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law offices of barry k. rothman

39 reviews
(Divorce and Family Law)
 1901 Avenue of the Stars Suite 370, Ste 370, Los Angeles, CA 90067US

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(310) 557-0062

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5on Google, Mar 05, 2016
My company has worked with the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman for years now. We have always enjoyed this relationship, and have felt that we have been treated fairly and equitably during all that time. more »
5on Google, Mar 05, 2016
I have known and worked with the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman for years now. I have found him to be decent person and his firm to be ethical. I have never had any issues with he or his firm. He quickly returns calls and deals with issues straight away. more »
5on Google, Mar 05, 2016
I highly recommend the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman. In the years we have worked together, I have always felt my firm was treated fairly. His firm works well with ours. more »
on YellowBot, Jan 23, 2016
Barry K. Rothman deceitfully overrides "Constitutional" principles of law, having the underlying motivation to weaken and dismantle "his own clients", legal standing. Such ethical disregard, is something you do not easily conceive from your attorney, (let alone anticipate or plan for). This impending urgency or dire loss becomes an only remaining option, if not to comply and consent to... more »
1on, Dec 20, 2015
Barry K. Rothman deceitfully overrides "Constitutional" principles of law, with the underlying motivation to weaken "his own clients", legal standing. Accordingly, Barry K. Rothman casually circumvents common law assuring his own personal financial success, long before your dispute has even the chance of accessing the justice system. Rothman's malicious antics were carried out and backed up with verbal threats having a clear intention to undermine and further promote his own client's harm. more »
on YellowBot, Nov 15, 2015
I am also a victim of Barry K Rothman's law offices and their unethical practicesHe threthened me, yelled at me, bullied me and grossly over charged me........ and then verbally abused me when I questioned his billing.Can you please contact me and I am filing a law suit against him and his practice and would we love you to join me. more »
on YellowBot, Nov 15, 2015
I am also a victim of Barry K Rothman's Law office. I too was bullied, yelled at and ripped off. Can you please contact me and be part of a law suit I am going to file again Barry K Rothman for unethical practices. more »
on YellowBot, Oct 15, 2015
Barry Rothman's firm has been working with me for years. In all my dealings during that time, they have been an ethical and honorable firm. They have been practicing law for over 30 years. Of course there will be disgruntled clients who will be angry because they did not win thier case. more »
on YellowBot, Sep 20, 2015
We would like to counter the false and slanderous post against our firm. The Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman represent an outstanding tradition and excellence in law. For many years, our firm has provided exceptional legal advice and support to our clients - clients of all kinds, and from all walks of life. Our retainers and rates are on par with our industry while our services are far beyond... more »
on YellowBot, Sep 04, 2015
I agree with the original author, here.I, too, was and am being harshly victimized by this clown, Barry Rothmna.The only difference is that I am the little guy with little money.But you how it is: When you're in despair, you fall prey to the monsters of this world.I used up my last bit of money to hire him for my court case.What happened?HE NEVER SO MUCH AS FILED A PIECE OF PAPER FOR COURT. WE... more »
1on Google, Mar 06, 2015
A real nasty dude. Wouldn't even pay his child support until he got his precious 77' Rolls Royce towed. Scum of the earth. more »
on YellowBot, Dec 27, 2014
Dear Ripoff Report, The recent above post is completely fabricated and untrue in every sense. As representatives of the entertainment industry, our firm deals with many litigious issues - and not all of them with happy endings, either for our clients or the opposition. This frequently leads to disgruntled people and unsavory characters with an axe to grind, as is clearly the case here. The most... more »
on YellowBot, Dec 25, 2014
Barry K. Rothman is an attorney who has a license in Los Angeles and possibly New York. He is the definition of the word unethical. I had a high profile legal matter that necessitated privacy and made it clear to him I did not want any sort of publicity on the matter. I did not research him and hired him out of despair as I needed an attorney fast. Not only did he sell my story to the tabloid... more »
1on, Sep 10, 2014
Stay away from this attorney if you value the legal matter you are faced with. Very rude! more »
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1901 Avenue of the Stars Suite 370, Ste 370, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Divorce and Family Law
Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Los Angeles Entertainment and Business Attorneysmore »

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