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gourmet doggie diner

4 reviews
(Pet Stores)
 2206 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501US

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(701) 221-2432

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5on Google, Feb 22, 2018
I received some free samples.My BULLDOG, has many allergies..1 sample of salmon , 1 sample of whitefish..My BULLDOG, did well on both....My BULLDOG, does best on fish and no grain...helpful staff....and an exclusive variety of toys and other animal needs.... thanks more »
5on Facebook, Feb 09, 2018
I talked with Kathy one night and learned about this place and the different quality of foods. We (me and Ella) went a couple days later and Kathy helped us pick out a higher quality food that Ella loves � and we picked out some nutritious & yummy treats. Ella is an exuberant greeter and Kathy was great with her. Ella loves this place. Kathy spent about 45 minutes with me educating and helping me select a quality food. Then she educated me on their treats
I went back a few days later and Barb spent a lot of time educating me on so many different issues. I want the best for my little girl and I have found it. I will be a diehard lifetime customer and recommend them to everyone. The customer service, education, and caring are above anything I could have hoped for. I am sure Ella will live longer with Barb and Gourmet Doggie Diner on our team.
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5on Google, Aug 11, 2017
Barb is so knowledgeable about everything Dog. I wanted to do the best for my dog--we had been feeding blue buffalo but she never seemed to enjoy her food and begged for treats all day. Then we found out about all of the recalls and lawsuits. I was not aware there were dog food that produced in small batches and did testing and lab analysis on each batch. This gives you the security that you would get for human food. I am a pharmacist and I demand GMP (FDA approved and monitored both facility and product) in my vitamins and supplements and now there is a place I can find the same quality of food, treats, and supplements. Kathy recommended Fromm food. I tried mixing it with blue buffalo but she picked out the blue buffalo and spit them beside her dish and gobbled up her new food. Now she is excited for mealtime. The staff is so GREAT!!! more »
5on Google, Feb 09, 2017
Barb is very knowledgeable and can help you with most any ailment. My dog had Struvite stones and was miserable. After going to the vet and talking with them and then visiting Gourmet Doggie Diner and visiting with Barb, I decided to go with Barb's recommendation since I was already a customer. It has been over a month and my dog has no more stones and acts younger than ever at 9 years old. Thanks Barb. Your.knowledge and experience has done wonders for my dog and I know lots of.others. I will continue to recommend Gourmet Doggie Diner to everyone I know. 5 stars from me.... more »
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2206 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501
Pet Stores
Today 9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Gourmet Doggie Diner is located at 2206 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND. This business specializes in Pet Supplies.more »

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4 reviews
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