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joe king's shoe shop

77 reviews
Shoe Stores
 45 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301US

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(603) 225-6012

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77 reviews
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on Citysearch, Apr 19, 2017
Joe King's Shoes has stuff you can't find anywhere else. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Mar 22, 2017
I found some truly unique shoes at Joe King's Shoe Shop that I don't think I could find anywhere else. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Mar 22, 2017
Overall I had a good experience shopping at Joe King's. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jan 24, 2017
I just got some new boots from Joe King's. The girls who helped me were great and I'll definitely come back here next time. more »
on Citysearch, Jan 24, 2017
My family and i have never been disappointed by the selection at Joe King's Shoe Shop. more »
on Citysearch, Nov 29, 2016
I bought boots today from Joe King's Shoes shop. The employee who helped me was very helpful and she even gave me $10 off coupon. I'll definitely be back again. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jun 03, 2016
I've lived in Concord my whole life, so I grew up knowing about Joe King's Shoe Shop. It's a great place! more »
5on Insider Pages, Jun 03, 2016
Fabulous Staff
The staff that work here are fabulous. I always come here to get new shoes.
more »
on Citysearch, Apr 28, 2016
We love shopping at Joe King's Shoe Shop. We have been for over 35 years! Concord would not be the same city without them. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 28, 2016
I love that they are local. They are knowledgeable about their products. The products themselves are of great quality as well more »
5on Yellow Pages, Feb 26, 2016
The selection is amazing. There are so many shoes to pick from. Strongly recommend Joe King's Shoe Shop to all in Concord. more »
on Citysearch, Feb 26, 2016
Each time I shop here, I feel that I receive a good value for my money with what I purchase. Recommend to all in the Concord area. more »
on Citysearch, Dec 29, 2015
We have experienced wonderful customer service at Joe King's Shoe Shop. I once had to return something and they made it very easy. 5 stars out of 5. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Dec 29, 2015
Great selection over at Joe King's Shoe Shop. The staff is friendly as well. Recommend to anyone in the Concord area. more »
on YellowBot, Feb 08, 2007
Joe Kings was the local shoe store in Concord for many a year, before Concord got a mall.It was a small storefront place where the Shoesales people knew who we were and what we needed, and marked our more »
4on Insider Pages, Nov 09, 2005
Can get hard to find sizes
This shoe store is located in downtown Concord which isn't the most convenient place as I don't get there much but I make a point to travel there when I need
shoes because they always have a good selection of size 13 shoes. The prices are pretty good and they have an outlet where you can find great deals on shoes but it is hit or miss. more »
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45 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301
Shoe Stores
Today 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Joe King's Shoe Shop offers a variety of shoes for every occasion. This shop has something to offer for everyone with their unique collection of footwear for men, women and children. Joe King's Shoe Shop is known for its exceptional designs and comfortable shoes.more »
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