffalo St, Ste 104, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Criminal Defense Law
Today 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Top rated, aggressive Wisconsin DUI defense attorney, free consultation, available 24/7. We service Milwaukee, Germantown, West Bend, Appleton, and Sister Bay. Time is of the essence. Call today!more »

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