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Art Van Furniture - Woodridge

ecp incorporated

17 reviews
Automobile Customizing
 11210 Katherines Crossing Suite 100, Woodridge, IL 60517US

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11210 Katherines Crossing Suite 100, Woodridge, IL 60517
Automobile Customizing
Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Since 1969, ECP, or Entire Car Protection, has served the automotive community. ECP has distributors throughout the United States and Canada. The company features protective coatings for new and pre-driven vehicles and features a line of appearance and reconditioning products. ECP has a training center that is a service facility offering classroom courses and hands-on participation in the application of protective coatings and detailing of vehicles. ECP s products including cleaning products, such as liquids, soaps, rinse agents, powders, carpet and upholstery, leather cleaner, floor cleaners, glass cleaners and tire and wheel cleaners; degreasers; dressings, including solvent/silicone systems and water-based/silicone systems; aerosols; paint correction items, such as the Correct-It Clay system, polishes and glazes; waxes and sealants; air fresheners; hand cleaners; extractors, buffers and polishers; rotary buffers and orbital buffers; chamois and wash mitts; and brushes, dispensers, proportioners and racks. ECP is headquartered in Burr Ridge, Ill.more »
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