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Law Offices Of Monty S Gill

16 reviews
(Criminal Defense Law)
 674 County Square Dr, Ste 310, Ventura, CA 93003US

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(805) 644-1071

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5on BirdEye, Jul 22, 2016
I highly recommend Monty.He was able to help my mother collective SSI he followed through the whole process and won our case. There was never a time when he was not available to answer any of our questions or any concerns.I would highly recommend him to anyone. We could not be more pleased. more »
5on BirdEye, Jul 22, 2016
I highly recommend Monty.He was able to help my mother collective SSI he followed through the whole process and won our case. There was never a time when he was not available to answer any of our questions or any concerns.I would highly recommend him to anyone. We could not be more pleased. more »
5on Google, Jun 02, 2016
Mr. Gill helped me with a motion in Ventura based on a new section of the law. It was too complicated for me to do in pro se. Nobody had done it before - this is something that came out in 2016. I am very happy with the outcome. This guy works hard! He really delivered and went above and beyond for me. Also, the judge appeared to know him by name - he is not an outsider in court. I highly recommend Mr. Gill. more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2016
My Husband Jeff contacted Monty after getting denied on his own ,we were told to find an Attorney for better result's , and boy where they right took forever ,through no fault of Monty ( just the system )and my husband won !. Monty was very good at his job , when ever my husband had a question or concern Monty responded promptly and we appreciated that! I would completely with no hesitation recommend Monty to anyone who asked us for a good Attorney!!! Thank You Monty! more »
5on BirdEye, Oct 01, 2015
I NEVER EVER leave anyone reviews but i feel that everyone should know how great mr Monty is!!!! My family and i were seeking for a new lawyer for my brother who is in serious trouble and has a mental disability, i was refered to Mr. Monty and as soon as i spoke to him on the phone i knew he was a caring person and he honestly wants to help others! After having a bad experience with our first lawyer i was just looking for someone who cares, is non judgemental, honest, and sensitive to the mental ill! He had everything i was looking for! Unfortunately due the severity of my brothers case my family and i could not hire another private lawyer,but that did not stop Mr. Monty from giving me great legal advise! I know that if I ever need a lawyer I will come to him and I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help! You honestly want some like him by your side! more »
5on Google, Sep 17, 2015
I highly recommend Monty Gill. After my husband was turned down twice for disability, we retained Monty. Monty returned all of our phone calls promptly, and kept us updated on our case and answered our questions thoroughly. Monty won our case and we could not be more pleased. more »
5on Google, Aug 18, 2015
My 23 year old daughter and I contacted Mr. Monty Gill after a drawn out and difficult process with The Social Security Office. He was able to help us collect SSI payments for my daughter. He took the time to explain the process in easy to understand language. He was very clear about want we needed to do to help the case. He is timely and consistent. He was respectful and I believe he truly cares. His office staff was also easy to work with and accommodating. I would recommend him to anyone who may be in need of legal representation. Thank you once again, Mr. Gill. more »
4on Google, Aug 18, 2015
Thank you Monty for helping my son, He assist our son with SSI when I felt I had no hope i was referred to Monty and he took our case and we won. Monty is a understanding and easy going lawyer. Thanks again Monty! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Aug 10, 2014
I can't thank Mr. Gill enough for getting an awesome result on my employment law case. I feel like there is justice after all in this world. He fought very hard for me and I am very happy with the result. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Aug 05, 2014
I was charged with a Petty Theft with a prior conviction in Ventura County, and he got me NO JAIL. I was very terrified that I was going to lose by job. I was told by three lawyers that I would have to go to jail for sure but Mr. Gill said he would try his best to keep me out of jail. He said he could not guarantee it but that he was going to fight hard for me. I prayed a lot, and then when we went to court, I was so happy when he was able to get me NO JAIL! I am so thankful to him. He saved my life because I was going to lose my job if I ended up in jail. I wish I could give him TEN STARS. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Aug 01, 2014
I can't praise him enough. He is caring and took the time to listen to me. I hired him after talking to him in person at his office. He was very straightforward and honest. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a very good lawyer. I have been praising him to all my friends and family. God bless him. more »
5on Google, Mar 19, 2014
I called Monty Gill because I needed a criminal law / family law type lawyer. After speaking to Monty about my case, he told me that he honestly did not think I would be needing an attorney. He didn't want me to waste my money for something that wouldn't be necessary, as he would be just sitting in court with me waiting to hear the judge's decision. A man of such honesty and integrity is far and few between. Although I did not end up using his services, I will not hesitate for a second when and if I need legal consultation in the future. I HIGHLY recommend Monty Gill for anyone needing an attorney: family law, criminal law, or otherwise.
Thanks again for the advice Monty.
more »
5on Google, Mar 19, 2013
I was a client of Monty's a few years ago. Several other Attorneys turned me down due to the specific nature of my accident. Monty stepped up to the plate and went to bat for me without hesitation. He made the entire process from start to finish extremely easy, kept me in the loop and well informed with regular updates. Needless to say, his dedication to his practice, and most importantly, to his clients shows! He never took threats or "no" from the other party as an answer. He always pushed for more, and never settled for less. We walked away with more compensation than I ever though we could obtain. I recently reached out to Monty for some advise on a current matter and information regarding my case he represented me on years ago, and although I am no longer a paying customer, he did not hesitate to help me in providing me with all the information and advise that I needed. I would highly recommend Monty Gill without regard, to family members, friends and anyone looking for an Attorney that truly cares and knows what he is doing! more »
5on Google, Mar 19, 2013
TO anyone that reads this review, I am from San Antonio Tx. And i would like everyone know that Mr. Monty Gill is the best Lawyer i have ever known!! One of the most honest man i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Everything that he said he would do,he did. I am grateful that he resolved a case that was over thirteen years old! THANK YOU MONTY!! more »
5on Google, Mar 19, 2013
Mr. Gill is the best lawyer around. I am very happy with the great result he got for me. He is honest and tells it like it is. He always returned my calls quickly and he treated me with a lot of respect. Great lawyer! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Dec 15, 2010
I have used Monty's services on two occasions and both times he has done a great job for me. He is very honest and straight-forward. With me, he really took the time to listen to my situation. He patiently answered all my questions. Basically, I am very thankful to him for representing me so well. I strongly recommend Mr. Gill to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. more »
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674 County Square Dr, Ste 310, Ventura, CA 93003
Criminal Defense Law


Law office handles: ALL CRIMINAL DEFENSE: All Misdemeanors and Felonies. example, DUI, Drug Cases, Assualt, Battery, Domestic Violence, Therft, Burglary, Robbery,Sex Crimes. EMPLOYMENT LAW: All types of workplace Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, and Wage/Hour Claims. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CLAIMS PERSONAL INJURY: All accidents resulting in injury. Auto, Slip/Fall, Pedestrian injuries, etc. CIVIL LITIGATION DEFENSE: Defense of civil lawsuits.more »

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