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Chicken and Guns

150 reviews
(Food Stands)
 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214US

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(503) 234-7236

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5on Google, Jun 19, 2017
Best food in Portland. more »
5on Facebook, Jun 17, 2017
more »
4on Google, Jun 03, 2017
Really good chicken! more »
5on Google, May 30, 2017
more »
5on Google, May 29, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, May 27, 2017
more »
4on Google, May 26, 2017
Nice food and friendly staff 🏻 more »
5on Trip Advisor, May 22, 2017
Just read some of the other reviews here to find out the recipes are Peruvian in nature. The Aji sauce is amazing! The 1/2 chicken (enough food for two people) is tender and flavorful. Ugly place, great food...just what you'd want in one of the best food trucks in Portland! more »
5on Google, May 22, 2017
A delicious chicken more »
5on Google, May 16, 2017
I dream about the Peruvian chicken and cilantro garlic aioli sauce! Worth getting extra sauce cause even the smallest entree is very filling. more »
5on Facebook, May 15, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, May 14, 2017
more »
5on Google, May 12, 2017
Just visited this lovely place, and had a wonderful experience. Simple menu, simple and fresh ingredients, fast service, very reasonably priced, cool atmosphere, and killer food. If they sold jars of their sauce they make I would have my pantry stocked with it! more »
5on Facebook, May 10, 2017
I had the honor and pleasure of growing up in the household of an excellent cook- my Mother. I will return to this cart again in anticipation of some of the tastiest food I have had in Portland- or anywhere else in the world I have traveled! I ordered the Quarter chicken and potatoes and I downed every single bite! Folks get to Cartopia, get to the Eastern quadrant and look out for me- I may hurt somebody trying to get my next order of Chicken and Guns! more »
5on Google, May 10, 2017
Their potatoes & green sauce are AMAZING!!! LOL....chicken is great too! more »
5on Google, Apr 30, 2017
Great chicken! more »
5on Google, Apr 30, 2017
Great chicken, better guns! more »
5on Google, Apr 30, 2017
Not only is it the best looking cart in town, it definitely delivers in the food dept. In my top ten for sure. more »
1on Google, Apr 30, 2017
I am not the only person to write this, so be forewarned: CHICKEN IS UNDER COOKED. It will make you sick and it will ruin your week.
Would give it zero stars if I could.
more »
4on Google, Apr 28, 2017
more »
4on Facebook, Apr 24, 2017
The combination of flavors were amazing! Cooked to perfection, chicken was very juicy. Salad was refreshing, with thinly sliced veggies galore! Great customer service on top of all that! Thank you! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 23, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, Apr 19, 2017
more »
4on Facebook, Apr 17, 2017
Coming from Texas, the chicken's texture and tastewas lacking in moisture and flavor, I couldn't even use the plastic forks to pull the chicken off the bone, but the selling point for me would have to be the freshest salad I've ever experienced with homemade chimichurri sauce and this spicy avocado dressing. I would go back for the salad alone! The guys working were super nice and I look forward to coming back for their elective take on fresh farmers market veggies 👏🏻 more »
5on Google, Apr 12, 2017
Great chicken. The crispy potatoes were amazing! Love that the menus was simple and staff was friendly. more »
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Chicken and Guns will be serving up Latin inspired, locally-raised, free-range chicken, slowly grilled over Oregon white oak.more »

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