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Dunn Contracting

5 reviews
 5580 63rd Way North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709US

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(727) 410-5717

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5on Google, Apr 18, 2016
Mr. Dunn spent 30 minutes of his time explaining roofing details. Very kind, smart and helpful! He will be the first person I call with a roofing issue.
John J
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5on Google, Feb 29, 2016
Mr. Dunn has been the best roofer I have ever used. He is on time and reliable. I would use him again. Absolutely. Great job. A must call. more »
5on Google, Sep 21, 2015
Ok guys, this will be a different review. I'm from Columbus Ohio and bought a house in Hudson Florida. Mr. DUNN unfortunately does not provide service in my area but even with that he took the time to answer my text as well as give me advice to assure my safety when I did find a rofer. Now he gets nothing but pride and asked for zero and I have never even spoken to this company or this man prior. Still just the little few steps of him saying hey by the way make sure you get this and and that when you do find a contractor was of great help as it is different from Ohio. JOB WELL DONE... more »
5on Google, Jun 22, 2015
I am a professional licensed contractor and I can tell you that Dunn Contracting uses some of the best methods around. I have had the opportunity to see their work and when I do I always learn something. I have spoken with James about his methods and we have shared our experiences. I have adopted his woven valley method with the addition of valley metal. This guy knows his stuff. I would recommend this company. more »
5on Google, Mar 22, 2015
I had a flat roof repair and I had many roofers tell me they wouldn't repair my roof that I absolutely needed a new roof. Then Dunn roofing told me yes I can do it for $250, he said he was giving me a great deal. He happened to have the extra material needed for my roof, someone recently gifted it to him.
So what did this kind soul do? He paid it forward and gave me a price of $250, All the other roofers wanted $500 and were not going to do half the extensive repair that he was going to do.
I have to be honest. I cried when he left my house. I have been hammered with car repairs, and many other expenses in the last 3 mths. I felt so depressed. But Dunn came in like a winged angel.
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5580 63rd Way North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709

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5 reviews
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