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dependable repair services

99 reviews
 3976 Bankhead Hwy, Douglasville, GA 30134US

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(770) 212-3679

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99 reviews
  • 59 reviews4.0
  • 36 reviews3.6
  • 4 reviews3.0
5on Facebook, Apr 13, 2018
Jeff was dependable and kind! Have Lowes Warranty and this is who they used. Was happy with service more »
5on Facebook, Apr 06, 2018
more »
1on Facebook, Mar 29, 2018
Norman just canceled my appointment and hung up on me my after I have rescheduled twice now due to their ability to keep appointments. Their time slots are four hour slots. I was here for the entire four hours the first time and their technician could not make it in that time frame. For the second, I requested that the tech get to my home in time for me to leave by 10 am because I couldn't take additional time off work to have warranty work taken care of on my appliance. Upon receiving a call from the technician that he didn't even leave his home in time to get to my home before 10 am, I spoke with Norman to find out the address to which I could send the invoice from the repairman I would have to scheduled outside of Dependable. Norman's response was to tell me that my time slot was a four hour time slot and that he would cancel my service request and then he promptly hung up on me. Terrible service. Not dependable or trustworthy and gives absolutely no value to their customer's time. more »
5on Facebook, Mar 21, 2018
No issues. Mike understood the product and was able to id the problems. Came back a few days later and fixed the issue after parts were shipped to my home. more »
5on Facebook, Mar 02, 2018
I originally had an appt for Thursday but they had a cancellation and came a day earlier! Jordan, the service repairman, set up a time to be here and he arrived on time. He was a very friendly young man. I was so pleased he was able to fix the issue with my dishwasher on his initial visit. I felt the price was reasonable! Would recommend them to others! more »
1on Facebook, Feb 13, 2018
Will never use again.
Was worse customer service, and told me lie after lie. Did not do the work properly.
Use a different company.
more »
Business Response:
MRS. Odem, I am sorry that you are not pleased with the warranty services we were providing for Frigidaire. We ordered the iven door and it was broken via ups when it came in and there is nothing we can do about that. We reordered the iven door and it is on back order and there again there is nothing we can do about it because we don’t make the door. I have completed out your work order at your request and hope the other company you have called is able to please you and get the door from Frigidaire faster than we were able to.
1on Facebook, Feb 09, 2018
Not Much! 5 trips to the house, the oven is starting to fall out of the cabinet. It is not secure to the cabinet. more »
Business Response:
Gary, I am sorry that the repair has taken that many trips to make a repair as that is very unusual for us and must have a problem we were tracing down and had to talk to the manufacturer. If the oven is not secure please call the office this morning (8-2), as we are open on Saturdays and we can schedule for the tech to make sure it is secured and in place like it needs to be. Again, sorry for the extended repair on your oven.
5on Facebook, Jan 31, 2018
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5on Facebook, Dec 28, 2017
After a terrible experience with All County Appliance, for whom I waited almost 50 days for the parts to come in, and I personally don't think they ever ordered the parts , Dependable came to my rescue within less than 24 hours of my call. The parts came directly to my house the very next day. The technician couldn't have been nicer nor experienced. It was a pleasure to work with this company and highly recommend them. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 21, 2017
On time dependable courteous I knew who was coming an when he explained everything he did before during an after he did it he also tested my dryer to make sure it was working before he left thank you for a job well done more »
5on Facebook, Dec 12, 2017
Excellent service, quality and follow through.
I recommend them to everyone!
more »
5on Facebook, Nov 11, 2017
I had Mike from Dependable come to my home twice. This was after I had another company AA Appliance come over and tell me that there was an installation issue with my wall microwave. Mike came removed the unit from the wall, opened it up and showed me everything that was wrong with the microwave. He ordered the parts, and came back 2 weeks later for installation. He was working and teaching my son (7yr old) what a microwave is, how it works and the science behind it. He was professional, courteous and kind. He was knowledgeable too with every aspect of his work. Yes I would recommend and I would use dependable again. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Oct 16, 2017
Josh Courson was our repairman. He was courteous and conscientious. He diagnosed our dishwasher problem and ordered the part. It arrived within a couple of days and Josh was back to install it in no time! We recommend Dependable Services to everyone, especially Josh. more »
4on Facebook, Sep 08, 2017
It was expensive, but David did a good job, and the icemaker now works! more »
2on Facebook, Jul 31, 2017
Out 3 times already. They are trying to rebuild my refrigerator one piece at a time.
Seriously, my problem is not the technician, but rather the scheduling system. Every time they find a new par
t that needs replacing, I get rescheduled for the date of delivery of the part +5 days. There is no consideration for the time already spent. Way too many hollow apologies and no action. If you have any other option, try someone else. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jun 01, 2017
My family have used Dependable for all of our washer/dryer repair needs for the last 6 years. They are always courteous, prompt and willing to help. Hallie the receptionist is wonderful. I never felt rushed when trying to schedule my repair. She took her time to address my concerns and she made sure I was satisfied.
My service guy Tyson is awesome! I need to leave work early, so that I could be present for the repair. I requested for them to call me when the service repair personnel was on their way. Tyson (my service repair guy) went above and beyond! He called me twice, once when he was 45 mins out and then again when he was twenty mins out. They really accommodated my work schedule. I didn't have to schedule an entire day off work just to sit around and wait. When he arrived he completed the work promptly and he also gave me some simple and inexpensive suggestions/tips on how to keep my washer and dryer running efficiently.
I strongly recommend this com[any because they are always courteous,friendly, do their best to accommodate the customer's needs, recognize that our time is valuable too,and they have fair prices. When dealing with them I feel like a valued customer not just another dollar sign.
more »
1on Facebook, May 16, 2017
more »
Business Response:
Nick, we are very sorry you feel you had a one-star experience with us! We would love to know what went wrong so that we can do our best to correct the issue and improve for next time. Please send us a private message with more details.
5on Facebook, Jan 09, 2017
Great Company. Very professional and helpful. My dryer wasn't working properly and I was not sure if I needed to repair or replace. Brannon helped me make that decision with expert knowledge of my machine. I decided to repair. Eric, the tech, was very nice and professional. He worked quickly and efficiently. He verified that the problem with the machine was correct and corrected the issue.
Thanks Dependable for living up to your name!
I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing appliance service.
more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the review, Paula! It's our pleasure to serve.
1on Facebook, Oct 28, 2016
Had service today and arranged a contract. The bill for repairs and freeon was insanely high but their company policy is not to disclose their labor cost!
Told them forget the contract which was
338 and then they said "then the charge for one time is 250! I do not recommend them at all... I will not do business with any company that hides their fee structure! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 07, 2016
I want to express that this Company is amazing. I have had some refrigerator problems and the technicians (especially Tyson) are incredible. They are prompt, informative and do a great job. They work with you to make sure you get the best service for the best price. Thank you and will definitely use your Company for any appliance service we need in the future. I. Barnes more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for this review, Irene!
1on Facebook, Sep 22, 2016
more »
Business Response:
Katherine, we're so sorry you feel you had a 1-star experience with us. We would love for you to send us a private message with details on why you gave us this review so that we can work to make it right.
5on Facebook, Sep 15, 2016
My landlord uses Dependable in our small apartment complex. I have only good things to say. Every time we have had an issue it is fixed quickly. They honestly care about getting someone out fast and have provided great service. You can tell the technicians work very hard and are very good at what they do. Thank you dependable team. more »
1on Yellow Pages, Sep 07, 2016
When scheduling our service call, we informed the company that we would be unavailable between a 15-20 minutes window. We were told that we would be put at the end of the tech's jobs for the day and told this wouldn't be a problem. The tech calls to come out 15 minutes before the time stated that we would be unavailable. Called customer service and was told that the tech wouldn't be able to "just wait around" so we'd need to reschedule. This was unacceptable as we made it clear during scheduling when we would be unavailable. My husband called and had a few choice words for who I can assume was the manager. I called around the same time unaware that he had already called and was connected to the same person he spoke with. She proceeded to talk extremely negative about my husband to me. I found this to be unprofessional. We will take our business elsewhere and will not recommend this company to others. Don't waste your time waiting on this company to fix any broken appliances! more »
1on Facebook, Sep 07, 2016
This has been the absolute worst appliance situation I have ever had to deal with. Before I go into detail, let it be known that the service technician Phillipe is the only good thing we have encountered with this company. We purchased a (very pricey) Bosch double oven LESS than a year ago and Dependable has already come out at least 8 times. Phillipe came out everytime except the last 2. Everytime something else was broken he would call his company and advocate for our oven to be replaced. Everytime he was denied with the company saying just replace this or that. We have had control panels, motherboards, heating elements, etc changed out all on a BRAND NEW OVEN. The last tech that came out has put me over the edge. Day 1, he came out, replaced the part and left. Didn't have me sign anything, didn't test anything, just left. 30 min later I go to start dinner and guess what. Now the oven doesn't work at all!!! Of course it was after hours so I call first thing this AM for a same day apt to have my oven fixed yet again. Apt time, 1-6... Tech shows up at 6:30. Stays for an hour and again leaves. When I get home he has completely damaged my wood floor in multiple places, I assume from dropping my oven because there is also a huge dent in the door now, oh and my oven still isn't working properly. I am expecting a call first thing in the AM from someone with some authority who can rectify this situation immediately. more »
Business Response:
Mrs. Lindsey, I am sorry for the issues you are having with Bosch oven and the technicians for the repair. I will make sure someone calls you in the morning to address the issues. As for exchanging the unit we are not authorized to do that, that has to go through Bosch and they have to make that call.
1on Facebook, Aug 05, 2016
Didn't show up for your appointment to fix our Samsung Fridge. No call, no show. Dependable? Not really. We let Samsung know that you are not living up to your name. more »
Business Response:
Kiki- we are very sorry to hear this has happened. We strive to provide you the best service possible, and deeply regret that we let you down. Can you please send us a private message with your contact information so that we can contact you and make this situation right?
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