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Coachcraft by MacDonald

7 reviews
Auto Repair & Service
 1370 Belinda Dr, Columbus, GA 31907US

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1on Insider Pages, Jan 07, 2009
Horrible service, horrible quality!
We were in an accident while traveling with our travel trailer near Columbus, GA. This was the only place nearby that was recommended by locals. They did not
fix everything in our camper.. we are still finding stuff a year later! They did not go through our camper like they said. We had to go back to Maryland and entrusted Coachcraft to fix our property correctly! When they said it was done, we drove the 14 hours to their shop, only to find out that it was not done! We did not have a chance to reinspect it again before they towed it to my parents house. 2 months later we drive back to ga to get the camper and tow it to florida where we were moving and realized that the tow hitch was not welded properly and we are not able to put the correct safely latches on the sway bars! How did they manage to tow it to my parent's house properly if they didn't' have the sway bars attached, and if they did, didn't they realize that it wasn't attached right???
It just doesn't even seem worth it to contact them concerning these issues since they didn't care when we brought them up to them before.Customer service was awful, they never called back, I had to call them constantly to check up on updates. I would not recommend them to ANYONE!
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1370 Belinda Dr, Columbus, GA 31907
Auto Repair & Service
Today 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
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