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accu-spina spinal decompression therapy

Greenacres Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

7 reviews
 7362 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33467US

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7 reviews
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5on Yellow Pages, Feb 20, 2017
After a month of pain and not being able to use my right arm a friend recommended Dr. Hodesh, so in desperation I called and made an appointment. That was 3 weeks ago and I am amazed how much better I feel. One shoulder was higher than the other and I didn't even realize it. Dr Hodesh addresses all areas that effect your overall health like diet, exercise, posture and stretching. He gave me specific excercises and stretches to do at home, which are extremely helpful. He takes his time and gives excellent and genuine care. I look forward to my appointments each week and continue to feel the pain dissipate. The staff is genuinely friendly and helpful. I will post another review in 3 more weeks to give an update. :) more »
5on Yellow Pages, Oct 29, 2016
I came to this office experiencing such severe sciatic and lower back pain that I couldn't walk sometimes. I was feeling so discouraged and worried I would have chronic pain forever. This team helped heal me physically, but also encouraged me along the way. Dr. Rick and Dr. Karen make you feel as if you're their only patient, taking the time to consider what you need. I loved getting massages before the adjustment! I felt that I was taken care of holistically. I am so happy to say that I don't have any more pain and I am able to exercise and do everything I was able to do before my injury. So thankful for this place more »
5on Yellow Pages, Oct 11, 2016
Great doctors and lovely staff. Small office and very familiar environment. Highly recommended, let the doctors take care of your pain.. I have and this is the best investment our family has done yet.
The Acevedo Family
Greenacres, FL
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5on Yellow Pages, Oct 11, 2016
My family and I have found this place very helpful for our needs, I have a 13 and a 15 yr old boys who are very active and involved in sports and because of that they tend to have injuries. Dr Rich and Dr.Karen have helped them by alleviating neck, lower back and shoulder pain, The office staff are very helpful and allways open to accommodate my schedule needs. My husband and I love the massage therapist staff followed by a Dr's adjustment. I definitely recommend this place. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Sep 27, 2016
I have been seeing Dr. Rick Hodish for the last eight years. I would rather do things the natural way instead of taking medicine and undergoing operations.Dr. Hodish has helped make this possible.From alleviating severe headaches, back pain, neck pain, and leg pain he has made it possible for me to avoid surgeries like when I was told I absolutely had to have a carpel tunnel operation. After having treatments with Dr. Hodish, the carpel tunnel condition disappeared. Dr. Rick Hodish is very knowledgeable and I feel confident in trusting him with all matters about my overall health. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Sep 24, 2016
Drs Rick and Karen are most excellent. With their years of experience they listen to you and treat you, the individual, and your body the way it needs. They utilize a number of different treatment methods depending upon which stage of treatment you are in.
The other Dr. said I would need surgery to get out of pain. But I am getting relief and am on the road to recovery with their treatments.
And to boot the staff is great and full of warmth and care.
I am so thankful to them all for their care and help.
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5on Yellow Pages, Sep 19, 2016
Dr. Karen is not only kind, but has excellent communicative skills interacting with her patients and assessing their ailments, source of pain, and the needed therapies to bring the body back to its pre-pain alignment. Along with her also Chiropractic liscenced husband Rick, who operates the Life Chiropractic Center in Cooper City, Fl, together they have assisting their patients to get back on the road to recovery and pain free living. They are deeply loved by their patients and greatly appreciated for the level of care and compassion they bring to each individual patient. Drs Rick and Karen, you are loved and tremendous assets to your communities. more »
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7362 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33467
Today 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Dr. Rick & Dr. Karen Hodish welcome you! If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, please know that you can get relief fast that is affordable and natural at Greenacres Chiropractic & Massage Therapy. Lake Worth chiropractors, Dr. Rick & Dr. Karen Hodish, develop a custom care program designed especially for you, utilizing chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physiotherapymore »
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