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dr jennifer walden, md

42 reviews
Physicians & Surgeons
 5656 Bee Caves Rd e201, Ste E201, Austin, TX 78746US

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on Citysearch, Jul 13, 2010
Very Happy! – I had my surgery done by Dr. Walden a few months ago and have been really Happy with my results!
I was an A cup and now am a D cup I would recommend her to anyone interested in a
procedure, she was very understanding and was very helpful with my decision I was a bit unsure of the size I wanted and she helped me decide especially for my body frame what size she would recommend, I left her office feeling very secure and didn't worry about anything the day of the surgery I originally wanted a C cup but was worried that they would be small so right before I was transferred to the operating table I changed my mind and asked her for a size D! I'm sooo glad I did. My breasts are perfect and I feel and look amazing. Thank you Dr. Walden
Casey Ruiz
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on Citysearch, Jul 02, 2010
VERY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE – Dr Walden performed rhinoplasty for me in 2009. I was very nervous about the whole experience and had specific requests about how I wanted my new nose to look - not a typical skinny nose, just a smaller version of what I had. She and her staff were very professional and my new nose is absolutely perfect. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'm very happy and highly recommend. more »
on Citysearch, Nov 15, 2009
My Eye surgery – I am a male in my 50s and I went to visit her after I reviewed her credentials and verified that she was board-certified. I was a little nervous on my first visit as there were only women in the office and visiting room. A year later I decided to have my eye surgery (blepheoplasty) done and returned for a second visit and the surgery was completed in April of 2009. Dr. Walden did an excellent job and I received good care at the hospital and the follow-up visits-nothing to be afraid of. more »
on Citysearch, Sep 09, 2009
Love my breast reduction!! – I am in 100% agreement with all of the reviews before mine!
I am a 40 year old woman who has been researching breast reduction for the past 15 years. I had been a
comfortable C cup during my teens and college years but began growing despite maintaining my same weight and after the birth of my daughter I was up to a 32DDD. After a year of breast feeding and subsequent weening I expected my chest to become smaller but this never happened, and the past 6 years have been a nightmare of hospital visits and medical therapy to control the back and neck pain I have had.
Once I knew I was done having children I immediately began making appts for consults with surgeons I had heard and read about for years. All were doctors who are said to be top breast surgeons in NYC and I was impressed with all of them during my mtgs, even seeing one twice for a 2nd consult before thinking I would choose him. At the end of the day though, something I couldn't put my finger on held me back from committing to any of them and they had all emphasized the scarring I would have as a result of the traditional technique they were accustomed to performing. As a result, I decided to do some more research on a newer procedure that I had started reading about called the Lejour vertical reduction, which produces 50% less scarring. It's a relatively newer procedure compared to the traditional anchor technique and therefore there are fewer surgeons who truly specialize in it. In doing my research and reading countless reviews of these surgeons, I noticed the same few names mentioned over and over as being the experts in this technique. Dr. Walden was consistently top of the list so I scheduled a consultation.
After a half hour with Dr. Walden I had no question in my mind she was the one for me and I called to schedule a surgery date the next morning. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Like the other reviewers on here have said, everything about her - her staff, work environment, the hospital she operates in - is absolutely top-notch. From the respect they show for your time when you have appts and the non-hurried time they spend with you while there addressing your questions, to the competence and extraordinary surgical skills Dr. Walden has in spades - I never once felt anything other than excitement about having this procedure done with her.
I am now just over 3 weeks post-op and I couldn't be happier with my results. My breasts are the ones my husband and I remember from college, only better. My recovery has been a breeze and they look absolutely beautiful (or as my husband says, "outrageously hot" :) and the incisions are as delicate and fine as they come.
Dr. Walden and her practice are a female patient's dream come true and I will absolutely return to her again should the need or want for any other procedure ever arise! She's the best of the best in my opinion!
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on Citysearch, Mar 26, 2009
love the outcome! – I got breast augmentation during the summer with Dr. Walden and the outcome is amazing! My scars have healed very well and I'm very happy that I went though with the surgery! more »
on Citysearch, Feb 08, 2009
Amazing & Highly Recommended – I am beyond ecstatic with my results!
For many years I had contemplated getting breast augmentation. I live in Manhattan; therefore, choosing a doctor in the cit
y seemed like it would be a difficult task due to the vast amount of plastic surgeons that practice in the city. However, I knew Dr. Walden was the doctor for me the first time I came across her name in one of my “New Beauty” magazines. Instantly, I experienced a great gut feeling, which was later confirmed during my initial consultation.
Prior to this office visit, I had researched Dr. Walden's website extensively and was extremely impressed with the amount of information provided on her site.
Additionally, I was equally impressed to discover the numerous media appearance she has made, expert opinion contributions featured in many well-known magazines and Dr. Walden's dedication to her philanthropy work.
From the minute I walked into her office for my consultation to the minute I left the hospital after my surgery I knew I had selected the right doctor and practice.
Everyone involved helped to make my experience pleasant and full of reassurance. From Olivia’s (Dr. Walden's front desk coordinator) friendly voice to Janie’s (Dr. Walden's medical assistant) kind smile and Sarah’s (Dr. Walden's RN) constant professionalism and willingness to always take the time to return my phone calls promptly and answer my numerous e-mails and questions. I could have not have asked for a better group of people to help me go through the process.
In addition, the wonderful staff at MEETH were equally as fabulous. They were so kind, very organized and made me feel 150% comfortable!
Dr. Walden is truly the best! In addition to my positive experience, throughout the process I am unbelievable happy with my results!!! Dr. Walden's willingness to listen to my wants and advise me about my options are very much appreciated and her kindness, knowledge and talent are valued and respected!
I could not have asked for a better doctor, experience and final results. I would recommend Dr. Walden and her staff to anyone any day!
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on Citysearch, Sep 25, 2008
More than happy! – I had considered breast augmentation since I was 16 and I finally went through with it 10 years later. When the time was right, I did tons of research on my own about breast augmentation and the risks. I did multiple searches on Plastic Surgeons in NYC. Dr. Walden was the first and ONLY consultation I went on and I immediately knew she was going to be my surgeon.
I am a Registered Nurse and felt extremely comfortable and welcomed inside of Dr. Waldens office. Everything was clean, sterile, and warm. Upon meeting Dr. Walden and her staff, they were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Walden reiterated everything that I had done my own research on.
Being from Los Angeles, I didnt want the "Hollywood platic job look" and when I told Dr. Walden, she knew exactly what I wanted. She even suggested I could go slightly larger than I had come into the office thinking. I trusted her judgement and I couldnt had asked for more beautiful breasts. No one knows they arent real but some will ask me only because they are so perfect for my size. She was very honest about what to expect after surgery.
One of my issues while consulting with Dr. Walden was scarring. I develop keloids. She explained to me that keloids may develop from bacteria entering wounds and not getting appropriate attention to lacerations. Dr. Walden made a small incision at my areola and the scars are not even visible! When it was time for my stitches to come out, I wasnt able to make my appointment. Dr. Walden was willing to come to my hospital to remove them because her office was nearby. Though I didnt want to inconvenience her.
Its been 1.5 years since my surgery and I am extremely satisfied.
I DO recommend Dr. Walden to any women I meet who wants plastic surgery. And if I considered more procedures for myself, I would call Dr. Walden right away.
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on Citysearch, Sep 02, 2008
Dr Walden is an Artist – I was impressed the 1st time I met with Dr Walden and her assistant Sarah. They were very professional and very honest about the procedure and my expectations. I knew I was in a good hands the day I sent an email and it got answered within minutes and left a message and they got back to me the same day. That showed me their outstanding level of care and diligence. Dr Walden and her stuff prepared me for the surgery and listened to my needs. Dr Walden has her procedures in a Hospital that provides great care,costumer service and makes you feel in great hands. My Breast Augmentation is a success. Not only it looks natural but also Dr Walden kept my natural shape. I felt no pain after the procedure because I was given the best care after my surgery and I was prescribed the appropriate medication. Her work is a work of genius who cares. Dr walden is an artist but what really differentiate her is the great patient care that she provides. I highly recommend her practice to anyone that might be in need of her services. I can never thank her enough for the amazing job she did. more »
on Citysearch, Aug 13, 2008
Best Plastic Surgeon!! – I cannot recommend Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff more highly! My breast augmentation process was seamless and the entire experience from beginning to end far exceeded my expectations. I felt completely comfortable from day one even in the midst of all of my questions, concerns, and fears. Dr. Walden is not only extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced, but she also personally cares about each patient in a way that is so unusual in any field. I can tell she treats her patients like they are her good friends (because she did that for me) and she makes an effort to truly understand the outcome that each of her patients desire. It was so important to me that I look natural and not "too big," and the outcome (due to Dr. Walden's attentiveness to my personal desire) was better than I could have expected. She and her nurse, Sarah, were available at any time for the most minor of questions, which again eased so much of my initial nervousness. If it is possible for surgery to be fun, I think that Dr. Walden accomplishes that for her patients because it is so evident that she has a true passion for helping others. She deserves a rating of more than 5 stars! more »
on Citysearch, Jul 15, 2008
Rhinoplasty – Dr. Jennifer Walden is more then just a plastic surgeon; she is an artist in her own right. Her artistry is matched by her integrity and compassionate demeanor. My self confidence has been given an enormous boost. Dr. Jennifer Walden listened very carefully and made curtain that I was both ready to take this step and secure in her concern for my well being. I highly recommend Dr. Walden to anyone considering rhinoplasty. I couldn?t be happier with my results, I?m me, just better.
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on Citysearch, Jun 01, 2008
Dr. Walden is amazing! – I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Walden! From the moment I met her, I felt comfortable and confident that I would have incredible results. Her staff is so welcoming and has been extremely helpful through the surgery process. I went to Dr. Walden for breast augmentation and liposuction and I cannot describe how happy I am with my results. She answered all of my questions about surgery and was so attentive to my desires. Dr. Walden is an amazing and talented surgeon! more »
on Citysearch, Jan 24, 2008
SEARCH NO FURTHER – January 23, 2008
To all the women in search of the "RIGHT" Plastic Surgeon...
It was within 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Walden and Nurse Sarah that I knew I was in the r
ight place and felt an immediate connection.
Dr. Walden's compassion and concerns were truly special. Her ability to listen to my needs and understand what I was looking for was indescribable. Her staff coordinator Sarah was simply amazing. Her kindness and sureness was extremely soothing and heartwarming. Tracy was always welcoming, kind spirited and bubbly.
As for the medical facility at Lenox Hill Hospital where the surgery was performed, it was beyond my expectations, clean and very professional.
With all of that said, and to ALL the women reading this...LOOK NO FURTHER!!! I feel amazing and am extremely happy with "OUR" result.
I would highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff without any reservations.
Forever grateful------------AnnaMaria
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on Citysearch, Nov 01, 2007
Above and beyond my expectations! – I live in the DC area and saw Dr. Walden for breast augmentation based on the recommendation of a good friend. She and her staff made everything so easy and comfortable from day 1. She and her nurse were so flexible and accommodating with my out of town status. They answered millions of questions via email and phone, so much so that I hardly had any left by the time I saw her for my consultation! The office was cozy and warm; the staff made me feel so welcome. I am very modest and shy, but everyone was so professional during all of my office visits that I felt totally at ease. Aside from being an extremely talented surgeon, Dr. Walden has an amazing ability to really listen to her patients. I am small-framed and was a AA cup prior to surgery. I wanted natural-looking breasts that were a suitable size for my frame. She had implants available for me to see, touch, and "try on" for size, which really helped to get an idea of what my results might look like. Dr. Walden answered my questions and help guide me through all of the many options without pressuring me. By the time I had decided to go forward with surgery I trusted her so much that I gave her the freedom to put in the size that she felt would give me the best results based on my desires. Scheduling surgery was a breeze; her nurse Sarah was so helpful with all of the pre-op paperwork and arrangements. Dr. Walden really put me at ease on surgery day and both she and her nurse were so attentive post-operatively, answering all my questions and making me feel like I was their one-and-only patient. All of my follow-up visits have been just as pleasant as my pre-ops. Everyone is so sweet that I look forward to seeing them each time I go in. I couldn't be happier with my results; they are above and beyond my expectations. My breasts are soft and perky and look very natural. Most people don't even realize they aren't my own! I only wish I had seen Dr. Walden sooner! more »
on Citysearch, Dec 29, 2006
Editorial Review – Board certified plastic surgeon offers plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery procedures. more »
on Citysearch, Nov 20, 2006
Natural results, wonderful doctor and staff! – After considering surgery for five years, I began a tedious search of surgeons, pictures etc. It is a very competitive market out there and many doctors have great advertising tactics to pull a client in. I turned away from such a doctor and was going to give up on surgery until I found Dr. Walden. I found her through google and immediately after reading some reviews and seeing the amazing pictures (I was looking for very natural results) I had a warm, assuring feeling about her. I scheduled an appointment and never once regretted my decision. Dr. Walden has an uncanny ability to re-create a natural breast that nature did not give you. I was barely an A with a tiny frame and was afraid that my breasts will look like fake, plastic baloons. I was also afraid that I will be ridden with pain. I was able to walk around the next day after surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Walden's staff will make you feel like you are part of the family. Dr. Walden even understood my financial needs and scheduled the appointment on a discount day. The surgery took place in the hospital which made me feel very safe. Dr. Walden was prompt, organized and remembered all of my prior concerns.The lines of patient/doctor were blurred and I felt like she was more of a friend and source of support. Even after the surgery I was given her private contact which I used MANY times. I remember calling Dr. Walden really late at night after a little accident and she was concerned and reassuring. Never once did I feel rushed off the phone. All of my questions were answered, and her previous clients were extremely happy with the results when I called for questions. Furthermore, when I had a problem with a bill from the hospital which I spent tedious hours on the phone trying to resolve was taken care of Dr. Walden's main RN, who was as sweet, gentle and down to earth as everyone who works there. My overall experience was positive and my results are natural. Highly recommended! more »
on Citysearch, Oct 18, 2006
Highly recommend. All female staff!! – Went to Dr. Walden for breast augmentation. Receptionist was friendly. Dr. Walden took her time and answered a bunch of my questions. Very relaxed atmosphere. I ended up having surgery and I love my results. Dr. Walden and her nurses were always accessible! more »
on Citysearch, Sep 25, 2006
First rate – Dr. Walden was fantastic. She made me feel very comfortable, and made my whole experience when I came in to be very pleasant. more »
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5656 Bee Caves Rd e201, Ste E201, Austin, TX 78746
Physicians & Surgeons


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is formally fellowship-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. She relocated her busy cosmetic surgery practice from New York City to Austin, Texas so that her twin boys, Houston and Rex, can be raised near their family.
Our practice's philosophy is to promote health and well-being through a comprehensive and personalized approach to cosmetic surgery. Enhancement of body image, turning back the clock so that your outer beauty and youth match your inner beauty and youth, and improvement of self-esteem are our ultimate goals.
Established in 2004.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is fellowship-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. She relocated her cosmetic surgery practice from NYC to Austin, TX in 2011 so that her twin boys could be raised near their family. Dr. Walden is an active member & communications commissioner of the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Walden specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, & body. Kristin Gunn CME, CLT is Dr. Walden's cosmetic injection specialist and practice manager of The MedSpa at Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. Kristin is an expert injector with a large following in Central Texas. At our MedSpa one can get Botox & dermal fillers, laser for a variety of anti-aging & medical conditions of skin, noninvasive fat reduction, noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation (ThermiVa RF and diVa laser), SmartGraft FUE Hair Restoration, chemical peels, skin care product, and laser fat destruction (SculpSure).
Meet the Business Owner
Jennifer W.
Business Owner
Cosmetic plastic surgeon, board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and fellowship trained in Aesthetic Surgery, as well as business owner and medical director.
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