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Lucky's Market

el harissa market cafe

90 reviews
Grocery Stores
 1516 N Maple Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103US

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90 reviews
  • 88 reviews4.9
  • 2 reviews5.0
5on YellowBot, Apr 27, 2015
I finally tried this place after living walking distance from it for a little over a year! I am middle eastern, and I was so excited to try their hummus and... more »
5on YellowBot, Jan 22, 2015
Phenomenal food, clean space. Meatballs are godly! Be sure to try anything and everything. I ended up going back up to the counter twice to order more... more »
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1516 N Maple Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Grocery Stores
Today 11:00 am - 8:00 pm


Our cuisine is inspired by Tunisian, Moroccan, Southern Spanish, Southern French, and Italian cooking. Our Market specializes in international groceries, locally sourced artisanal products, and home-made spice blends. We serve twenty flavors of artisanal gelato and sorbetto. We have free WiFi.
Established in 2013.
El Harissa was founded by Susan Thomas and Khaled Houamed in 2013. Our philosophy is to introduce novel flavors without banishing the familiar, incorporate healthy ingredients, and provide excellent value.
Meet the Business Owner
Susan T.
Business Owner
Teacher, artist, mother; native of London, UK.
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