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rapid construction

jones construction company

37 reviews
 5539 Wildwood Dr, Rapid City, SD 57702US

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(605) 341-6812

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37 reviews
  • 25 reviews4.8
  • 12 reviews5.0
5on Yellow Pages, Mar 11, 2017
I was extremely happy with Jones Construction Company's remolding job a couple years back. I strongly recommend using them. more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 24, 2016
Beyond exceptional and excellent professionalism was put forth by Jones Construction. I can't imagine a better experience. Very positive all around. more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 23, 2016
Jones Construction went above and beyond. The whole project turned out better than I had imagined. I greatly appreciate them and 100% recommend. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 27, 2016
A friend of mine recommended Jones Construction to me and I called them up and it turned out to be such a positive experience. They have excellent customer service and I would recommend them as well. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 01, 2016
I highly recommend Jones Construction to everyone because of how great my home turned out. It is exactly what I expected and more. They listen to what I wanted and made it better than I imagined. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Feb 15, 2016
We heard about Jones Construction though word of mouth in our neighborhood. After speaking with them we decided to use them for the services we needed. We were so impressed with the work that they did for us. They were polite and provided us with a good quality service. Thank you for all your hard work. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jan 15, 2016
I was most happy with the workmanship done by Jones Construction. They worked extremely hard and everything that they did was of the highest quality. I would highly recommend their services. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Dec 16, 2015
Jones Construction Company has a group of talented, trustworthy men who provide each of their customers with quality workmanship. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Nov 25, 2015
This is a company that is above everyone else, they have the plans and they are able to execute them so you have a flawless result. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Oct 27, 2015
I want to thank Jones Construction Company for working hard to build my new house! Strongly recommend this company. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Oct 09, 2015
The communication between myself and my contractor at Jones Construction Co was very good. As well, the project was completed in a very timely manner. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Oct 02, 2015
All of the people at Jones Construction Co. display quality workmanship. I am very pleased to be working with them. more »
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5539 Wildwood Dr, Rapid City, SD 57702
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Jones Construction Company specializes in Carpentry Service, Custom Homes, Design/Build Services, General Contracting, Home Additions, Home Remodeling, New Home Construction, Plan Development, Renovations, Site Inspections, Woodworking...and more!more »
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