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Houck Asphalt Maintenance, Inc.

Houck Asphalt Maintenance, Inc

82 reviews
Parking Lot Maintenance & Marking
 2656 State Rt 222, Bethel, OH 45106US

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(513) 734-4500

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82 reviews
  • 66 reviews4.9
  • 8 reviews4.5
  • 5 reviews2.6
  • 3 reviews5.0
1on Yellow Pages, Nov 10, 2017
They made a huge mess getting concrete and mud everywhere. And when i asked when they would clean it up i got a who the f*** are. They didnt clean anything up claiming rain would clean concrete(dried clumps of concrete) and the clumps of mud off the road. Tons more than the photos i attatched more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 29, 2017
I was delighted with the professional job Houck did on sealing my driveway. The finish was flawless. I would highly recommend Houck to anyone in the market considering asphalt maintenance. The staff were also considerate and courteous. more »
5on BirdEye, May 22, 2017
I called the 734-4500 number, had an immediate response and a quote was forthcoming. I signed it, a date for application was set. Houck was there when they said and the crack filling and dealer application was accomplished when and how they said. Well done more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 24, 2017
Watched these guys do massive jobs to my own driveway. Best price I could find with 3 bids. Custom job and very fast. Highly recommend. Thx again more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 07, 2016
Very efficient company to have do your work.
Asked for estimate; received on Friday & work completed on Tuesday. This all took place over Labor Day Weekend.
Men doing job were polite & fri
endly. They did a very efficient job.
Would recommend Houck Asphalt for having Seal Coating done.
Good Company to work with.
more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 22, 2014
If your looking for a professional company to work with I would definitely recommend Houck Asphalt, from my first initial phone call , till the work was completed , they kept me informed in every step ! Thanks for a beautiful job ! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 21, 2014
Houck Asphalt did a great job on sealing my driveway, thanks guys ! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 14, 2014
Thanks for an awesome job on my parking lot , It looks brand new ! Please let the guys know they did a great job sealing and striping it. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 14, 2014
The guys did an excellent job on sealing and striping my lot , if your looking for a professional company that does great work, I would highly recommend contacting Houck Asphalt ! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 01, 2014
Houck Asphalt did a wonderful job crack filling and sealing my driveway, thanks again for a job well done ! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jul 31, 2014
Houck Asphalt did an excellent job on sealing my driveway , the guys were very professional and did a very neat job. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. more »
1on Merchant Circle, Jun 03, 2014
I normally wouldn't do this, but I don't want any of my friends to deal with the nonsense I had to manage. I contracted with Houck Asphalt Maintenance to patch my driveway using the infrared heating method. It was a total disaster and some of the shoddiest work I've ever seen. Houck came to my house seven different times to look at or fix their ridiculous work. They left with incomplete and uneven patch work. I obviously refused to pay for the work and had to negotiate a settlement. The story is much, much longer and there are plenty of pictures depicting their lousy work.
Every time I walk out on the driveway I get angry. The patches are now starting to fall apart and I'm going to be forced to pay someone else to complete the work. Do yourself a favor and don't use Houck Asphalt Maintenance.
more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jun 02, 2014
Well this place is a huge joke! Just tried to enter marked business parking lot to have an employee pull forward while waving me to back -up onto 222 during rush hour! Did so and had employee scream out his window "Where ya going" . I laughed and said "that way" and pointed toward the building. He just looked at me bewildered, I had to floor it as to not hold up traffic. I turned around and the employee was still blocking the driveway. No way to run a business, but that's money I saved. Very Strange!!! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Feb 24, 2011
Hello All,
My name is Bryan Shively, Vice President of Houck Asphalt. I was appalled when I came across these negative reviews. In all honesty, I believe these reviews were made by our competiti
on in an effort to tarnish our Outstanding name and quality of work. They are tired of being beat by the best in the business on a daily basis. I researched the 2 negative reviews and found that we have never had any contact with them, nor are they listed in our database of past customers. We take great pride in our ability to provide you with a quote within 2-3 days, sometimes even the same day.
Give us a try and I will personally guarantee your satisfaction.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day!
more »
1on Merchant Circle, Jul 02, 2010
Over a two-week period, I left five messages in a vain attempt of getting an estimate. The third week is when Kelly called back to say they did not do paving... but that she would forward my number to a company that did... that was six weeks ago and haven't heard a thing!
What an unprofessional company!
more »
1on Merchant Circle, Feb 15, 2010
This company does not perform paving. They sell paving work then have 1 of many paving contractors do it for them. So you could save more money by hiring a paving contractor direct. No driveways need a general contractor (who seal coats only) to hire sub contractor bigger then they are more »
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2656 State Rt 222, Bethel, OH 45106
Parking Lot Maintenance & Marking
Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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