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Acura of Columbus

Leo’s Transmission & Auto Repair Center

2 reviews
Auto Repair
 4420 17th Ave Ste A, Columbus, GA 31904US

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(706) 596-2644

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2 reviews
  • 2 reviews5.0
5on Yahoo! Local, Nov 19, 2012
Leo does honest work @ a fair price! Very reputable & also has great hours! Thanks for a job well done! more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Aug 02, 2012
Leo is a very honest gentleman! He is very descriptive about the repair needed to get my vehicle in tip top shape. The great thing is that all of his work is backed by an outstanding 24 month/ 24,000 mile nationwide warranty which is great due to me traveling for work all the time. I also received a free membership to a raodside assistance program just for being a customer!!!!!!! Oustanding Leo and employees keep up the awesome work.....a honest shop and an owner like you are hard to find these days. You have earned a customer for LIFE! more »
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4420 17th Ave Ste A, Columbus, GA 31904
Not Specified
Auto Repair
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Leo's Transmission & Auto Repair Center is located at 4420 17th Ave. Suite A, Columbus, GA. This business specializes in Auto Repairs.more »
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