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exscape smoke shop & vapor lounge

12 reviews
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 167 Marshall St, Syracuse, NY 13210US

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(315) 472-4200

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5on Google, Oct 24, 2017
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1on BirdEye, Oct 20, 2017
I wish I could give this less than 1 star. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT EVER. EVER go to this place. Brendon R should NOT be employed by any sort of customer service business anywhere. I HAVE NEVER been treated more disrespectfully in my entire life. I have also never been threatened to have the police called on me because i wanted a refund for something i bought YESTERDAY. UNOPENED. WITH THE RECEIPT.MIND YOU, I HAD BOUGHT THE SAME ONE A WEEK BEFORE AND IT BROKE. they were unwilling to give me a managers name number, or even e-mail address. this place is PATHETIC. Brendon should have NO business dealing with customers anywhere.-amherst location more »
5on Google, Apr 24, 2017
The entrance has a speakeasy feel to it then once upstairs there is a large clean head shop with large glass selection more »
5on Google, Apr 24, 2017
Don't bother with any of their competition on the campus hill. This place has all the best glass and a knowledgeable sales team. more »
5on Google, Feb 22, 2017
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5on Google, Feb 22, 2017
Great experience, really friendly and helpful staff. more »
4on Google, Feb 23, 2015
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5on Google, Feb 24, 2012
great shop. tons of variety from expensive to cheap. service was very helpful and insightful. more »
2on Google, Feb 24, 2012
overrated in my opinion. more »
5on Google, Feb 24, 2012
Very nice shop, clean and stylish, fun to browse. Their selection of hookahs is the best in Syracuse. The guy working was very nice and helpful. We bought a small Mya hookah and a pretty wall hanging for our bedroom. We haven't hung up the wall hanging yet but the hookah has worked great and has been used every day since we got it with no issues. Their prices are comparable to online shops for the hookahs so don't bother paying the shipping and waiting, just get one from these guys. They also just opened a sister shop in Rochester on Monroe street that isn't in Google's system yet, that is also a 5 star establishment (and a mile from our house, yay!) more »
1on Yellow Pages, Jun 22, 2011
Had a less than thrilling experience with one of the managers. Issue was handled very unprofessionally. more »
1on Google, Feb 24, 2011
Three months ago I bought a $200 phx tube, took care of it like it was my baby so when the female downstem got stuck, I thought I could bring it to exscape to get some *suggestions*. The tube was as clean as it was the day I bought it, so the store employee agreed to look at it, disregarding their no used pieces policy.. We discussed some options and meanwhile, the employee began "assessing" the issue. He told me he was "really good with glass" and he could probably get it to come out. He also assured me that if by any chance the tube broke, he would hook me up with another piece. I told him I didn't want the tube broken as some of the options we had discussed earlier actually seemed like they could work. Instead, he proceeded to pull on the downstem and before I could say anything, CRACK..well you know the rest. The employee said he'd call some places to get it fixed, left him my number and didn't get a call from him all week. I called back five days later and spoke to a different employee who had obviously heard of the situation, treated me like absolute crap and even threatened to go in the back room and break my tube ALL BECAUSE I asked when the employee who broke my tube was going to be working. WOW. Well the story ends that absolutely NOTHING got done about my broken tube, I've been back to Exscape several times where they just ignore me and tell me "i don't know man, I don't know." From now on, I'll be taking my business the extra 50 miles down to Ithaca Glass, where I know their products are authentic and their customer service is exceptional.
If you're the owner of Exscape and you're reading this, I hope you've been made aware of this situation and consider reevaluating how your employees run your "business".
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167 Marshall St, Syracuse, NY 13210
Gift Shops
Today 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


At Exscape Smoke Shop and Vapor Lounge, we are more than just your average smoke shop - we promote a lifestyle. Whether you're trying to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic or you're looking for a new e-juice flavor, you'll find everything you need at one of our nine convenient locations. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right starter kit, accessories and juice flavors to meet your needs. Count on us for the following: Electronic cigarettes Electronic juices Vaporizers And a full line of additional products Stop by any of our locations and find your flavor at Exscape Smoke Shop and Vapor Lounge. If you're a student, military or medical card holder, take advantage of 10% off every purchase.more »

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