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Bourlon Law Firm PC

30 reviews
(Wrongful Death Attorneys)
 801 Lipan St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401US

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(361) 289-6040

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5on BirdEye, Jun 16, 2017
Thankful for Bobby Bourlon and staff. Professional and knowledgeable with legal information. Very satisfied. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jun 07, 2017
I have known Bobby Bourlon for years. He is the last true boyscout. He is the most honest man I know. He is also my lawyer. If you are looking for a hardworking, hard charging, honest lawyer, he is your man for sure. He did my divorce and then did my custody case and he is awesome. He has more paralegals than most if not all family law attorneys. His staff is professional and very courteous. There is someone at his office to answer calls. I read Eva D. review and well she seems to have other problems. She did not describe the man I know. Look at his other reviews and you will see my point. Unfortunately, any fool can write a review and some do it just to hurt others. Shame on her. If she is even a real person. It doesn't look like she was even a client. more »
5on Facebook, Jun 01, 2017
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1on Facebook, Apr 26, 2017
Worst ever.. Im so sad Ben Sanez and this law firm co ducts business in such away that is CRUEL AND most important takng money and not doing. Thier job.. I have so much and so many things to say that are aweful about them. I hope everyone sees these and don't use them. Please beware. They took $2500.. And didn't do NOTHING FOR my husband.. But not willing to refund any money and then when and told my husband we will represent you for FREE.. WTH... its not free if you never worked for the $2500 i paid you... But Im gonna keep letting people know so someone else can't EVER lose money and get PROPER REPRESENTATION for themselves or loved 1's.. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 26, 2017
This s law firm and how they handled the case was AWFUL AND VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONALLY DONE.. FROM BEING TO THE. Most Important part the END... Mr. Ben Sanez and he stated Mr. Bourlon told him to go see my Husband AFTER. KNOWING my husband had been to court with no representation and I wanted my money back... For month and NEVER GOING TO SEE HIM.. DECIDES to go see him to TRICK HIM INTO sigining a new contract... Ben or the staFf had NEVER felt the need to see to the person in jail.. I will be reporting this firm Nd letting everyone know Don't ever us them... I will Rent a BILLBOard IN Corpus if I have to...Pretty sad BEN S A NEZ DEFINITELY lives UP TO ALL THE bad press most attorney's and the profession already get.. I will report TO ALL PEOPLE to help save the next perrson from begin cheated and lied to and spend thier money on representation that. Is and will beneficial to thier money and case... I made numerous call to they thru out yhe last 6 months to NONE OR NO RETURN FOR THE MOST 6 DAYS..I would make 2 to 3 calls a day sometimes... With no Phone calls back.. I asked for my money back At least 4 times.. And let them talk me i to NOT FIRING THEM... BUT now that I had grounds to fire them and GET MY MONEY BACK.. THEY LIED AND NOW WENT TO SEE MY HUSBAND. I SUPER ASHAMED OF THIS LAW FIRM.. People. Work hard foe thier money i paid them $2500.. For nothing.. I will let everyone know so thier monet wont go to waste..... more »
5on Facebook, Jan 28, 2017
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5on Facebook, Dec 31, 2016
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5on Yellow Pages, Mar 06, 2015
Mr. Bourlon not only defended my niece in court but he helped bring her baby home. Bobby Bourlon was very professional and his office staff was always courteous. Your hard work and expertise re-united a family and restored my belief in the Justice System. Thank you! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Mar 06, 2015
Mr. Bourlon is the real deal!! My cousin needed someone to represent her in a Family law case so we went to Bobby Bourlon because we heard he was the BEST. Mr. Bourlon is an EXPERT at what he does and knows the LAW. He never left her side and made sure the truth was heard. Bobby Bourlon was the answer to our prayers! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Mar 06, 2015
I am so very thankful for Attorney Bobby Bourlon. He fought tenaciously to defend me and never left my side. Mr. Bourlon and his office staff always set aside time to hear my questions, concerns and made sure I left his office at ease. I would highly recommend Attorney Bobby Bourlon!!!! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Mar 03, 2015
Mr. Bourlon was a God sent! He defended my niece not because it was a paid job; but because of the injustice he saw regarding custody of her child. He recognized CPS overstepping their authority; and how CPS showed frightening poor decision making by blindly siding with the person who made false accusations. Mr. Bourlon showed the court what CPS failed to do; which was that my niece is a good and loving Mother. Mr. Bourlon you will always be remembered fondly, and held in the highest regard. Thank You. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Feb 13, 2015
Mr. Bourlon is a Great Great Attorney he was fantastic in my divorce case I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. He supported me through out the case...and I have rehired him for other matters...he has always been very professional and well versed at his craft...and his office staff are very professional and informative. They have always to been very helpful to my needs. I have always beem able to count on Mr. Bourlon to be at all my court matters..Mr. is always only a phone call away. I highly recommend him to All. more »
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801 Lipan St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401
Wrongful Death Attorneys


A full service law firm based in Corpus Christi offering you and your family complete legal representation. We work in all areas of Family Law including divorce, child custody, child support, modifications, visitation, contempt, adoption, paternity, & name changes.
In addition to family law we also help clients with matters related to personal injury, criminal defense, estate planning, probate and more. Call today to schedule a free consultation.
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