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 1543 Del Monte Blvd, Seaside, CA 93955US

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(831) 899-4366

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5on Google, Jul 05, 2017
They have taken care of my vehicles since 2013. Calvin, and Robert are the best leaders the whole automotive crew really do a good job! more »
Business Response:
Thanks Brenda, we're really happy that we were able to provide you with the high quality service that you deserve. We take pride in our work and are always happy to read reviews like yours. Thank you so much!
4on Google, Jul 05, 2017
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5on Google, Jun 12, 2017
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4on Google, Jun 12, 2017
Very good service. Answered all my questions. more »
5on Google, Jun 05, 2017
We ran into some problems with our Honda Element on a road trip when it wouldn't start on the California Coast near Big Sur. We got it towed into the Midas in Seaside, CA which was one of the only places open on the holiday weekend. The guys in the shop were incredibly helpful and were able to fit us in even though they were quite busy. They were able to get our car started so we could get back on the road and finish the trip. Without them we would have been stuck waiting through the weekend for the dealer to open up and would have been late making it back home. Kelvin Armando and Angel truly did save the day! Thanks guys! more »
Business Response:
Hi Brendan, thank you for sharing. We're happy to hear you enjoyed your service at our shop. We look forward to seeing you again for your next service.
1on Google, May 08, 2017
Dropped my car off for service. Came back 1 and a half hours later and the service was not done. Completely forgot to service my vehicle. more »
1on Google, Apr 07, 2017
I have appointment at 2:30 for oil change service and its 3:45 and they make anything. Just say sorry ??? And my time is just wasted more »
Business Response:
Hi Jose, thanks for your review. We do our best to manage our time and workflow during peak hours, but sometimes wait times do occur. We're really sorry that you weren't happy with your experience. We would like to speak further with you about your visit - please email us at and include your phone number. Thanks.
1on Google, Mar 08, 2017
Wait 2 hrs for a oil change more »
Business Response:
Hi there, thanks for your review. We do our best to manage our time and workflow during peak hours, but sometimes wait times do occur. We're really sorry that you weren't happy with your experience. We would like to speak further with you about your visit - please email us at and include your phone number. Thanks.
5on Google, Mar 08, 2017
Very friendly and great service. I can't say the same of other Midas locations more »
5on Google, Mar 08, 2017
Every time I bring my car here they are so friendly, helpful, and clear about the problem. The pricing is really good and they always do a great job. Highly recommend! more »
4on Google, Feb 06, 2017
(Translated by Google) Friendly staff, clearly told what the problem can not be repaired will not be overcharged even recommend other solutions. Just good business will wait a long time.
al) 親切的員工,清楚的告知問題出在哪,無法修理也不會多收費,甚至會推薦其他解決方法。只是生意太好會等很久。 more »
5on Google, Dec 07, 2016
Great management, quick and courteous service. Great prices too, the best around. Look for the coupons in the mail in the sales flyers every Wednesday. more »
5on Google, Sep 06, 2016
Very helpful. Extremely friendly. Got me in and out in under the estimated time. more »
Business Response:
Hi Brianna, really happy to hear you enjoyed your recent service with our team. Hope to see you again!
1on Google, Sep 06, 2016
Broke a clamp on my exhaust. Needed to install a new one, a 5 minute in and out job that I'd do myself if with a jack if they'd let me... the guy at the desk gave me every reason why he couldn't do it... 2 hours before close, ppl standing around and half of the bays empty and he is telling me about how tired everyone is and how they have all been there since 7 and they don't want to do more tonight. This was after he told me that he had never heard of a v band style exhaust clamp and made me go shop around town to find one, then says come back and he'll help me out, just to come back and get a laundry list of excuses why it can't be done in the 2 hours they are still open. I will go to one of the dealers down the street and pay 3x as much before I will come back and let them do the repair when they feel they are in the mood... more »
Business Response:
Hi Steve, thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear you left our shop unhappy with your service. We’d be happy to talk with you more about your visit if you’d like – just send a message to
5on Google, Aug 07, 2016
This is the main place I go to today for my oil changes. They pick up tiny repairs that need to be done on the vehicle I don't always follow the recommendations but at least I know about the problems! My last visit the parking lot was overflowing and you definitely need an appointment! more »
Business Response:
Hi Maureen, thanks for sharing. We're definitely committed to being honest about what services our customers' vehicles need. We look forward to seeing you next time!
5on Google, Aug 07, 2016
Quick and easy, no pressure. If you have something that needs attention, they let you know without trying too hard to sell you. more »
Business Response:
Hi Tamara, so nice to hear this! We're definitely committed to being honest about what services our customers' vehicles need. Glad you took notice.
1on Google, Aug 07, 2016
I had just bought a used car and the coolant looked old, so when I went in to Bay Brakes for an oil change, I asked them to check if I needed a coolant flush because I would like to get that done as well. I asked when I called, again when I handed over the keys, and again when I paid. The guy said "oh yeah, we topped off all the fluids" and assured me everything was fine. Well, a few days later my coolant was overflowing past my reservior tank, and it was mud-brown. I had obviously needed a full coolant flush and they didn't even look, and brushed me off assuring me my car was fine. Not just bad service, but bad business as I would have happily paid to have the coolant flush done.
This place gets good reviews because it's cheap, I'm sure, but it's cheap for a reason. They'll assume you know nothing about cars and will just trust them without knowing what they've actually done. Hope I didn't do too much damage by trusting their assurances that they had taken care of things.
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Business Response:
Hi Angela, it looks like you left a review for the wrong shop! This is the page for Midas, but you're referencing Bay Brakes in your writeup. If you're able to remove your review we'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
2on Google, Jun 07, 2016
Allowed me to drop my car off on a Friday in order to be picked up on Saturday. Needed to have my AC fixed. Instead of calling and explaining that my car would not be ready on Saturday (as was discussed on Friday) they said nothing until I called to inquire about the car at the end of the day. Then they told me it wouldn't be ready. Entire day wasted because they hadn't even looked at the car! Instead of telling me on Friday that they couldn't do it. To add to the issue my headlight they just replaced four months ago is already out again. Won't be returning or advising any one I know to use this place. Complete waste of time. more »
Business Response:
Hi Kristian, thanks for your review. We're sorry that you didn't get the type of experience you were expecting. We'd love to get in touch with you about this if you wish to speak further - hopefully we can provide some help. Feel free to send your name and number via email to We'll have someone reach out to you. Thanks again.
5on Google, Jun 07, 2016
these guys have been entrusted with the care of our vehicles for years. they are honest, trustworthy and reliable. i would recommend them to everybody! more »
Business Response:
Hi Ramon, thank you for sharing! We're really happy that our team is able to provide you with the high-quality service that you deserve. We take pride in our work and look forward to seeing you next time.
5on Google, May 08, 2016
These guys are awesome. We own a rental company in San Francisco and one of our vans had a massive coolant leak. We had it towed in there and fixed in 5 hours. I am really happy with how they handled us. This is why they are a go to company in Seaside if there is any dramas. Thanks again! more »
Business Response:
Thanks for that, Nicholas! Our staff is really passionate about making sure all our customers leave happy. We'll see you again sometime.
5on Google, May 08, 2016
I was on a serious time crunch when my car broke down. I had to get to the airport and seemed that wasn't going to happen, until I came to these guys. Mario made this fix happen. He personally stood by and made sure my car was fixed in time for me to make my flight. Also, Dan the gentleman that fixed the problem was prompt and professional. Thanks Midas seaside! more »
Business Response:
Hi Erland, we're glad to hear you enjoyed your service with our team - we were more than happy to help. We appreciate the nice words and hope to see you back at Midas in the future.
1on Google, May 08, 2016
(Translated by Google) It took 3 days to fix my truck I promised I would be in one day the next day the same thing in the end they finished me take my truck and not holding back the liquito and left without accident I almost have no brakes
(Original) Tardaron 3 días en arreglar mi camioneta me prometieron que estaría en 1 día al día siguiente lo mismo al final terminaron me lleve mi camioneta y no frenaba la dejaron sin liquito y por poco me accidente por no tener frenos
more »
Business Response:
(Translated by Google) Hello Ernesto, we are committed to delivering great experiences, which is why we dislike hearing that has been miserable. Then please send a message to to talk more about his experience at Midas. Thank you so much. (Original) Hola Ernesto, estamos comprometidos a entregar gratas experiencias, es por eso que nos desagrada oír que se ha ido desdichada. Haga el favor de enviarnos un mensaje a para poder platicar mas sobre su experiencia en Midas. Muchas Gracias.
1on Google, May 09, 2015
I took in the car a week before having to drive across a couple of states to get the brake pads resurfaced, and get a new set of tires. I also figured I'd have them do a full check up on the basics to make sure I was good to go. They seemed a little frazzled when I dropped it off, but I understand being busy, and they treated me very professionally.
It all seemed ok when I picked it up the next day, the shutter was gone and I had new tires.
Then the night before departure I was looking into a rebate offered on the tires, and while leafing through the paperwork they gave me I saw the following written in a margin "All brake lights out, investigate further." They obviously had not investigated further, and also neglected to tell me about this, which meant they had let me drive around for a week with NO BRAKE LIGHTS!
I rushed it back to them the next morning expecting them to fix it up so I could go safely on my trip, and was told the following. They would take a look at some obvious fixes, if it's something simple they would fix it for free. But they MAY need to have their electrician look at it, in which case it will be $120. Then when I picked it up that afternoon was told that their electrician spent an hour going through it and then they found that all of the brake lights needed to be replaced. Somehow replacing the brake lights was not one of the easy solutions that they wanted to try before getting the electrician involved so it will be the full $120 for the electrical inspection that you didn't need. And it was probably caused by a short which can't have possibly happened when we were looking at your car earlier. Oh and also an air hose was broken off, probably by the last people to look at it. (Which was most likely them 4 days earlier, but who knows.) So we'll just add that repair to the bill as well.
So you neglected to make sure my car was road safe before sending me away, then charged me $120 for REPLACING MY BRAKE LIGHTS and some extra for the hose we probably broke when you were here before.
What started as a routine maintenance job ended up being a very costly (unnecessarily so), very stressful (also unnecessarily so) ordeal. I will absolutely not use them again, and cannot in good conscience recommend them.
And to top it off since the receipt they gave me didn't have the tires model printed on it I cannot collect the rebate on the tires.
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5on Google, May 09, 2015
I hit a rock in the roadway on Rt 1 in Big Sur one recent morning while I was driving to San Jose to catch a plane and pretty much destroyed a tire. Not wanting to chance driving all the way into San Jose on the "donut tire," I stopped here in hopes of being able to find a replacement tire. It was a Saturday morning and they were very busy, but they assessed the problem quickly - luckily they had a tire that matched - and had me on my way in a very reasonable length of time. They were courteous and professional, and I would certainly return. more »
5on Google, May 09, 2013
Here from Arizona and needed help and Kelvin Johnson was there to help. I had had the car at another shop that wanted to do a couple of thousand dollars worth of work I did not need, so dealing with Kelvin was a breath of fresh air. I knew that some of the items that the other shop wanted to fix were not broken so I knew enough to go elsewhere. Kelvin fixed my problem very quickly and gave me free shuttle service back and forth to my hotel. If you want a great place to go, that we give you a good honest deal see Kelvin, he is the real thing.
Tom C.
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1543 Del Monte Blvd, Seaside, CA 93955
Today 7:30 am - 6:00 pm


Midas performs repair and maintenance on all types of forign and domestic vehicles including cars, light trucks, recreational vehicles and fleets of all sizes. Midas prides itself on being a one stop auto repair shop that performs oil changes, brake repairs, steering and suspension work, alignments, shocks & struts, mufflers and exhaust work, tires, starting and charging work, batteries, tune ups, air conditioning, check engine light diagnostics and much more.more »

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