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Corsicana Bedding

59 reviews
(Home & Garden)
 2700 TX-31, Corsicana, TX 75109US

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(903) 872-2591

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1on Facebook, May 18, 2017
Have been trying to contact you over a defective foundation through the phone but can't seem to connect to customer service. Would like to know what the next steps are to get this taken care of. Technician has come out to verify the defect. more »
5on Facebook, May 15, 2017
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1on Facebook, May 03, 2017
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5on Google, Apr 25, 2017
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1on Facebook, Apr 12, 2017
Bought a Corsicana MST Pillowtop King set bed. WORST bed ever! It felt like someone had already slept in it & returned it because both sides dipped in! AVOID A CORSICANA BED SET!!! more »
1on Google, Apr 09, 2017
Bought my mother a Corsicana bed while I was working there only about 5-6 months ago and I got the good one.. It's sinking in the middle. Also, I wouldn't refer anyone to work at the corporate office. There is so much wrong with how they treat their employees!! I've never walked out on a job but when I confide in my boss with an issue I have with a coworker and then she goes straight to said coworkers work bestie who of course tells said coworker which caused her to hate me and snap at me and throw the papers at me. Completely unprofessional for my boss to cause all that and to allow any coworkers treat each other that way! more »
1on BirdEye, Apr 04, 2017
Never buy a Corsicana mattress, this manufacturer is absolutely awful! I bought a twin mattress manufactured by Corsicana at Sloane's Furniture store in Milwaukee, WI. After only 2 months, the mattress developed several very deep body impressions. My weight was definitely not responsible, I only weight 140 lb. I filed a warranty claim with Corsicana, but that didn't help because this mattress apparently only had a 30 day warranty. What kind of manufacturer only gives a 30 day warranty for a mattress?!?!?! The customer service representatives were terrible. Never buying anything manufactured by Corsicana again, and I warn others to stay away too. Buying Corsicanas' furniture is like flushing your money down the toilet! more »
1on Facebook, Apr 04, 2017
They suck!!! They can't stick to a delivery schedule, their drivers are slobs and often rude. They hold their dealers to a level that they themselves don't even meet. more »
1on Facebook, Apr 04, 2017
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5on Facebook, Feb 03, 2017
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5on Facebook, Feb 01, 2017
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2on Facebook, Feb 01, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jan 09, 2017
I've sold Corsicana Bedding for 4 years and have always been satisfied. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 21, 2016
me gusta.ase tiempo yo trabaje ai me gustaria bolber a trabajar ai yo se hacer todo tipo de colchon.y ojala y pudiera rregresar otra vez.ojala y algien se pudiera comunicar con migo. more »
1on BirdEye, Oct 04, 2016
This is the worst mattress I have ever purchased, this mattress does not hold up so please dont waste your money, they told me that they would send me a warrenty packet and this will be an on going thing for a very long time. I weigh 98lbs so imagine if two people were on this, for your own good dont ever purchase a Corsciana mattress, I paid $800, and that didnt come easy for me, save your money, I promise you that you will have problems, more »
5on Facebook, Sep 07, 2016
A big thank you to Corsicana Bedding for donating mattresses to those who lost almost everything when Baton Rouge experienced its 1000 year flood. Your generosity is so appreciated and overwhelming!! more »
1on Facebook, Aug 16, 2016
Same here bought a memory foam mattress and box springs from the warehouse just took the cover off to wash it and underneath you would not believe I could buy that at Walmart. black stain and glue all over it very upset. Looks nasty will never buy another one from them .and I will let a lot of people know to more »
5on Google, Jul 10, 2016
We bought our Corsicana mattress about 6 years ago and love it. It's not sagging and is a lot more comfortable than the Serta and other brands I tried. The price was a lot more reasonable too. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 05, 2016
I just bought an American Bedding Copmany bed and love it!!!! I also owned a Corsicana bed and loved it too!!! Im glad they keep their beds made in the USA!!!! more »
1on Google, Mar 25, 2016
Wish I never worked for Corsicana bedding. I was being trained for a management position and left. They treat their employees horribly and pay them very little for the hard work they do day in and day out. When an employee gets hurt on the job because the "floor manager" calls him a stupid mother ****** and makes him work on a machine and he almost gets his hand cut off that's BS. Nothing happens to the floor manager and Human resources is lied too and the employees are "hushed up" and "scared" to say anything or they'll loose their jobs. Shame on GSO plant and "Management" there for not telling the truth and taking proper measures to make sure accidents of that nature never happen again. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 28, 2015
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1on BirdEye, Oct 23, 2015
Junk, hard as a rock and broke down within a month. more »
1on Google, Oct 16, 2015
Bought a mattress in 2011, within a few months was sagging in the center. Got it replaced by the place I bought it from along with a new box spring and within a few months of that was sagging again. Contacted Corsicana Bedding in 2012 per the purchasing location's request and they gave me the runaround. Sent in my warranty packet by email THREE times, never heard from anyone if they got it. Called and e-mailed numerous times and nothing. Location wouldn't replace, Corsicana wouldn't replace. Re-contacted them in September 2015 hoping they would replace the mattress due to all the communication runaround. Person I was working with originally in warranty is now in another department, and there's no way to know if they got my warranty packet. It's now 10/15/15 and it's right back to the runaround. Every time I call the woman in Warranty is "unavailable" or "at lunch" or "on the phone" and she was supposed to call me back two weeks ago. I called and asked for the President, and they're "on the phone" and apparently no one else is available to speak with. My husband and I have permanent neck, back, and hip pain from this entire situation and I paid $700 for a bed that was pretty much worthless. This company does not care about you, or taking care of you. They will screw you over big time.
Update: Finally got Reagan in Warranty on the phone who lied saying that I have never left her messages. I told her I had, which proved that they aren't telling people when customers call. She got extremely rude and snippy with me telling me they closed the file due to "inactivity". She changed my wording around from our last conversation and after I was told by another employee they would help, I just got shut down big time. She pretty much told me this was entirely my fault, that even though I sent the warranty packet to them by e-mail THREE TIMES and even though I never heard back that this was my fault. (Though I left messages and e-mailed over and over and Janet never replied or called me back). So the place I bought the mattress from keeps my $700. Corsicana Bedding keeps their stuff, and I as the consumer continue to have horrible pain that makes me cry and they don't give a rats ass about their reputation.
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5on Facebook, Aug 22, 2015
Corsicana is the best mattress value in the business. They also manufacture brand names, Spring Air, American Bedding, International Bedding and Sleep Inc. more »
1on BirdEye, Aug 17, 2015
I 100% agree with Ronda, If there was less than one star I'd choose that rating. I purchased foundation boxes for King size mattress in May 2014. They went bad (squeaky) in 3 months (July 2014) & I got it replaced with my expense for delivery. Again with in 1 year, the replaced ones went bad (same squeaky bed boxes) & again they are asking me to pay for delivery charges for their issue. Corsicana products are WORST of WORST, no doubt about it, On top of it the warranty customer support is really a JOKE. He/ she whoever it is doesn't even know about how to communicate with customers. He/she was treating me like if she is doing favor to me. She seems to be illiterate, with sick mentality. I would NEVER EVER recommend this company to anyone else. more »
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2700 TX-31, Corsicana, TX 75109
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Home & Garden
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