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Jamila Salon Suites

4 reviews
Day Spas
 7817 Rockwood Ln, Austin, TX 78757US

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5on BirdEye, Apr 06, 2017
Before I found Jamila, I was losing my hair due to chemical based hair color. I've been going to Jamila for 3-4 months now and my hair has been thicker, healthier, and much much less hair loss. Her henna treatments (also herbs that she adds) are relaxing as well as effective . The henna treatments have allowed me to take care of gray and not cause damage to my hair. more »
1on Merchant Circle, Mar 21, 2014
I liked my color (brown with a reddish hue) but was interested in henna to cover my gray hair naturally. Jamila informed me henna was a great alternative to traditional hair color. She said henna has to be on the hair for a few hours so she put it on my hair, wrapped it in a cap, put me under the dryer, and sent me on my way. I went home, waited a few hours, then washed it out. My hair was BLACK! I was horrified. Washing it 6 times did absolutely nothing. When I called her, she advised that she had “other clients.” She emailed to advise me to wash my hair or buy color remover. She offered to color my hair again but could not guarantee how the color would turn out. I asked for a full refund which she refused, wanting to be compensated for her time and use of product. I have yet to see a refund and I’m now stuck with BLACK hair! I'm afraid to put another color or solution on my hair for fear that it will break off or fall out. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Aug 24, 2012
I highly recommend Angie Munsey if you're looking for a great haircut. She is a high skilled stylist and, most importantly, she takes time to give you a cut you'll love! I have short hair and am very picky when it comes to haircuts but am always pleased. :-) more »
5on Merchant Circle, May 30, 2012
I recently moved to Austin and the second I got here I started looking for a eyebrow threader because my skin is very sensitive. I read alot of great reviews about Jamila at Jamila Salon and Spa. People all said she had a light hand and she would be efficient with time while giving you a great shape! I have been going to her for two months now and I'm SO glad i found her! I'm a very lucky girl with great eyebrows thanks to Jamila! I suggest her to anyone! She's awesome! more »
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7817 Rockwood Ln, Austin, TX 78757
Day Spas


We opened in 2006, as a salon and salon suites leasing business. We specialize in many beauty services. Eyebrow "threading", Ayurvedic Facials, Ayurvedic Shampoo & Oil, Hair, Hair Services including: Haircuts, Color/Highlights, Color Correction, Henna, Henna Color, Perms, Hair Straightening, Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions, and Nails Services.
We focus on helping our clients create and maintain healthy hair with our ayurv hair products. See us at and
Established in 2006.
Since its opening in 2006 Jamila Salon & Spa has catered to a discriminating and diverse clientele. The moment you enter the door, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.
Our independent hairstylists are experienced and provide services that are carefully chosen to enhance a clients hair, features and lifestyle. Our salon offers the best in Austin Eyebrow Threading Services. Try our "Ancient Ayurvedic" Herbal Hair Therapy Products by Jamila. Jamila makes all her hair therapy products using all natural herbs. Her products benefit her clients that are losing hair, have dry scalp and dry hair. Enhance your skin with our natural Facials and Facial masks. Jamila offers nartural Henna for hair color.
For personal beauty or a modern escape .....we invite you to join us to relax, rejuvenate for an afternoon....or a day.
Private Suites and Chair Rentals available for Lease to Beauty Professional!
Meet the Business Owner
Jamila N.
Business Owner
I have been in the beauty industry for numerous years in my home country and here in Austin. My goal is to introduce Austin customers to professional Eyebrow and facial threading and the benefits of Ayurvedic based hair care products that are beneficial to the growth and beauty of the hair. I enjoy giving to my customers natural and relaxing facials in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. The hair professionals working with me are genuine and highly experienced in their field. I am proud to be part of the beauty industry here in Austin.
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