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Gary Hale Gerstenfield

221 reviews
Criminal Defense Law
 8720 Georgia Ave #301, Ste 301, Silver Spring, MD 20910US

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(301) 589-9500

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221 reviews
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5on Merchant Circle, Mar 30, 2011
Amazing Lawyer!!!
My Lawyer is the greatest. Trust me on this. I should be in jail and he got the charges dropped! You could look me up on Maryland Case Search. But, I'm not there suckers.
Mr. Gerstenfield got my whole record expunged. more »
5on Merchant Circle, May 26, 2010
I am so thrilled to have my criminal charge behind me and I owe it all to the fantastic work of Gary, Rebecca and their staff. I thought for sure that I would lose everything I had worked for due to a very stupid mistake. I had fist gone to one lawyer and he told me that I was in very big trouble and my case would be very hard. All he did was confirm my worst fears. My cousin told me to go see Gary for a and second opinion. Wow, what a difference! Gary was very understanding and told me that he could help. He also told me something that I needed to hear, which was that I was not alone and that he could make a difference. I know how hard they worked and in the end, it all paid off and I was able to avoid a criminal record! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Feb 14, 2010
I had the best experience with Gary. I was arrested and humiliated by two very young police officers. I was accused of shoplifting a pen that was in my jacket and I had owned for the last 5 years. Gary got the case dropped and my record expunged! more »
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8720 Georgia Ave #301, Ste 301, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Criminal Defense Law
Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Maryland criminal defense attorneys handling cases such as. Drunk Driving, Traffic, Drug Offenses, DWI, Assault, Criminal, Shoplifting, Hit & Run. Call for a free consultation today.more »
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