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funmi's cafe

75 reviews
 3028 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205US

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75 reviews
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5on Zomato, Apr 21, 2015
Good food, great service. Nobody in my party was very familiar with this type of food, but our server was gracious and did a great job of describing the entrees. All the food was good, particularly the Asun Chicken. After our dinner, it was raining heavily and our server got an umbrella and walked my family to the car. I would definitely eat at Funmi's Cafe again. more »
5on Zomato, Apr 04, 2015
We ordered the Vegan appetizer platter. For dinner we had the vegan platter 2 and meat platter 2. Everything was delicious and filling. I had to take leftovers home. Love all the vegan options available. Will definitely go back. more »
5on Zomato, Aug 17, 2014
Delicious food, friendly people, lots of vegan options. My whole family loves Funmi's! They're one of the best restaurants in Louisville for vegans. There are vegan options for starters, salads, soup, main meals, and desserts. That's really exciting because so many restaurants only have one or two things vegans can choose from. The food is always DELICIOUS to the point that I sometimes dream about it. I love her plantains in anything. I like the way she cooks her rice because it's so plump and has a great texture. Her cooking is so good that I crave things from Funmi's that I don't even normally like. The puff puffs dessert is like funnel cakes, doughnuts, and yeast rolls came together for a magical taste party. The service is good and Funmi and Yomi are so nice that you immediately feel like they're your friends. If you haven't been yet, you should go tonight! more »
on Zomato, Jun 30, 2014
Don't waste your money. Came here with high expectations based on several reviews. Food was wayy too small for the price you pay, what I ordered did not have a piece of chicken next to it just tiny pieces cut like im a kid or something. Will never come back here. My husband and I payed over $40 to eat here and we left hungry!!! They are very stingy with their portions but charge the same at American restaurants, RIP OFF more »
5on Zomato, May 22, 2014
Excellent flavors off the beaten path. Tucked away in the back of this strip mall, Funmi's is a too-easily-overlooked gem. I've lunched there when circumstances allow, and their flavorful, hearty stews always satisfy. The flatbread's a bit underwhelmingly similar to storebought pita, but otherwise every meal's been a pleasure. Complementing your meal with a zobo is an absolute must -- sweet and mingled with spices, it's a refreshing adjunct to their pleasingly spicy (but moderated on request) fare. more »
5on Zomato, Apr 27, 2014
Delicious food!!! I ordered a vegetarian entree (vegan platter II) & it had really good flavor & the portions was pretty big. The zobo tea was really good too. When I read it was a "tart" tea, I thought it was going to be really tart but it wasn't. I would compare it to one of starbucks tea. Will be back!! more »
on Zomato, Jul 23, 2013
If you have a groupon do not wait till last day. We are in the restaurant now and so far we have waited 1 hour and still don't even have our water. One waiter for the whole place. Yes it is packed but its called planning and you should try it. more »
on Zomato, May 12, 2013
We've eaten at Funmi's once before, in the previous location on Bardstown, and loved the food so much, we gave he rave recommendations to friends. The service was good, even though it took awhile to get the food - good food is worth a wait. But tonight? We were incredibly disappointed. The new location is smaller, so there are fewer table tops to worry about. We got in, were seated & ordered an appetizer almost immediately (because we know it can take awhile for the food). At least 75 minutes later, we still had no appetizer, nor did at least four of the six tables ahead of us), and or drink glasses were dry. As our guests were from out of town & needed to get home, we had to leave without getting any of the food that we know is delicious. During that 75-minute wait, the server came out twic - TWICE - with food. That's it.
We expected a wait, but 75 minutes with nothing, not even a drink refill? Wow. What made it worse, to me, was no acknowledgement in advance that they were running slow, no apologies or thanks for our patience. And no drink refill!
At least make sure the drinks are refilled!
We absolutely understand that good food is worth a wait, but this was ridiculous. And no acknowledgemet of our wait until we flagged the server down to say we really had to leave. He seemed almost resigned to the fact that some people would leave because of the wait. We felt bad about leaving, because surely the food was in process (and thus not be served), but wow. 75 minutes with nothing? Multiply that by at least four other tables???
As I said, we KNOW the food is good. But very little is worth waiting over an hour for with nothing to show but empty water glasses. We very likely won't return, which makes us sad, because (again) we know the food is good.
more »
5on Zomato, May 08, 2013
Family Friendly African Flair. The service was friendly, if a bit slow. We were greeted warmly by Funmi herself, after which she disappeared into the kitchen as the cafe quickly filled up, and a young waiter buzzed busily from table to table. The food was delicious. Although it is billed as a Nigerian restaurant, the menu features a sampling of dishes from various parts of Africa. Most dishes can be ordered spicy, medium, or mild. My spicy Tanzanian stew was warm and flavorful without knocking me out. The peanut and chicken dish my husband ordered was also really good.
The restaurant itself is a bit on the small side -- as the name "cafe" would imply. It's clean and freshly-painted with appropriate art on the walls, but the tables are nothing more than utilitarian and the lighting leaves something to be desired.
One thing I LOVED was the children's menu! Funmi's offers age-appropriate portions of simple fare without completely sacrificing its ethnic flair. Although, in truth, my children only ate the friend plantains that came with their meals, I was glad to be able to offer them something other than a hot dog or chicken fingers. I would definitely go back, but be prepared for a bit of a wait if you happen to come in on a busy night like we did.
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5on Zomato, May 07, 2013
4/5. Hard to find, but yummy. Not a very big menu, but delicious food and great service. more »
on Zomato, May 03, 2013
Great flavors and friendly staff. Tried the Asun chicken - amazing! Flavors were bold and rich in chicken, plantains, and jollof rice. Staff was courteous and showed great hospitality. If you've traveled to West and East African regions and miss those exotic flavors, Funmi's is sure to satisfy your craving. more »
on Zomato, Feb 02, 2013
Delicious food, worth the wait!. I wish we had gone to this restaurant sooner! The food is great, and it's well worth the wait, which wasn't unreasonably long when you consider that each dish is individually prepared to order. I had the Efo ati Dodo, collard greens stew with steamed plantains, and I added mushrooms. My husband had the Adalu, which was beans and corn stewed with tomatoes, chili, and oil. We both enjoyed our meals, and followed with sorbet for dessert. Portions are reasonable, and the prices were reasonable as well. We will definitely be back. more »
5on Zomato, Nov 19, 2012
REALLY GOOD HEALTHY FOOD. YUM! we got a groupon and we pleasantly surprised at the quality, varied and flavorful foods here.
very friendly staff and will go back again! and we are picky...
more »
5on Zomato, Nov 09, 2012
Tasty and Healthy. I love Funmi's eja ati dodo (Tilapia with collard greens), a dish that would otherwise seem boring. Some reviews have complained that her service is not fast. She makes each dish FRESH TO ORDER and adjusts the seasoning from mild to extra spicy. This is not "fast food" that has been sitting under a warming light all afternoon. If you call in your carry-out order, she will have it ready for you. That's how I get it fast. It is worth a trip to the restaurant to meet such a beautiful person and experience such delightful cuisine. more »
5on Zomato, Oct 27, 2012
Had to wait an hour for my food and when it arrived, it was cold. The portions served were to small for the amount payed. more »
on Zomato, Sep 18, 2012
HORRIBLE SERVICE. I as well as other customers waited 20 minutes to be seated only to be told that they were no longer taking orders because they had too many people in the cafe. Usually I am understanding because I have worked in plenty of restaurants, however, they had NINE people in the cafe (there were plenty of open tables) and they had two more hours until they closed. The server was rude and very unprofessional! I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK. more »
5on Zomato, Aug 28, 2012
New Location. Just went to their new location that opened today. Nothing major to add after the previous reviews. The food was great but took a while to come out for my to go order. The owners were very apologetic and polite. If you are in a hurry you may want to go elsewhere but the food is worth it if you have some time. I will certainly be going back to try some other items. more »
5on Zomato, Nov 27, 2011
Delicious, healthy Nigerian food!. We discovered Funmi's Cafe today after purchasing a Groupon for it, and we are so glad we did! The food was out of this world - delicious! I came here with my family, and they are warm and very family-friendly. There is a little window into the kitchen where my 2 year old was able to watch her food being prepared, which was so fun! More importantly, we were able to see that our food was made fresh from scratch from healthy, beautiful ingredients. Funmi is so sweet and kind, and her cooking is amazing. My husband, mother, and I are vegetarian, so we ordered the collards, tofu, and mushroom dishes, and they were amazing. My father ordered the chicken, and he loved it. Everything tasted fresh and was perfectly seasoned.
The restaurant is small and the service is personal. We felt immediately welcomed on walking in. Because of the friendliness and the ability to talk with the chef and watch her work, we felt more like we were eating at a friend's place, and we loved that!
The prices are very reasonable for the great quality food. There is an entirely vegan menu, which is delicious and makes selecting food much easier. They were equipped with crayons and coloring paper for the little one as well, and even made her a special dessert!
We had such a great experience at Funmi's Cafe. We will definitely be back, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a family-friendly, warm, nourishing place to eat.
more »
5on Zomato, Nov 11, 2011
Already craving a 2nd visit!. My friend went to Funmi's this weekend with her fiance and couldnt wait to take us for a girls night. I read all the reviews before I went and couldnt wait. I love love loved it, my meal was delicious..I believed it was called Efa ati Dodo, close enough. I had it with fish and greens and spicy which wasnt actually very spicy compared to what I am used to from Indian restaurants. All the girls sampled each others and they were all delicious! They even have a KIDS MENU, which I find is rare at many places I go. The kids even enjoyed it, telling them they can get fried "bananas" with their meal goes over very well. A+ cant wait to go back! more »
on Zomato, Oct 24, 2011
Good food, but definitely not fast.. We had the Asaro with chicken and the Efo ati Dodo with beef. Both were deliciious though we both prefered the Asaro.
I loved the fried plantains, and the Jo
llof rice was also good.
But the kitchen was very slow. It was over an hour after we ordered that we got our food. The were several other diners and all appeared to have a similar wait. The restarant had a good crowd but was not packed so the wait could have been longer if they were filled to capacity.
Definitely warrents a try, but I would not go on a night I was in a hurry.
more »
5on Zomato, Oct 09, 2011
I absoluty love this place. Asaro is wonderful and the best house salad in town. more »
on Zomato, Oct 08, 2011
Too Much Tomatoe Paste!!!. Well to begin with, my husband and I thought it would be a great choice for dinner. Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed with the flavor of the dishes. Most to all of the entrees were tomatoe, onion and bell pepper base. The menu lacked variety of sauces base. I also found our meal to be over priced. We got two entrees, two drinks and appetizer for $40 plus dollars, this is not including the tip. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate this place at a "2" . Nice location, friendly services and good presentation of meal. But when its all said and done, its the food that draws the customer and for me the food was the deal breaker. I will not be returning more »
5on Zomato, Aug 27, 2011
Wonderful, reasonably-priced food in a family-owned restaurant. Highly recommended. Love it. more »
5on Zomato, Aug 21, 2011
Flavorful and simple. Everything my wife and I tried was fantastic. All the dishes were well balanced and full of flavor without being too spicy, salty or overly sweet. Our meal was filling but didn't leave you feeling guilty as all the ingredients were whole and simple. more »
5on Zomato, Jul 07, 2011
Great food, unlike anything I've eaten before, but the wait can be unbearable. My wife and I ate here on a Saturday night. We sat down right away and got our drinks fairly quickly. The waiter was very helpful describing the dishes and we ordered our food within 10 minutes. He said it would take around 45 minutes, so we ordered soup as an appetizer. Amazingly, it took an hour and a half before we got our soup or a refill on our drinks. I've never waited that long in my life, but I especially wouldn't expect this kind of delay in a casual dining setting. After the first hour of waiting, our waiter informed us they were out of the chicken my wife ordered so she had to change her order. When the food came (2 hours into our dining experience) they didn't have the rice that was supposed to come with it, so we got plain rice. My wife had ordered collared greens but was given another side since they were out. This could be growing pains, but only having one more person in the kitchen making food and one server is not going to be sustainable. Even after all this "I liked" Funmi's because the food was great! I'd love to try it again, but wouldn't be able to stand the wait. Maybe carryout next time? more »
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