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Harvey B’s

245 reviews
 4506 Columbia Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75226US

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(469) 334-0980

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245 reviews
  • 139 reviews4.9
  • 106 reviews4.7
4on Facebook, Jul 21, 2017
Nice hole in a wall but a tad bit greasy. The veggie burgers are good n the staff are friendly. Its a diamond in the rough� more »
5on Facebook, Jul 19, 2017
They have some great burgers!! I recommend you have a burger from this place soon! more »
5on Facebook, Jul 07, 2017
more »
2on Facebook, Jul 05, 2017
When Harvey B's first opened I was excited at the prospect of a great little burger joint in the neighbourhood, and boy was I disapointed. The first burger I had there, just a few months after opening, was so salty it was inedible. At first I thought it might just be the bacon, which in itself was like eating pure salt. But no, it was the burger patty.
I decided then, due to the urging of friends that constantly told me how amazing it was, that I would eventually give it another try. Today was that day, and again I was disappointed. The fist bite, salt. Not completely inedible this time, but over salted nonetheless. To make matters worse the patty this time was also burnt and falling apart.
The spiral fries are good, but fries they are not. More like homemade chips, except only half are crispy and the other half are mush.
more »
1on Facebook, Jun 25, 2017
Worst portion size ever order a grilled chicken sandwich ..not a bite size & order taker kept arguing about size . I didn't pay $6.75 a sandwich for child size more »
5on Facebook, Jun 25, 2017
My fave spot till this day for a burger...! Great service as well, great community people in the flesh and in service! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 09, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, May 31, 2017
Hey the best old time burger I've had in years. Best in North Dallas,maybe all of Dallas. Juices flowing and running down your hands and arms,uummm just good. more »
5on Facebook, May 18, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, May 02, 2017
I will be back soon!!!!
I have already told a lot of my friends,see you soon.
more »
5on Facebook, Apr 30, 2017
Best cheese bacon jalapeño burger EVERRRRRR!!!!! Mama (who came in twice in a week) was sweet on the cook (if he sees this holla lol) more »
Business Response:
Ha! That's awesome. Glad you liked it
5on Facebook, Apr 01, 2017
more »
4on Facebook, Mar 25, 2017
Just wish it had more seating and better a/c. Loved the food. A 1/4 pounder was more than enough with sharing the spiral cut fries. more »
5on Facebook, Mar 20, 2017
They have some bombass burgers and fantastic service! I'll definitely be going back 🍔 more »
5on Facebook, Mar 20, 2017
When I happened upon this place I knew I'd never hurt for a delicious double bacon cheeseburger with jalapeños and extra extra extra ranch again.
I knew that my days of endless searching f
or the mouthwatering taste of fresh fried pickles with XXXX ranch were over.
I would crave thick crispy fries no more.
I will forever invest my time and money at this well deserving establishment.
I enjoyed very much the atmosphere, the skill the chef displayed in his process, and the excellent service we received.
Go there! Taste for yourself a meal that will make you sigh, meet a staff that are genuine and ever-attentive, and enjoy the historic decor. I assure you it's worth it!
more »
5on Facebook, Mar 19, 2017
I love little places like this as it's the complete opposite of McDonalds. more »
Business Response:
Thanks Mike!
4on Facebook, Mar 12, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, Mar 08, 2017
Best burgers in town!!! more »
5on Facebook, Feb 27, 2017
This is my new spot!! Pancho Villa burger was awesome!!! Customer service was also awesome!! more »
Business Response:
Glad to hear it! Thanks for letting us know
5on Facebook, Feb 19, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, Feb 18, 2017
I love this place!! I have my family and friends hooked. more »
Business Response:
Excellent! Thanks :)
5on Facebook, Feb 17, 2017
Small restaurant with great food. I've loved everything I have purchased. . .burgers, onion rings, and soda! Next visit will include a shake & chili cheese fries. I've heard good things about HARVEY B's sundaes, so yes that's a must have as well.
more »
Business Response:
So great to hear! We appreciate the feedback, thank you!
5on Facebook, Feb 12, 2017
I always enjoy a trip down to Harvey B's. Bacon blue cheese burger with the tornado fries is my favorite. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 12, 2017
L O V E L O V E L O V E L O V E L O V E L O V E L O V E more »
Business Response:
Yay!! Thanks :)
5on Facebook, Feb 06, 2017
Their food is simply amazing. Best burger joint around DFW area. Everything from club sandwich-chili cheeseburger, and onion rings are delicious!! The owners and co-workers are some awesome people....👍 more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much!! Hope to see you again soon :)
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4506 Columbia Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75226
Today 10:30 am - 9:00 pm


It does not get more American than Harvey B's. Rollerblade into this nineties fast food themed joint and grab your share of burgers, cheese fries, and tater tots.more »
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