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dependable repair services

99 reviews
 3976 Bankhead Hwy, Douglasville, GA 30134US

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99 reviews
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1on Facebook, Jul 15, 2016
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Business Response:
Winfield, we're sorry you feel you had a 1-star experience. We'd love to hear your feedback and learn how we can do better next time. Please send us a PM with your comments.
5on Facebook, May 27, 2016
We LOVE doing business with Don, Brannon and their team. We've had the pleasure of partnering together on several projects, as well as attended several events together and every time we walk away impressed with them. If you need appliance repair, call these guys. They are legit. more »
5on Facebook, Jan 07, 2016
I call them to look at washer, and they said it will take more money to fix, then to buy a new one. They save me money they are awesome!!!!! more »
1on Facebook, Oct 13, 2015
My 79 year old mother waited from 8-12, the tech came out at 12:00 on the dot. He politely asked my mom how he was to drain the water out? That's why we called him. She told him to drain it into bucket, she didn't know what to tell him. He left after 80.00 bill was paid to diagnose water pump needed replacing. An estimate of 368.26 for a 30.00 part. YouTube it 15-30 minutes to replace. I would think they could reashalt their parking lot by now with those prices. I went to shop and asked if this 368 bill was right. They go by coded allowances for jobs, blah, blah. How much 100.00 for each 15 minutes? At 400.00 an hour, as if they have a legal degree or have to pull the transmission. Depend on putting out what you have to work for 2 days to make and bring home. more »
Business Response:
Mrs. Morris, I am sorry about the experience your mother had with our company. I am looking into this matter to resolve it and find out what happened with the washer and the quote given to you. I will send you a private message to get information about the service call.
1on Facebook, Aug 14, 2015
Dependable HVAC came to our church to check an issue we were having with our air conditioning unit.
The man who came out was very limited in knowledge of our unit and had to keep calling his sup
ervisor to ask what to do.
His supervisor told him to take out freon and after doing that he told me it was a bad fan motor.
He said it would be 832.00 to replace the motor. I asked the technician if the unit was under warranty since the air conditioners were fairly new, he said oh no they are out of warranty. He didnt even check,
I called the office and asked if there was some discount they could give since it was a church, Karen said she could give us a 150.00 discount which we really appreciated.
After 5 days the part came in and the same man came out to install the motor, this time he was just as confused, he worked on taking the motor out for about 15 minutes and then he tried taking off the fan from the motor, he didnt have the right tools or knowledge to do it, he messed around with it for 2 hours and then said he needed to find a mechanic shop around the neighborhood to help him take off the fan, by this time the fan was completely bent up from all his efforts to take it off.
He went across the street and the car repair shop took it off for him in just a few minutes.
He brings the fan back and puts it on the new motor, installs everything and turns on the unit which starts shaking violently due to the fan being so bent up. He now claims he has to go get a new fan so he leaves and comes back an hour and a half later.
He brings the new fan back installs it and the air unit starting working some.
He looks at our other unit and says it needs freon so he puts some in. Im asking him the whole time how much it should have and how he would know how much, he says oh its on the sticker on the side of the unit.
He fills it up and leaves and says everything is fine.
The first service we have for church we turn on both units and they work for a few minutes and start kicking a breaker just like before we called them. I call them again and ask if they can send another repair man other than Johnny.
When I look outside its Johnny again! And he says his supervisor is coming to help.
Johnny goes to the unit and starts putting his meters on it again and says he cant figure out why its doing it.
Finally his supervisor comes over and takes a couple looks at his meter and says oh its just too much freon causing this.
He lets out a tons of freon and gets them to the right level and the units work perfectly.
So now I ask, it was doing the same thing when i called you initially, are you sure it was even the motor? The supervisor claims oh yes it can cause that to happen too.
I start asking him about the poor efforts of the first guy and the subject of the warranty from the motor comes up, he says oh ya its under warranty he called and verified it while i was standing there. So now I'm saying wait a minute if the part was warranted shouldn't i get a refund because I paid for the part and installation of the new one already.
He says I think you should. So he calls Karen at the office who tells me they can only give back a little over 200.00 I said I don't think thats fair first of all i don't think it even needed a motor, secondly I believe I shouldn't have to pay for something that was in warranty.
From the techs own mouth he says he only worked on it for 2 hours she was charging me 4 hours labor.
I told them I would go ahead and allow them to charge me everything but I really wanted to have 400.00 back due to their mistake both the tech and supervisor agreed it was the right thing for them to due, however Karen would only allow 200.00
I asked to have her talk to the owner and get back to me about giving 400.00 back she said she would.
3 weeks pass by and I didnt hear a I called and Karen says oh didnt you get my message we tried to get the part warrantied and they said they couldn't warranty it.
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5on Facebook, Jun 29, 2015
We were given a window of 10-2. Technician was here at 10:15, and the problem fixed in 15 minutes. So thankful!!! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 19, 2015
Valeri, Wes, Noah, and last but not least Brian, Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you four wonderful people for my newly installed air conditioning system. We the Downs family not only are appreciative of the air but also the excellent courteous services that came with the installation! Very Pleased!!! more »
5on Facebook, May 27, 2015
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5on Facebook, May 07, 2015
We had 2 major appliances go out in less than 2 weeks. We got to find out this company is rightly named. Honest, excellent customer service and follow up and perfect tech work. I was amazed at how much knowledge Brannon has (and I didn't). He needs to start blogging to educate consumers.
I learned a lot and will only use them from now on.
They are the real thing in a sea of faceless unknowns.
Also, I know first hand that they give back in ways that impact many. I love that fact too. As a family that wants to make a difference, we love doing biz with indies that care about their community.
Thanks Dependable. My stove and dishwasher are awesome now!
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1on Yellow Pages, Dec 05, 2014
If you are trying to get rental property repaired don't call this company. Their procedures are not rental friendly. Because they had the part delivered to the rental home where no one was home, instead of to their shop, my tenant was without a refrigerator for an extra 3 days. They called the tenant, rather than calling us, so we could make arrangements to have someone there to open the house. I explained the whole situation with I called for service but they obviously don't take notes and refer to them. "It's their procedure" was the answer to every objection I had. There was absolutely no customer service. I do not recommend this company to anyone that has rental property or anyone that cannot sit by the front door and wait on the serviceman. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 17, 2013
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5on Facebook, Jul 10, 2013
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5on Facebook, Jun 15, 2013
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5on Facebook, Jun 06, 2013
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3on Facebook, Apr 17, 2013
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