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Kenneth's Hair Salons and Day Spas

197 reviews
Hair Stylists
 B, 5151 Reed Rd #250, Columbus, OH 43220US

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197 reviews
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4on Facebook, Mar 09, 2017
I had Elizabeth who is training in the school. She did an amazing job on my a bayalage. I love my color! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 02, 2017
Omg Morgan Phillips did an awesome job an I will most deff be back more »
5on Facebook, Feb 28, 2017
I have visited Ruba twice now, cut and color, and she has done a fantastic job with my hair. I highly recommend her. She always has a smile to share. more »
5on Facebook, Jan 19, 2017
Yesterday was my birthday and elizabeth who is training in the school did an amazing job on my baylage overall it was a great experience more »
5on Facebook, Jan 19, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jan 02, 2017
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1on Facebook, Dec 30, 2016
Horrible!!! I have been going to kenneths for over 10 years... well on December 27th my daughter and I went in for color and cut... 500 dollars later. My hair is a joke.. so bad so so bad I'm thinking of getting ahold of a lawyer. I asked for a blunt cut all one length and was given I have no idea what.. my hair is about 30 different lengths now.. layers added and just horrible like the lady just chopped off random pieces... and I asked for a bayage and I was given a trailer ...
See More park color... pictures very very very soon just so everyone will know what you get at kenneths. Save your money. Save your hair and don't waste your time.. you will be sitting around for a good hour as your stylist works on other people. And my daughters 230 dollar hair style looks no different than it did when we walked in.. other than the top half of her hair is orgage now and cut uneven.... and just wait until I post the pictures of how my hair turned out. I'm so pissed this place needs shut down.. honestly if your going here don't see anyone who isn't the top stylist.. like not even if it's just one stylist under the top ones because your going to pay the same amount anyways and if you don't see a top stylist your going to cry when they pull that towel off your hair. Like seriously. I have never wanted to cry so hard in my life.. it's going to take me at least a year of not touching my hair and haircuts every 2 or 3 weeks to get my hair half of how it was before I actually paid someone 250 dollars to ruin my hair.. because that's just what happened. To both mine and my daughters hair.. and like I said we have both been here so many times I can't count.. always see lee.. and I've never never complained or asked for my money back.. I didn't even want to pay for the services this time.. it was like a slap in my face to have to pay for someone to mess up my hair and my daughters hair. Exp. When your charged 500 dollars.. no you read that right.. i was charged 500 dollars for someone to ruin our hair.. but I did and now the manager wants to see pictures and that's just what's going to happen... both the manager will revive the pictures along with Facebook so everyone can judge for themselves. # only see lee. Jim or josh if you go here and don't say you were not warned.
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1on Facebook, Dec 28, 2016
Terrible..they messed up my color.I went in to see if they would give me my money back or retouch it.the manger acted like it was my fault and wanted to charge me for a second service..I swear I'll tell everyone and never go back..the way they made me bucks down the drain..fuck you guys!!- more »
5on Facebook, Dec 21, 2016
Cassie gave my son a great haircut and even showed him how to style it himself. Kenneth's is always the best of the best! more »
1on Facebook, Dec 19, 2016
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5on Facebook, Dec 15, 2016
I have been a Kenneth's client for a long time, 8+ years, and have seen various people... but the best experiences I have had have been with Ruba Nour at the Mill Run location! She is my go to!! I come in for cuts, color, blow outs, and the keratin treatments. She is extremely talented, always understands what I'm looking for, and so personable. I leave happy every time. You are the best Ruba!! more »
4on Facebook, Dec 10, 2016
I did two visits at the location of Reed Road. I bought a promotion of full balayage, hair cut and style. The first visit was of my full service, but my hair was orange, cooper and my bang had a bad application of color in it. I was really disappointed because I showed a picture to the stylist that I was looking for, but I didn't notice the orange color until I arrived at home. I't didn't look like I wanted, so I contacted the salon to tell my experience. Finally, they returned the call and gave another appointment to fix it. Now, I'm so happy with the results and it's looks exactly I was expecting. Thanks. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 03, 2016
Jilly is my hair stylist and Mindy for a Pedi. Best ever. This is the at the Worthington location and it's amazing. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 03, 2016
We regularly get our nails done with Brea and Leah. Always wonderful. Leah has put together a Christmas nail art selection that is super cute. We will be back for that soon. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 02, 2016
Jessica at Grove City does my hair and has for years, she's always professional and does a fantastic job! more »
5on Facebook, Dec 01, 2016
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1on Facebook, Nov 30, 2016
Last visit in October was horrible. I went to my regular stylist ( have been to her for 3-4 years, never a problem with her until this day- the day I ran 20-25 min late.. to which she could have had me reschedule it) and went in for a trim. I remember telling her I love my hair and I just want a trim. Well she did more then a trim- she took alot of my hair off- not lengthwise but body wise. My hair has always been thick and full, I love that. Last cut made my hair limp/flat, ...
See More hard to style. I'm not happy at all with it. I think she thinned it out. It doesn't style the same- it's hard to style and feels very airy. When I confronted her and said " Did you thin my hair out?" She replied back " I would never do that." But later when I was talking to her she mentioned " We took alot off that day." And I said "Alot?? It was supposed to be a trim!!!" So unhappy with the texture and the fact that I went for a trim and ended up with a cut that I never asked for�
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5on Facebook, Nov 06, 2016
Absolutely loved my hair style and color... Wanted something new and fresh, and I couldn't be more satisfied! Anna was personable and quite the hairstylist. She took timw to understand what I wanted an even explained what having layers will do. She truly was great! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 19, 2016
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5on Facebook, Oct 19, 2016
Suzanne Garcia = The best hair dresser of all time! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 12, 2016
I had an excellent experience. Brogan did a balayage style and cut on my hair and she did an amazing job. I absolutely love my hair. Everyone in there was great and they had pumpkin coffee so it was awesome . more »
5on Facebook, Oct 08, 2016
Always a pampering experience at Kenneth's! Today's facial with Hallie was maybe the best ever. I feel so refreshed! And my pedi with Alex was also great. Wish I could get there more often, and always look forward to my next visit. Thank you everyone at the Polaris location today. more »
2on Facebook, Oct 05, 2016
I was late and understood, they wanted tocreschedule but they were not accommodating to even see me for partial service. My first experience in ohio moving here from east coast. Not impressed. more »
1on Facebook, Sep 08, 2016
Terrible company. Terrible attitudes. Terrible stylists. Morse road location. Don't waste your money here. more »
1on Facebook, Aug 03, 2016
In violation of federal Americans with Disabilities Act Kenneth's denies access of service dogs in their facility. The HR personnel are completely ignorant of what the federal law states and believes that the State Board of Cosmetology supersedes Federal Americans with Disabilities Act. The lack of awareness and discrimination they display in the year 2016 is shocking. more »
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B, 5151 Reed Rd #250, Columbus, OH 43220
Hair Stylists
Today 9:00 am - 7:30 pm


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