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Ocean City Seafood Restaurant

Chicken and Guns

150 reviews
Food Stands
 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214US

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150 reviews
  • 69 reviews4.9
  • 68 reviews4.7
  • 13 reviews4.5
5on Facebook, Jun 17, 2017
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5on Facebook, May 27, 2017
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5on Trip Advisor, May 22, 2017
Just read some of the other reviews here to find out the recipes are Peruvian in nature. The Aji sauce is amazing! The 1/2 chicken (enough food for two people) is tender and flavorful. Ugly place, great food...just what you'd want in one of the best food trucks in Portland! more »
5on Facebook, May 15, 2017
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5on Facebook, May 14, 2017
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5on Facebook, May 10, 2017
I had the honor and pleasure of growing up in the household of an excellent cook- my Mother. I will return to this cart again in anticipation of some of the tastiest food I have had in Portland- or anywhere else in the world I have traveled! I ordered the Quarter chicken and potatoes and I downed every single bite! Folks get to Cartopia, get to the Eastern quadrant and look out for me- I may hurt somebody trying to get my next order of Chicken and Guns! more »
4on Facebook, Apr 24, 2017
The combination of flavors were amazing! Cooked to perfection, chicken was very juicy. Salad was refreshing, with thinly sliced veggies galore! Great customer service on top of all that! Thank you! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 23, 2017
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5on Facebook, Apr 19, 2017
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4on Facebook, Apr 17, 2017
Coming from Texas, the chicken's texture and tastewas lacking in moisture and flavor, I couldn't even use the plastic forks to pull the chicken off the bone, but the selling point for me would have to be the freshest salad I've ever experienced with homemade chimichurri sauce and this spicy avocado dressing. I would go back for the salad alone! The guys working were super nice and I look forward to coming back for their elective take on fresh farmers market veggies 👏🏻 more »
5on Facebook, Apr 10, 2017
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5on Facebook, Apr 07, 2017
Loved it! Great price AND delicious! Sea salt potatoes were tasty too! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 07, 2017
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5on Facebook, Apr 03, 2017
Best chicken around!! Omg!! YUMMM! We will be back tomorrow for dinner! Love this place!! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 29, 2017
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5on Facebook, Mar 21, 2017
Best lil potatoes I've had! Excellent chicken, and great service! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 19, 2017
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5on Facebook, Mar 17, 2017
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5on Trip Advisor, Mar 06, 2017
Salad I ever ate. I do not even know what was on it. But I started with the salad and couldn't move onto the chicken until it was all gone. The chicken was good, smokey and juicy with just the perfect amount of spices. It was also tender, not quite ready to fall apart but almost melt in your mouth. The wait decent, there were five of us and tick tock we all got our food. 24 dollars for a whole chicken with 4 servings of potatoes or salads. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 17, 2017
Best Chicken in town worth the 30 mile drive! Keep up the great cooking! more »
5on Trip Advisor, Feb 14, 2017
This food cart was a great find. The portions could easily be split between two people. Ordered the chicken and potatoes. The salt and lemon on the chicken was perfect, and loved the aji sauce. Lots of seating and port-a-potties in the area. Parking not so great, we ended up parking on a neighborhood street. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 13, 2017
Love It! Best chicken and that Peruvian sauce is amazing. more »
5on Trip Advisor, Jan 19, 2017
I love Peruvian and I've had Peruvian chicken Many times, but this was on a whole nother Level.
The chicken was crispy-skinned on the outside and tender and moist on the inside - all well m dry chicken?! That practically unheard of.
The potatoes - Oh man. I have never had such beautifully small bites of crispy potatoes like these in my life before and these were TO DIE FOR. Dip them in their (green) sauce and you've got heaven in little itty bitty bites!
Sit outside, enjoy other vendors there, enjoy a drink, warm yourself by the fire, and just kick back because this place was amazing!
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5on Facebook, Jan 11, 2017
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5on Facebook, Dec 31, 2016
Great food, great price. Try the crispy potatoes! more »
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1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
Food Stands
Today 11:30 am - 12:00 pm


Chicken and Guns will be serving up Latin inspired, locally-raised, free-range chicken, slowly grilled over Oregon white oak.more »
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