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Elite Dental Practice

23 reviews
(Cosmetic Dentists)
 2219 Hollywood Blvd #104, Hollywood, FL 33020US

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(954) 589-2176

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1on BirdEye, Sep 21, 2016
I was new to the area and received a coupon for x-rays, exam and cleaning. I arrived in the parking lot and had a bad feeling. Tucked away in a rundown strip center didn't make me feel confident. The office is run down as well as the examination rooms.

The staff was nice enough, though in hindsight a little too nice as if hiding something or ready to pounce, again in hindsight. I had reiterated I was only there for a cleaning, they handed me forms to fill out, when I said I didn't have insurance and I did have a coupon the tone changed.

I was led into a rundown room with an outdated chair and old style dental tools. This made me really uncomfortable but I was there already so I stayed. While trying to adjust the light, the handle fell off and into my lap...I'm not exaggerating!

A woman who told me she was only there for a month, took x-rays and the dentist who was nice and informative examined my teeth. I go regularly so I knew I did not need anything out of the ordinary. He made some observations and recommendations. When I inquired about the cost he became uneasy and stammered a bit, then said he didn't get involved with any of that and left the room. I'm sitting in the chair alone, wondering what was next, again the bad feeling that I was about to get scammed came over me.

The girl from the front desk came into the room with her clip board and proceeded to tell me I had 5 fillings that would cost $785 to remove and I needed to see an orthodontist for my bite. She showed me a form with a lot of prices on it as if to justify what she was saying. I responded I was there for a cleaning. She told me I needed a Debride which is to remove tartar and it was going to be $126. I already knew that was a possibility but I also knew that was about $20 to $40 over priced. But like I said I was there and just wanted to get it done, I tried to bargain a little because I had their coupons but they wouldn't budge so I said ok.

I was led into another room that thankfully was a little brighter and cleaner. Then a completely different woman came in with another clip board and asked for my credit card.... Are you kidding me? I asked what the charge was going to be and she told me $158. I responded that the other girl just told me it was $126. She started to point at prices on a sheet of paper that made no sense to me and was talking in circles. I said I'll pay the original $126 or else I was leaving. At this point the first girl came in and now they are ganging up on me as if I was buying a car.. I'd had enough, so I got up, took off the bib and said I'm leaving...I don't know why I even offered to pay for the x-rays and exam, luckily I had a coupon for that too. I gave them $25 even though this too seemed like a rip off. The lady even then still tried to say the coupon said x-ray, NOT x-rays. Can you believe that? I wished I had seen this review site before I wasted my time and money... I was polite and positive up to the end and gave them a chance but a rip-off place is just what this is....stay away.
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5on BirdEye, Sep 04, 2016
Great experience! Clean office, staff is amazing . Doctor is detailed as much as possible and affordable !!! Thank. Recommend! more »
5on Google, Jul 30, 2016
Good job! more »
5on Google, Jul 30, 2016
I was seeing on time. Very friendly , clean. The staff and the whole visit was excellent !! Very professional !
Will recommend !
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5on Google, Jul 30, 2016
Perfect Clinic and excellent service! more »
5on BirdEye, Jul 24, 2016
I was seeing on time . Very clean, friendly. The staff and the whole visit was excellent!
Very professional!
Doctor is very detailed. Definitely will recommend !
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5on Google, Jul 23, 2016
I haven't been to the dentist for a few years. Most recently my gums started bleeding and I knew it was time to visit a dentist. I called Elite Dental Practice. I explained my situation to Anna. After talking to her I knew I had found the right dentist to go to. She was very helpful in the whole process, from helping me with insurance paperwork to the date I saw Dr. Royzman.
She talked me through everything she was going to do, making sure I was never uncomfortable or in pain. I am so happy I found this dental office.
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5on Google, Jul 23, 2016
Great dental office! The staff was very lively and treated me very well. Everything was explained to me very clearly and the doctor was great! more »
1on Google, Jul 16, 2016
I cant post my comment unless i give at least 1 star, although this office deserves 0. I gave my insurance info and made sure it was accepted before ever making an appointment. The hours were extremely convenient. I was able to get an apt. at 6 pm after work. This was the only good thing about this practice.
I received serviced from February thru June and not one claim was submitted to my insurance!! Still to this day nothing is submitted, I'm having to submit everything by mail myself now. In addition I now have almost $2,000 in credit card debit (care credit CC's that the dental office advised me to apply for) and I still ended up paying more money out of pocket.
I was a hassle just to get a itemized bill.
Upon calling my insurance and conducting a review of the dental codes
versus the charges, I discover I'm being charges as if I don't even have insurance for major procedures. (ex:root canal w/ ins =300 i was charged 990). The woman from the insurance company basically said this office is charging incorrectly purposefully. This was the worst medical experience I've had and it still not over. DO NOT GO HERE unless you wouldn't mind being overcharged.
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1on Google, Jun 30, 2016
This place gets no stars at all. Horrible horrible place. They ripe you off. They say they take your insurance but they don't . Don't even provide you with a break down of what they're charging you for. They make up charges that aren't even on the break down of what kind of work they are doing. The (office manager) who trys to act like she's the dentist is telling you everything the real dentist is suppose to tell you. One of the dentists can't even put the tools on the machines by herself, has the assistant do it. They don't speak very good English and it's always another dentist thats there. Never the same one. BE AWARE OF THIS PLACE. Stay away from here, unless you like getting ripped off. more »
5on Google, May 30, 2016
I took my family to Elite Dental Practice after not being satisfied with my previous dentist. The staff was really friendly, especially Dr. Royzman. My daughters got their check-ups and my wife a tooth pulled for less than what other clinics were charging. more »
1on Google, May 30, 2016
The worst experience I have EVER Had at a dentist office! They neglected doing my annual cleaning and tried to charge me for an expensive cleaning. They are the worst dentist office you can go to. Do not book with them. They will try to take money out of your pocket: If you do book with them just KNOW you will not get the free annual cleaning included in your insurance! They should be ashamed of their services. more »
1on Google, Apr 30, 2016
Very bad experience. Check what you get into before even sitting. more »
1on Google, Apr 30, 2016
This place is bad for business. They did a root canal on my mom and didn't replace the tooth. They said we were approved for a loan and that we needed to come back the next week to finish the crown replacement. (She walked in with a good crown), SHE LEFT OUT WITHOUT A TEMPORARY CROWN and looked and felt bad. Today we went back and the office manager wanted 50% down and then decided to tell us we were not approved and that there was nothing they could do. The dentist was just standing there listening not offering any suggestions. The office manager is a fast talker and a liar. BEWARE!!!! She's still without a temporary crown and still looks bad. more »
1on BirdEye, Jul 28, 2015
Very unprofessional their don't know their doing the charge double to insured patients, also i have come there 2 times for a simple filling and in doesn't wok, i feel pain, and they don';t even care, is all about the money, but they still screwing for second time the same tooth, i have to go to other dentist, more »
1on Google, Mar 15, 2015
Елена Кац врач-стоматолог, которая работает в этой клинике, поставила моей жене имплант. В результате страшное воспаление десны, несколько операций, килограмм съеденных антибиотиков и выброшенные на ветер 6000$ . Имплант пришлось демонтировать... Вот такие впечатления от этой "клиники". more »
1on Google, Mar 15, 2014
2on Google, Mar 15, 2014
Awful!! Very unprofessional, told me that they took my insurance, 4 days before my appointment I called to confirm which of their providers take my insurance so I could update my insurance, and all of a sudden the lady said they they are working to become HMO providers, but they are not at this time. So they never bothered to call me to tell me, or say anything when I called to confirm my appointment this AM
Very unprofessional, Im sure they would have decided to tell me that they do not take my insurance after the appointment was complete and try and stick me with the bill
WARNING rude Scam dental practice, stay far away from this group!!!!
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1on Google, Mar 15, 2014
Horrendous experience, they barely speak English... Go there if you want to have a root canal or your teeth removed even if you are lost and only ask for directions, I got very suspicious when they were unable to identify the molar that needed treatment even after an x-ray exam, I just ran out of their practice and went to another professional, they performed a deep cleaning and never ever talked about a root canal treatment or molar extraction...A used car lot sales man in Hialeah gives me more confident than these two rude and incredible unprofessional dentists...In my opinion a perfect candidate for a hidden camera news reportage about dental malpractice in S. Florida, LOVE YOURSELF and learn to say no and follow your own intuition... more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2014
Oh my god I hate the dentist untill now. Best denstist ever! I love them. Pulled my tooth I didn't even fill it. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2013
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2on Google, Mar 15, 2013
#1 the office is old and dirty #2 you can't understand what they are saying to you, barely speaks english #3 they are rude and don't treat you with any respect #4 they try to upsell you on everything #5 they don't listen to you as a patient, try to explain to them that I have 2-free cleanings under my insurance plan and they tell me that the dentist refuses to do it because that's not what I need #6 very unprofessional more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2012
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