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Karen-Lee Pollak

55 reviews
Immigration Attorneys
 3232 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75204US

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55 reviews
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1on BirdEye, Apr 30, 2018
My husband and I considered Karen Lee Pollak the worst nightmare for any immigrant who is trying to fix their legal status even do I did get my green card, we still didn't appreciate that she was ncredible arrogant, cold, rude, and unprofessional. Our experience with Karen was very bad but because we had paid her a very high fee thinking she was one of the best in Dallas my husband decided to give her a second chance.
Her lack of knowledge of some procedures at the American embassy in my country almost caused my interview to be canceled the same day I had it. issue that I had to fix myself because Karen didn't know anything about it.
We would not recommend her services to anybody at all.
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5on Avvo, Jul 04, 2015
Karen has helped me for 5 years from getting my H1B to Green Card. She is very helpful. She response to my email super fast. She is very knowledge and know almost everything about immigration. She send me news about immigration perodically. You won't regret to hire her. more »
5on Avvo, Jun 28, 2015
Karen is an immigration lawyer that is not only knowledgeable about US immigration law, but she is passionate about helping immigrants regularize their status to live the American dream! I turned to Karen for help when I was trying to become a legal permanent resident, and she helped and guided me throughout my journey until I recently became a proud US citizen! She is an attorney who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that all her clients receive the utmost legal representation, and she takes her valuable time to neatly arrange your file before turning it over to USCIS. A testament to that is during my green card interview, the immigration officer that adjudicated my case was very impressed about how she meticulously arranged my paperwork, and he often made complimentary comments about how Karen really made his work easy. Karen will kindly and promptly answer any immigration related question I sent her, and she never charged me any consultation fees.
If you are looking for an immigration lawyer that will leave no stone unturned in your immigration case/petition, please retain the services Karen Lee-Pollack, trust me the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're represented by a knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated attorney is well worth it!
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5on Avvo, Jun 17, 2015
After months of searching for a lawyer to assist me and my fiancé with the K-1 visa process, I came across Karen on a marriage equality website. After our initial phone consultation, I knew she was the lawyer for us. Karen and her assistant Melinda were very helpful and reassuring during a very stressful time. Her extreme professionalism and punctuality put us both at ease. I would highly recommend her as she goes above and beyond to make sure your situation is taken care of. She left no detail out and was realistic with timelines and expectations. I'm happy to say we will be getting married this summer thanks to Karen and her team. more »
5on Avvo, Apr 13, 2015
I self-filed my NIW - EB2 with Ms. Pollak and got my EAD card within 2 months. She and her staff were very friendly and helped me to collect all the required documents. Her fee was very reasonable and one of the best I got during my lawyer HUNT. I chose her through a recommendation of my friend and she did an excellent job so far. I'm waiting for my GC. more »
5on Avvo, Feb 15, 2015
Was looking for lawyer to file H1 Transfer and Perm application - found Karen based upon her qualification & reviews. Karen-Lee Pollak and her team are doing a excellent job by following up with the case and promptly update me on status. I'm happy to review and have her by my side. Look forward to work with her in all the future process. I strongly recommend her. more »
5on Avvo, Dec 04, 2014
Just received my green card, thanks to Karen Pollaks team of professionals, I'm talking about you Melinda who kept me up to date and informed all through the process. I was apprehensive and frankly nervous initially as we all know how invasive such actions can be, however Karen made me feel relaxed and the whole process was a breeze. I will recommend her to all my South African friends thinking of coming to this amazing country. more »
5on Avvo, Sep 30, 2014
Karen and her team worked for my H1B and Green card(I485 Portability to new employer) applications. Both applications were promptly submitted. She responded immediately for a RFE we received related to a new policy on Form I-693, and her responsiveness is potentially one of the reasons we received the Green card early. I worked with lawyers who delayed the RFE response until the last date causing anxiety and depression. Karen is not one of those, and she responded immediately for any questions or concerns. I will say her service is nothing but outstanding, and would definitely recommend her for any immigration issues. more »
5on Avvo, Sep 29, 2014
Karen-Lee offered up straightforward, clear counsel and made us feel comfortable throughout the whole immigration/visa process. We were nervous at times because we didn't know what to expect and she was able to answer our questions (or look into the progress of our paperwork, if necessary) to put our minds at ease and let us know we were still on track. And everything worked out just the way she said it would -- just got approved for permanent resident status! Karen-Lee and her awesome executive assistant, Melinda, are helpful, patient and always communicated next steps in the process so that we'd get paperwork filed expeditiously and in the most efficient way possible. Highly recommended. more »
1on Avvo, Aug 19, 2014
Karen-Lee Pollack did absolutely nothing to help me. I got the distinct impression that she viewed my case to be below her. She wanted the easy way out, and the quickest way to my money. My first appointment she canceled, and was late to the second. I qualify for adjustment of status under law 245 i, and through my U.S. Petitioning husband. I presented her with this information and she proceeded to tell me I had no options but deferred action. What a lie! Three months later and I now have work authorization, social security number, and a driver's license. Thanks to a professional attorney that took the time to review my case and not just brush me off to the side. more »
5on Avvo, May 06, 2014
Employee H1B just approved! Karen-Lee Pollak and her team did an excellent job guiding us through all of the detailed procedures to acquire the H1B! As we move forward into the final stages of the Green-Card process, we look forward to continuing our working relationship. Thank you for all your help! more »
5on Avvo, May 05, 2014
Karen was my second lawyer but the third or forth lawyer whom I consulted my case with. Karen has been very approachable and provided helpful advise related to the case. Karen and her staff follow through each case details and always kept me informed even at times when there were not much updates but they at least let me know the whereabouts of my case. I was self-referred to Karen by reading her articles and blog posts online where she has already provided a lot of information for free. more »
5on Avvo, Apr 06, 2014
She's trustworthy, very responsive, straight to the point and caring. Everything you need in a lawyer. I got to know Karen from her incredible YouTube videos and her Avvo ratings and I feel so lucky to work with her and I do recommend her to my friends. more »
5on Avvo, Mar 16, 2014
When DOMA was struck down in June 2013, I was able to sponsor my partner of 8 years yet still faced many questions and uncertainties. When we contacted Karen-Lee Pollak, her professionalism, expertise, and the unique ability to reassure our concerns were second to none. In a stressful situation, as immigration can be, we felt reassured continuously throughout the application process. Karen's response rate to any of our concerns was immediate. Additionally, her assistant, Melinda, was always responsive, engaged, up to date, and knowledgeable to our needs and concerns. We cannot recommend Karen-Lee Pollak services enough. more »
5on Avvo, Mar 03, 2014
I had visited two immigration lawyers including Karen and was absolutely impressed with her knowledge from the get go (PS: I came to know about Karen's qualifications/reviews via AVVO, thanks). She took time to review my credentials and explain options available for my GC . The most appreciative thing was she was very candid about the options and did not provide any false hopes. She was very organized and provided updates whenever/wherever possible. In my case which was borderline EB1, she assured me it can be done and lo and behold I got my GC soon enough (the other attorney was not too confident). She was extremely thorough and systematic in her approach and always responsive. I have received responses to my questions while she was on vacation, late nights, weekends; not to mention the excellent support she has in Melinda. Overall I was glad to have hired Karen and strongly recommend her for anybody looking at their immigration options. more »
5on Avvo, Sep 14, 2013
Outstanding Client service. We worked with Karen for almost 3 years as we went through the lengthy immigrations process. She was always patient with our questions and VERY prompt in responding. Her knowledge was also outstanding and the whole process she handled was done very professionally and very timely. In addition I thought the fees were very reasonable. I would hightly recommend her and her firm more »
5on Avvo, Jun 29, 2013
Karen-Lee Pollak did a fantastic job handling my Green Card application (adjustment of status from E-3). Karen-Lee is knowledgeable, responsive (typically responds to emails within an hour) and thorough. Highly recommended. more »
5on Avvo, Mar 20, 2013
My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Karen and her courteous and helpful assistant, Melinda. Given some of the horror stories we had heard from several quarters in relation to the immigration process and attorneys, we were pleasantly surprised at the professional nature of their services. Importantly, she was knowledgeable about each step of the process (ability to fly in and out of the country at each step of the process) and took care to respond even on weekends. They kept us informed throughout about what one were supposed to expect in the ensuing time frame. I would recommend her services without any reservation for any potential immigration applicants. more »
4on Avvo, Mar 09, 2013
Karen Lee helped my husband and I through the permanent residency process through marriage. She was the most knowledgeable of all the attorneys we interviewed. She prepared us for the marriage interview and knew what the interviewer would and probably would not ask. We would recommend her to someone looking for help with this issue. more »
5on Avvo, Jan 27, 2013
I found Karen-Lee on Avvo in August last year based on her reviews and after doing some research, decided to make a few phone calls to other immigration specialists that also had good reviews. In the end I decided on Karen as she was straight-forward, knowledgeable, extremely response, and gave me the most reasonable price of the lot. Some of the attorneys would not give a quote (not even a range) over the phone and required a paid consultation, which I felt seemed inflexible, mechanical and perhaps slightly shady/insincere.
She attended the interview with me and needless to say, my file was well prepared and so it was a breeze and we passed with flying colors. Extremely happy with the service provided and I'd definitely recommend her to others.
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5on Avvo, Jan 22, 2013
I got my green card! She did an amazing job and I hope anyone going through a tough immigration time finds this and hires her! She was life saving. Any dealing with the immigration involves tons of paperwork, intimate knowledge of deadlines, and general knowledge of how they process things. In this regard I was more than happy for having
Karen by my side to assure that I wouldn't get delayed or turned down because of overlooking a detail. I was charged a fair set fee, that didn't go up as I ran into some minor bumps along the way. Karen was always available same day for any questions that I had. I am going to stay in touch with her to help her file my citizenship.
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5on Avvo, Apr 29, 2012
Karen assisted me in my H1B process. I can honestly say that her experience and knowledge were essential in having it approved. She kept me informed during the whole process and was always available and prompted to answer my questions. She is the best attorney I have worked with. more »
5on Avvo, Apr 24, 2012
I know Karen Pollack since 2008 through one of my soccer friend, who used her services. Based on his feedback I hired her and suggested her name to my friends. She is really a professional attorney handles things differently than her peers and present things in an innovative. She is very knowledgable and adept in recent developments in science and technology front as well. She is kind enough to lend her helping hand when needed. She did a splendid job in my case and gave excellent advice.
She is a super star at law in a lone star state with broad client base in other states and top tier universities.
I strongly recommend her services.
With Regards
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5on Avvo, Mar 08, 2012
Everything went smoothly and painlessly with my naturalization. After previous mishaps trying to navigate the shoals of the federal bureaucracy by myself, I turned it over to Karen-Lee on November 15, and by the beginning of March I was sworn in!
Karen-Lee was very personable and reassuring, two qualities that I much appreciated, given my fears of dealing with INS.
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4on Avvo, Mar 04, 2012
She helped me file my EB1 green card application. She has lot of experience and very good at filing strong cases. I did not get any RFEs, but I have heard she dealt with RFEs in a great way. I would recommend her without any reservations. more »
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3232 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75204
Immigration Attorneys
Today 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


I lead our Immigration Practice Group. My education has taken place literally worldwide and from coast to coast. I obtained my law degree in South Africa and am licensed by the State Bar of California and State Bar of Texas. As an immigrant myself and the former chair of the immigration practice of the Dallas office of a large international law firm, I understand what a critical and life-changing decision it is moving family or employees to the United States. I focus on both family and corporate based immigration representing athletes, spouses, authors, individuals and fortune 500 corporations with their immigrant and non immigrant visa needs. My dedication and efficiency enables me to manage my busy life as a lawyer, wife and parent of two active children.more »
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