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hope restorative & cosmetic dentistry - jerome cha, dds

15 reviews
 9445 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK 74133US

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(918) 286-7776

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5on BirdEye, Apr 06, 2017
Always a pleasure to me and my husband even when we have to drive 4 hours just to have a cleaning or something else...I met Dr Cha 5 or 6 years ago before me and my husband Eric got married, my first language is spanish so...(im sorry!!!writing is not my best quality) Dr Jarome and his staff is great, awwesome...we always I always feel welcome i dont really speak good english but is not problem because they always make me feel comfortable thank you so much guys for make me come back I really appreciate that Out there many places to go but no one as Hope Restorative C . more »
5on Google, Nov 08, 2016
My husband and I are very pleased with Dr Cha and his staff. We have lived in Tulsa for 19 years and it took 16 of those years going from dentist to dentist to find one we will stick with the rest of our lives! Dr Cha is the most kind dentist, with the best chair side manners, of any we have used here or in our previous home state. The support staff is just the same. They even suggested a dental care plan that has saved us hundreds, with the potential to save thousands, of dollars since we do not have dental insurance. Highly recommend Dr Cha! more »
5on Google, Oct 25, 2016
Dr Cha and his office staff are AMAZING! I wish I can give them more than 5 stars because they deserve it. Keep up the good work guys! more »
5on Google, Oct 18, 2016
I would never, ever consider going anywhere else for my dental care. My parents started going here years ago and now I take my own family here. From routine cleanings to more extensive situations, every person has had consistently wonderful experiences. Dr. Cha is so gentle and calm natured and he literally could not have found a better staff. Andrea, his dental hygienist, is honestly one of the kindest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She and Dr. Cha alike always remember each of my family members and always ask about them. My very young son had his first dental appointment they all made him feel so cared for and comfortable. Every time I leave here, the staff members give me a big hug and it's become just like seeing family again each visit. I cannot give enough praise or recommendation for Dr. Cha and his team. more »
2on Google, Oct 18, 2016
El problema con Hope Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry
Yo,no hablo ingles aunque mi esposo es Americano
por no hablar la lengua me hace creer que soy idiota; que no comprendo nada de la sal
ud bucal..Hace a/os en mi país Venezuela me hicieron coronas,pero ya no quiero saber mas de esto por ahora..El Dr,Cha me hizo dentare la parte superior quedo muy bien,la parte inferior me la hizo grande y por supuesto queda la parte inferior saliente que no es normal en una quijada que ha sido normal ahora es que si el NERVIO Cual nervio? Esto me desagrada tanto la deshonestidad,lo mejor es decir ..quedo grande pero no invente estupideces que no vienen al caso eso es ridiculo,o sea que cada vez que un trabajo quede grande debemos volver a pagar .. y ahora solo por la parte inferior son $ 3.500 y se supone que es Cosmetic para verse un físico mas atractivo, no un perfil que no lo tuve nunca ..Estoy muy decepcionada de usted..Los resultados por supuesto que no se ven inmediatamente con el pasar de los días es que se ven los resultados more »
Business Response:
Olga, I’m so terribly sorry that I did not meet your expectation providing solutions to your problem. When I saw you on 10/13/16, what I saw was sever loss of bone on your lower jaw to point where there is no place for the lower denture to rest. I made you a set of denture in 09/12. From the beginning, your bone loss has been a major concern. In 4 years since I made you the originally set, you have lost much vertical height of your lower jaw bone, which collapsed your bottom half of your face. Not only does bone loss contribute significantly to way you look, the collapse of lower jaw bone can sometime expose the mental nerves (two nerves located to sides of you lower jaw), which makes wearing lower denture extremely painful. The solution I provided for you was to make a new lower denture to compensate for the vertical loss and, placing a soft reline material on lower denture to give relief from denture pressing down on the nerves that may be exposed. I know it was challenge for us to communicate, because my Spanish is very poor. If I misunderstood you and gave you wrong explanation or solution you did not agree, I sincerely apology. Dr. Cha
5on Google, Oct 11, 2016
Great dentist and staff. I doubt you will find a dentist and staff more considerate of what is best for your teeth while treating you with respect and gentleness than Jerome Cha and his team. more »
5on Google, Oct 09, 2016
He is the best and his staff are the best they really make you feel comfortable and at home more »
5on Google, May 20, 2016
Dr. Cha has been our dentist since we moved to Tulsa in the early 1990's. We would never think of going to another dentist. He and the staff are kind and caring. Dr. Cha is always proficient in the most recent procedures and thorough and gentle whenever we visit for whatever reason. I used to be terrified of going to the dentist. I have come to look forward to our appointments because the team at Hope Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry seem more like family than my previous vision of a dentist. We could not recommend Dr. Cha and his staff more highly more »
5on Google, May 13, 2016
I feel like I am with family when I have an appointment with Dr Cha and his staff. more »
5on Google, May 06, 2016
The best of the best! more »
5on Google, Jun 28, 2015
Dr. Cha and his staff are so kind and friendly. The work Dr. Cha did on my teeth is absolutely amazing. I am so happy, and I feel like a new person! I am so grateful that I found Dr. Cha! Dental care can be a very daunting task, but Dr. Cha and his staff make it feel so easy! more »
5on Google, Jun 28, 2015
I saw Dr. Cha for a tooth pain issue. He was recommended by a few friends who said he was kind and very good. I first met his assistant, Rose, who was really friendly and calm. That's nice when you're at the dentist. It's just not normally a place to be calm. Dr. Cha came right in (I'm thankful I didn't have to wait around for a long time. I've been to other dentists, even here in Tulsa, who happen to be running behind schedule more than they are on schedule). Dr. Cha had a relaxed demeanor, and at the same time a clear focus and connection with me and my issue. He took the time to explain what was on the x-ray, what it meant, and what my options were. After the exam, his front office staff scheduled an appointment. They were very friendly, took time to explain what each of the charges would be, and answered a few of my questions about the upcoming procedure. When I returned for the procedure, Rosa and Dr. Cha once again were warm and nice to be around. They worked together quickly and thoroughly, asking throughout if I was comfortable. Most importantly, my tooth pain is gone, it looks great and feels natural again. It honestly felt like Dr. Cha and his team were just some of the nicest and skilled people you'll ever meet. I can recommend with confidence. more »
5on Google, May 28, 2015
Being in contention for the world's biggest dental phobic (I get sweaty palms typing a review about dentists...), I can truly proclaim that Dr. Cha and his entire staff are the most thorough and empathetic group of professionals I have ever had to utilize. Let's also not forget the Dr. Cha is recognized as a deity by the universe's most authoritative cosmetic dental organizations. From the front desk staff, the assistants and the modern communications medium, they all make you feel like you are home with family (if in fact you laid on the family couch with your mouth open and attempted to explain your day with half of the Home Depot tool department in your mouth). We relocated to Denver this past year and I still book my flight and head back to south Tulsa to get my checkups done.
Thank you Dr. Cha and every person that works there. Please mentor your peers in the industry!
more »
5on Google, May 28, 2013
I have never been to a dentist that took such good care of the patient. Dr. Cha and staff are the most gentle dentistry team that I have ever been to, and they have taken away my fear of going to the dentist. more »
5on Google, May 28, 2013
Is probably the best dentist i have ever been to in a very long time. He has great staff and exceptional service. more »
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9445 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK 74133


More about Hope Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Cha is committed to providing excellent care to his patients. He performs all lab work himself creating the best possible patient experience and getting it right the first time in minimum time.more »

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