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Academy Sports + Outdoors

Dury’s Gun Shop

164 reviews
Sporting Goods
 819 Hot Wells Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78223US

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164 reviews
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on Citysearch, Mar 29, 2017
Excellent service.
Bought my son his first pistol today.
Louis worked with him and my wife to ensure the weapon chosen would be a good fit. He then worked on pistol basics with the boy and
gave him valuable pointers for becoming a good safe shooter.
Louis introduced us to the owner, who took them into the office to show a pocket knife collection, letting my son and wife both pick a knife. Laura (?) then took my son a fitted him with a nice Dury's Baseball hat.
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on Citysearch, Mar 21, 2017
Lifetime warranty is worth spending the extra few bucks more then academy or anywhere else! more »
on Citysearch, Mar 03, 2017
Excellent selection, excellent customer service. Adam Z. Cut me a helluva deal on a his and hers H&K/SIG purchase, he is awesome! Thanks again brother, definitely will be a lifetime customer. 5/5 all day! more »
on Citysearch, Feb 10, 2017
Outstanding customer service. Prices were reasonable. Would have like more selection, but they carry nothing but quality, so I can't really complain about selection. They had what I wanted and referred me to other places for specialty needs.
Total pros, knowledgeable, friendly. Good shop!
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on Citysearch, Jan 27, 2017
Great customer service, I came to sell some guns and was helped from the moment I walked in. I was offered a fair value for my firearms and not some arbitrary number like other shops around town. Most importantly the gentleman who assisted me, Adam was very enthusiastic to help and raved about the company he worked for. You can always tell how great a company is ran by asking their employees how they like working there, and Dury's employees were all in great spirits. Will definitely be a future customer and will recommend them to my friends and family. more »
on Citysearch, Jan 20, 2017
Love this place they have really helpful people working there. more »
on Citysearch, Dec 15, 2016
Friendly courteous staff. Nice selection of new and used guns. Prices are on par with other gun shops in the area. more »
on Citysearch, Dec 09, 2016
My first trip EVER to a gun shop. I entered nervous and perplexed about owning a gun. Mark was wonderful. He was so patient, professional and answered all my questions. He helped find something that will fit into my lifestyle. more »
on Citysearch, Dec 01, 2016
Best place to buy a gun. Luis Acosta is my go to guy but I have been helped by the rest of the staff as well. What other store backs guns with life time warranty. I will be trying out my new purchases very soon. more »
on Citysearch, Nov 16, 2016
Very clean shop face value nice staff decent prices more »
on Citysearch, Oct 27, 2016
Dury's Gun Shop is known to provide complete service and support to their clients and was recommended to me when I decided to buy a hunting rifle. Being an experienced hunter, I knew something about guns, but I had always used a rifle handed down to me from my Dad. I had decided to check off one of my bucket list items and made arrangements to go elk hunting. After making an appointment, Johnny Dury took his time out to discuss with me what I was thinking and when I arrived he had pulled out a number of rifles some which I thought I might want to try and a number that he recommended. Johnny was fantastic providing all kinds of statistical and practical information on each choice. In the end, I selected a Browning White Gold Medallion X-bolt 7mm-08. The stock is made of tiger striped maple and it is just beautiful! Johnny suggested a Leopold scope which I love. Every time I take it out of the gun case everyone does a double-take. Dury's cut the stock to fit my needs, mounted the scope and sighted it in for me.
I don't plan to ever trade in my gun, but should I want to Dury's completely stands behind their products and with a lifetime warranty who could go wrong. Most importantly, being a woman and finding someone who will take you seriously and help you is not a common practice with many businesses; however Dury's went above and beyond to help me. I would HIGHLY recommend Dury's Gun Shop.
Oh yeah the proof is in the take! I took an 430 point bull elk!
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on Citysearch, Oct 20, 2016
My husband and I will never go to another gun shop. We are patrons of Dury's for life! more »
on Citysearch, Oct 07, 2016
Family owned store honest people good prices they have a lifetime warranty on all their guns they sell more »
on Citysearch, Sep 27, 2016
Awesome place for great quality guns and supplies. The lifetime warranty is better than anywhere else! more »
on Citysearch, Sep 20, 2016
Everyone was very nice very professional my purchase went smooth and fast more »
on Citysearch, Sep 02, 2016
i have been dealing with this store for over 5 years. I have gotten some cool old guns from them and they had sold some guns for me. The workers at this shop go out of there way to help and and make you feel at home. more »
on Citysearch, Aug 25, 2016
Walked In with my guy wanting to buy a gun but didn't expect to walk out with one that day. Luis greeted us and showed us a few and explained so much the difference between them and showed us ones in our price range and perks of one and the other. He showed us one we found fit for us and even showed us a small lesson how to handle and use it. He was so awesome and patient. The staff is nice and helpful if you need anything. I highly reccomend this place if your looking for a new or used gun. more »
on Citysearch, Aug 01, 2016
My favorite Gun shop without a doubt! With their lifetime warranty, I have a really hard time purchasing a gun anywhere else after realizing even a new Springfield can have defects after mine failed. Any other store that sells guns like Academy or Gander Mountain are final sale. At first I wasn't real sure. I didn't get a lot of help, but after going a few times and making a few purchases there, my husband an I have become acquainted with the staff and it's nice to work with people who remember you and welcome you. Marie, Laura, and Salinas are awesome! Thanks guys. We will definitely be back. more »
on Citysearch, Jul 18, 2016
This is and has always been the ONLY gun store I've walked into and not been ignored!! Whether I'm the actual customer or not they treat me with the upmost respect and not like some clueless person who doesn't belong. We've purchased a few guns from there and recently I decided to purchase a new one for myself. I had no less then 4 sales persons ask me if I was being helped or of there was anything more they could do for me. They also made sure the gun I was looking for fit me well and really took the time to help me get not only what I wanted but something even better for the same price point. Hands down the BEST customer service inside and outside the shop!! more »
on Citysearch, Jun 24, 2016
Came in for some help and the gunsmith not only fixed the issue but did it way ahead of schedule 24hr turn around originally 4 to 7 days. Knowledge, expertise, great customer service and price point can't get better. more »
on Citysearch, Jun 17, 2016
Excellent family run business. Johnny Dury gives great personal attention to his staff and customers. I will consider doing business with them first in all my future transactions. more »
on Citysearch, May 27, 2016
Have purchased several guns over the years I love the fact that you get a law enforcement discount on the Glocks bought my first gun almost 20 years ago more »
on Citysearch, May 20, 2016
The BEST gun shop in the United States!
I have always been a fan of this gun shop and it's employee's. Never had a bad experience yet. I have purchased 3 Glock Pistols (26, 27 & 19) ov
er the years through the Glock discount program and the staff that run the discount area know their stuff. They can answer any question and give great advice. more »
on Citysearch, Mar 31, 2016
Johnny, my daughter, Hannah and her husband, Anthony were in your shop today to purchase a small handgun after having been burglarized yesterday. She was very impressed with Steve, saying, " he joked the whole time and was very good at narrowing it down to what fit what we were looking for." she also stated that you all did "great with him!" more »
on Citysearch, Mar 22, 2016
Best gun shop in Texas. Service is great and they stand behind what they sell new or used. What ever they tell you you can take it to the BANK. more »
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819 Hot Wells Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78223
Sporting Goods
Today 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Guns & Gunsmithsmore »
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