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Jonathan J. Golab DDS PA

Jonathan J Golab DDS, PA

93 reviews
Cosmetic Dentists
 3020 Broadmoor Lane,, Ste 100, Flower Mound, TX 75022US

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(855) 691-8133

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93 reviews
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5on BirdEye, Jul 14, 2015
Dr Golab and his staff are wonderful, caring people. I moved away from Flower Mound, but I don't mind driving over an hour to my appointments. He has taken great care of my family for years and I wouldn't go to anyone else. Thanks DR Golab, you're the best!!! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Dec 08, 2012
Savior! Had a front tooth fixed locally because they were on my dental plan. It got totally screwed up. I had so much pain, it was ugly, I cried! I was so upset, I didn't even go into work. My boss told me I should go see his dentist in flower mound, who was dcotor golab. What a difference. He even cut prices for me because I already paid for the crown, well, half because I didn't go back. Doctor Golab gave me no pain, and it looks perfect. Thnak you Thank you Thank you Doctor Golab more »
5on Kudzu, Apr 24, 2012
I received an excellent service for what i paid, i am very satisfied with Dr.Golab's teeth whitening method more »
5on Superpages, Jul 24, 2011
I needed two implants on my lower jaw. The process was painless, easy, and I had no problems. What I liked most was how hard he tried to make me feel special. Thank you :) more »
5on Superpages, Jul 24, 2011
I never liked going to the dentist. I have had so many bad experiences with dentists, ever since I can remember. It has taken my 8 years to see a dentist, and Dr Golab took time to see me, and he really was patient with my fear. I took a lot of his time, but he always checked on me at night, and made sure I was always ok. He really tries to be there for you, and is a good person. more »
5on Superpages, Aug 08, 2008
Moved from California, looking for a holistic dentist with a natural approach to dentistry. I was very pleased with this office. They were very thorough, and explained to me what I needed. I was not pressured into doing anything. We have a big family, and they helped work with our insurance to make it affordable. I would definitely recommend this dentist and dental office. more »
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3020 Broadmoor Lane,, Ste 100, Flower Mound, TX 75022
Cosmetic Dentists
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


We take your smile seriously and therefore we want to ensure you have a healthy beautiful smile! While at our practice your comfort is our main concern. Every detail of your visit has been carefully anticipated - soothing background music... aromatherapy... waterfalls... all set a very relaxed tone. And while we make every effort to keep you feeling pampered and cared for, the heart of our practice is focused on doing our best to give you a healthy smile.more »
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