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h & m motorworks

19 reviews
Auto Repair
 14640 N Cave Creek Rd Phoenix Az 85022, Phoenix, AZ 85022US

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(602) 992-1340

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19 reviews
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5on Facebook, Jun 06, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jan 24, 2017
He had me as a forever client when he handed me the alternator he had to replace as though I was wanting to see it was really broken. That was 30 years and 4 cars ago. Great mechanic, honest and thorough. And a really nice guy. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 18, 2016
Mark from H&M has always been the guy I go to with my car. I always feel like I can make an informed decision that work for me with them. They are a business with great integrity, and great results. 10/10 would recommend them! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 30, 2015
Excellent! Honest friendly staff. Very knowledgeable with great customer service!
I took my trailer there today to get the bearings checked out. The owner Mark got right on it and checked them o
ut. As we were discussing my options regarding the trailer, the high pressure line for the A/C on my running truck blew out sending refrigerant and dye everywhere.
As busy as as Mark was today he ordered the part, repaired my truck, checked the battery, AND steam cleaned the engine!
This is how all customer service businesses should be operated! It's easy to see why they have remained successful all of these years. I would recommend this shop, and often do, to anyone that needs great service and repair on their vehicles.
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5on Facebook, Sep 10, 2014
"Diligent, focused, love what they do. They have a quiet confidence that you know the job will be done right." more »
5on Facebook, Aug 20, 2013
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5on Facebook, Aug 13, 2013
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14640 N Cave Creek Rd Phoenix Az 85022, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Auto Repair
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


We are a family-owned and operated automotive repair facility in North Phoenix, off Cave Creek Road, just south of Greenway Road, not far from the SR51 (Squaw Peak) freeway. We have a Google map of our location for your convenience. We’ve been providing quality automotive service to the Valley for over 40 years, in both Central and North Phoenix. You can read about our shop’s history here. The main reason we have been able to serve you for so long is because when we solve any automotive problem, we do it thoroughly and completely, as if it were our own vehicle being repaired. From air-conditioning against the hot Arizona sun to even the most serious of transmission problems, our ASE-certified technicians are experts in both foreign and domestic vehicles and are here to get the job done right, the first time. So whether the vehicle is your brand new Audi A4, or your beloved 1961 Volkswagen Bus, trust us to take care of the problem for you.more »
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