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exscape smoke shop & vapor lounge

17 reviews
(Tobacco Shops)
 1204 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203US

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(518) 729-3595

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5on Google, Dec 18, 2017
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4on Google, Nov 22, 2017
more »
5on Google, Nov 15, 2017
Everyone who works there is so helpful and knowledgeable. Quick service too! more »
4on Google, Nov 15, 2017
Crazy huge selection but not the cheapest. more »
3on Google, Nov 09, 2017
Nice pieces, nothing spoke to me more »
5on Google, Oct 16, 2017
more »
4on Google, Aug 17, 2017
more »
1on Google, Dec 16, 2016
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4on Google, Nov 16, 2016
Wide selection convenient location to UAlbany. more »
4on Google, Nov 16, 2016
Great communication with the staff and very helpful more »
1on Google, Nov 16, 2016
Super Douche dude working the counter who has asked me in the past to bring my dirty glass in and he will fit it. which i didn't feel comfortable doing so i guested it wrong needless to say and i was back 15 mins later and i was told no returns on any glass so i was stuck with 34 dollar banger and a 14 down stem I have always shopped at Northern Lights in the past and though i would give them a try since they treated me right one day during a 420 sale a while back. Not a big fan of people who forget who you are once you walked thru the out door ZERO STARS more »
2on Google, Nov 16, 2016
My friend and I purchased a vape pen, 12/13/15 from this location. The girl that sold it to us (didn't get her name) was very helpful and informative as we decided which one would work for us. Upon bringing it home, we tried to charge it but it wouldn't hold a charge or heat up. I promptly called the store and she told me to bring it back in and they would help. The next day we brought it back, explained the problem and asked the sales associate (Rachel) to help. She couldn't get it to work either and wasn't sure what the problem was so she called her manager (Zack) for direction. He told her that there was nothing the store could do about having sold us a faulty/damaged product. He then got on the phone with my friend and began to very rudely and abruptly repeat the same thing. I then spoke to him as well and he began screaming at me that all sales were final and NYS law prohibited him from refunding or replacing this product. I repeatedly told him that we did not want our money back, only a product that worked. He then yelled "Do you even speak English woman?" and when I went to respond, he hung up. Rachel, seemed embarrassed by the entire situation and apologized profusely. She then called (what I believe to be) the owner, Tim. In less than 5 min she was off the phone and told us he said to help us in replacing the battery. She was wonderful, helpful, very kind and made sure we walked out happy and with a working product The only reason I gave this place 2 stars was because of her and Tim. I've never in my life walked into a store been treated the way I was treated by Zack. If that is the kind of attitude and professionalism he deems acceptable, this location will lose clientele at an exponential rate. more »
4on Google, Nov 17, 2015
more »
1on Google, Nov 17, 2015
Morons. more »
5on Google, Nov 17, 2015
Great personalities more »
1on Google, Nov 17, 2014
Wrong address more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jul 28, 2012
Their collection of glass pipes and bongs is amazing. Love their website too more »
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1204 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203
Tobacco Shops
Today 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


At Exscape Smoke Shop and Vapor Lounge, we are more than just your average smoke shop - we promote a lifestyle. Whether you're trying to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic or you're looking for a new e-juice flavor, you'll find everything you need at one of our nine convenient locations. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right starter kit, accessories and juice flavors to meet your needs. Count on us for the following: Electronic cigarettes Electronic juices Vaporizers And a full line of additional products Stop by any of our locations and find your flavor at Exscape Smoke Shop and Vapor Lounge. If you're a student, military or medical card holder, take advantage of 10% off every purchase.more »

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17 reviews
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