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Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys (Corpus Christi)

Bourlon Law Firm PC

22 reviews
Family Law Attorneys
 715 Artesian St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401US

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22 reviews
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5on BirdEye, Apr 26, 2018
Mr. Bourlon code name "Mr. Bobby" is the best Attorney in Texas. He has a PHD in Law and he knows the law. He is very concerned about all of his clients. This lawyer and his staff which includes his wife. Which she is only about x amount of inches tall. But she told me he is tough because of her. Which I truly believe. took his time with me and reviewed my case. He saw me without the standard consolation fees as most lawyers in the Corpus Christi market. Who need to get paid standard consultation fee first. Which normally range between 200 & 300 dollars and you get nothing. This righteous attorney took the time to read my court transcript and give me his honest opinion about my case. He also took the time to open up his law books on his shelf and research the law. As he got prepared and gave me advice on his legal approach and my rights in regards to my child custody case. I've talked to several other lawyers but they can not touch Mr. Bourlon. He is an honest attorney that will stand before any judge and fight for your rights. I watched him in court fight and negotiate for me. As he stood before the Judge and two Attorney General representatives. And he never gave up, even when the judge walked out. He still negotiated my case.
Don't waste your time or money on speaking or even seeing any other attorney until you sit down with Mr. Bourlon "Bobbie" He is an older gentleman that cares and knows the law. I spoke with several attorneys here dealing with child custody by far he cares and his staff also. If you want to invest money and get results please visit him. I have 3 boys that I want to be a father full time in their life. And not just a dad that pays child support and let the mom handle all the responsibilities. My life is for my children and not mine any more. Therefore I need an attorney who can look me in the eyes and see my worth as a Father not a donor. Mr. Bobbie his wife that works with him and staff really took the time out to read my heart for my boys. and is fighting for my rights as a Father not a donor. My wife who witness everything with Mr. Bourlon feels the same way as I do. I never thought I would say what I am saying about any attorney here. Because most of them are only about seeing a price tag on your head. But not this attorney he really cares about the truth and Justice. What is fair for your kids. And if you look at my Face book you will see what I am fighting for as a Father. Not the typical donor. That want to only pay child support and having nothing to do with his Kids. I want to coach my kids in sports and help them do their home work and the same responsibilities as a mom. I have been doing on my own for a year. Since the Temp order was in place. But the mom which in my opinion is the real donor. Don't see that I provide a good stable home for the boys. If you need a faithful dependable attorney see Mr. Bourlon first. I always address him as Mr. Bourlon but he said called him Bobby.
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5on BirdEye, Jun 16, 2017
Thankful for Bobby Bourlon and staff. Professional and knowledgeable with legal information. Very satisfied. more »
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715 Artesian St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401
Family Law Attorneys
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


A full service law firm, offering you and your family complete legal representation, including all areas of Family Law, Wills & Probate, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Modifications, Visitations, Contempt, Adoption, Paternity & Name Changes.more »
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