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Aircraft Gear Corp

ecp incorporated

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Automobile Customizing
 11210 Katherines Crossing Suite 100, Woodridge, IL 60517US

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11210 Katherines Crossing Suite 100, Woodridge, IL 60517
Automobile Customizing


Since 1969, ECP, or Entire Car Protection, has served the automotive community. ECP has distributors throughout the United States and Canada. The company features protective coatings for new and pre-driven vehicles and features a line of appearance and reconditioning products. ECP has a training center that is a service facility offering classroom courses and hands-on participation in the application of protective coatings and detailing of vehicles. ECP s products including cleaning products, such as liquids, soaps, rinse agents, powders, carpet and upholstery, leather cleaner, floor cleaners, glass cleaners and tire and wheel cleaners; degreasers; dressings, including solvent/silicone systems and water-based/silicone systems; aerosols; paint correction items, such as the Correct-It Clay system, polishes and glazes; waxes and sealants; air fresheners; hand cleaners; extractors, buffers and polishers; rotary buffers and orbital buffers; chamois and wash mitts; and brushes, dispensers, proportioners and racks. ECP is headquartered in Burr Ridge, Ill.more »
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