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Harold Thomas Harper

Law Offices of David L Lee

7 reviews
 53 W Jackson Blvd # 505, Ste 660, Chicago, IL 60604US

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(312) 347-4400

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7 reviews
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5on Yahoo! Local, May 14, 2008
Dear MR. i am writing to you because i am trying to find help i have been on my job for 10 years,but i have only been working in this department for three every time i put in for a transfer to go to another department i never here from human resource i dont understand whats going on i have been putting in my transfers since 2005 and i have got know response,i dont know if it is my manager or what i never had this problem in other departments its like i have been black balled. can you help. more »
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53 W Jackson Blvd # 505, Ste 660, Chicago, IL 60604


Law Offices of David L Lee is located at 53 W Jackson Blvd Ste 1028, Chicago, IL. This location is in the The Loop neighborhood. This business specializes in All Law Firms.more »
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