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Garland Heating & Air Conditioning

12 reviews
 2113 S Garland Ave, Garland, TX 75041US

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(972) 278-3506

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5on BirdEye, Jul 26, 2016
This company did a wonderful job of taking care of us. I called them for a quote when my system went out and got a better price and more personal service than I did with my old company. I will never go back. David has taken care of us. He even sent a technician over to put coolant in the night before our installation at no charge. He said he just wanted to keep us comfortable in the heat. Awesome company. Technicians were polite and professional. more »
1on BirdEye, Jul 19, 2016
Dont call these guys if you have an insurance claim. They dont want to deal with it. more »
5on Google, Mar 18, 2016
Thank you for your follow-up phone calls. It is very appreciated. more »
5on Google, Sep 14, 2015
There were awesome! The gentleman was so nice and respectful. more »
5on Google, Aug 15, 2015
I cannot go on enough about how wonderful this company is and what a great job they do. As a single woman who knows very little about my heating and air unit, Garland Heating and Air takes wonderful care of me and I know they do not over charge or misguide me on any purchases or decisions to be made. They built a wonderful retaining wall for my massive unit that will stand the test of time. Their prices are extremely competitive and, honestly, very low for the wonderful job that they perform. They are extremely prompt with their service and each employee is as polite, trustworthy and dependable as they could possibly be. Without a doubt, call them for any service you may need. more »
5on Google, Mar 16, 2015
AC went out at my rental property in Garland this past summer. Called another company who tried to sell me a whole new unit. Got a second opinion from Garland Heating and Air. Turns out, the entire problem was just a dirty air filter that caused the unit to work too hard and froze the evaporator coil. After it had time to thaw, the unit has been working perfectly ever since. Problem solved for the less than $100 service call fee. This is an honest and reliable company who will be getting all of my business in the future! more »
5on Google, Mar 16, 2015
Love this a/c company! I seriously would not go anywhere else! Thank you so much garland heating and air! P.s. ask for jaun! more »
5on Google, Mar 16, 2015
I just had a new heater installed by David and Garland Heating & Air. David was awesome, quickly came to inspect our old heater as it was not working, thoroughly reviewed my options and quoted a very competitive price. His installers were extremely nice, very thorough, and even replaced tubing that was not previously installed correctly and without an additional charge. Their professional, clean and thorough work along with their politeness get a huge thumbs up from me! Our furnace is heating nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing my next gas bill as it should be lower from the energy efficiency. David even called to check on everything the next week. If only every company would provide service like Garland Heating & Air!! I'll be back when my air conditioner dies!! I wouldn't look any further than Garland Heating & Air for any furnace and heating work!! more »
5on Citysearch, May 08, 2012
BEST QUALITY, SERVICE, HELP, AND HOMETOWN FEEL I'VE EVER HAD – Ive owned my business for 5 years and my home for 15, I have never had the service of any service in my home or business like I had with Garland Heating and air! The quote was unbeatable, the service came out an hour before they estimated… more »
5on Citysearch, May 08, 2012
BEST SERVICE MY BUSINESS HAS EVER HAD! NICE GUYS AND SERVICE – Ive owned my business for 5 years and my home for 15, I have never had the service of any service in my home or business like I had with Garland Heating and air! The quote was unbeatable, the service came out an hour before they estimated… more »
1on Superpages, Apr 29, 2008
I used this company based on a recommendation to install new duct work several years ago. They did a good job then. Now it appears they have gotten too big and don't care as much about service. I've gotten the impression they are doing as little as possible to do yearly inspections. I had a suspicious incident the last winter inspection on my 20 year old heater. The air was on since it was warm. The tech moved the switch from air to off (not heat) and then spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out why there was no signal going through the circuits. I think he was lazy, incompetent, or going to try and sell me some repairs. I found the problem myself and after turning the switch to heat, everything was fine and it checked out ok, although I thought he didn't spend much time checking everything out thoroughly. Some techs will remove the heat exchanger and dust it off, but this one didn't. And most of the previous one haven't either. more »
1on Citysearch, Sep 26, 2007
Low prices mean low service – Just because it is a low price, does not mean it is good. Be careful. My neighbor had them out and they really messed up their A/C unit guessing what went wrong. So, I told them to call my A/C guy, and it cost them more, but he got it… more »
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2113 S Garland Ave, Garland, TX 75041


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