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Belmont's Drug Store reviews | 403 Catawba St - Mount Holly NC

Belmont's Drug Store

403 Catawba St, Ste 100, Mount Holly, NC 28012
(704) 829-9897

"This is a small town drug store and it is the best. Everyone knows you and takes a personal interest in your health and well being. Pre"...

Walmart Vision & Glasses reviews | 701 Hawley Ave - Mount Holly NC

Walmart Vision & Glasses

701 Hawley Ave, Mount Holly, NC 28012
(704) 825-8494

"My glasses I didn't even receive from Walmart had lost a screw and the lens fell out. Man at the counter told me to bring them in and f"...

Nichols Food Store reviews | 318 S Main St - Mount Holly NC

Nichols Food Store

318 S Main St, Mount Holly, NC 28012
(704) 825-5041

"Never opens on time and the guy Jonathan that works there is no good always locking doors so he can shoot up in bathroom leaving custom"...

Bisque Imports reviews | 1 Belmont Ave - Mount Holly NC

Bisque Imports

1 Belmont Ave, Mount Holly, NC 28012
(704) 829-9290

"Best customer service. When the pandemic hit and we had to close our business, Bisque Imports was a huge help to us. Thank you BI!!"...

Pharr Yarns reviews | 621 Catawba St - Mount Holly NC

Pharr Yarns

621 Catawba St, Mount Holly, NC 28012
(704) 825-9611

"Stop your GREED and leave Dwight Frady Park alone. You are garbage if you turn this community staple into more townhouses that Belmont "...

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