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lash therapy

Betty Lash

24 reviews
Eyelash Service
 515 W 15th St, Austin, TX 78701US

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(512) 327-2507

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24 reviews
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  • 24 reviews4.9
on YellowBot, Feb 08, 2011
They are appointment ONLY, do not attempt to be a walk-in as I initially did. I went in for the sugaring service and it was incredible! so much less pain than tweezing, threading or waxing plus I was more »
on YellowBot, Jul 05, 2010
Betty Lash is very expensive and in need of some serious customer service training.I work a sales job so appearance is a contributing factor but at the same time my job requires me to work outdoors so more »
on YellowBot, May 19, 2010
Well, this is new. Normally I'm the hating bitch who can't stand what everyone else loves. I got an airbrush tan here today, and I'm quite pleased with it! My friend and I got half-off coupons to this… more »
on YellowBot, May 11, 2010
Downtown Austin eyelash boutique that not only offers extensions for those pretty peepers, but also waxing, sugaring, tinting, and makeup application. more »
on YellowBot, Apr 26, 2010
I went to Betty Lash for air brush tanning. I specifically didn't go to a mystic tan place because I did not want to be orange and I did not buy self tanner because I did not want to be orange and… more »
on YellowBot, Mar 02, 2010
I recently had eyelash extensions done by Betty Lash and have to say that they did a great job! They have stayed on way longer than any other time I've had them done by other beauty salons. The only… more »
on YellowBot, Feb 17, 2010
I recently purchased a "groupon" for Kate Skin/Betty Lash for an organic spray tan. I wanted to try it out for my wedding. I had never been spray tanned before (mystic once). The salon was… more »
on YellowBot, Jan 27, 2010
I just love this place. I find it really hard to find someone that is really good at brows. I've tried many places in Austin and finally found this place about a year ago thankfully. The pricing is… more »
on YellowBot, Mar 22, 2009
Organic Spray Tanning is the latest service to be offered at Kate Skin and everyone is loving it! Come in and get your first tan for $35 when you mention this ad! Among other services at Kate Skin are Facials, Sugaring,... more »
on YellowBot, Dec 12, 2008
I can't say anything about eyelash stuff, only eyebrow stuff.They use sugar rather than wax. It didn't hurt nearly as much as waxing, so if you're getting waxed somewhere, and you hate it, switch to… more »
5on YellowBot, May 18, 2008
I couldn't go ANYWHERE without time-consuming mascara, but with BETTY LASHES I just wake up and my eyes are gorgeous......even while swimming!!! more »
4on YellowBot, May 18, 2008
I love my lashes, I run long distance and work out at the gym and the lashes are perfect for me as I rarely wear make up. The staff is friendly, my technician, Erin, is great and I'm so pleased with their services. more »
5on YellowBot, May 18, 2008
It's pink and cozy, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. After countless "waxes", I decided to upgrade with a brow shaping at Betty Lash--and the results were much better than expected and framed my face perfectly.
One trip to Betty Lash will have you feeling so good that you'll be back for more -and when you're looking that good, you'll have all the more reason to be batting those big...
more »
5on YellowBot, Apr 17, 2008
I've been getting lash extenions with Betty Lash since September. Top notch boutique with the loveiest team and gorgeous setting. I feel more beautiful the minute I step foot in there
I don
't wear makeup on a daily basis. which makes the lashes great for my lifestyle. since I am super lazy, now all I have to do is maybe some lip gloss and I'm ready for the day.
And now Betty Lash has a...
more »
5on YellowBot, Oct 28, 2007
I got the Betty Boop lashes a month ago and have been very impressed. The lashes look and feel completely natural. However, they definitely stand out and make my eyes "pop." The refills are pretty inexpensive and the maintenance is easy. I will definitely continue to get them, especially as the holidays approach. more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 24, 2007
I've gone to several salons claiming to offer eyelash extensions and have been disappointed by the quality of the product. However, after trying Luxe Lash I changed my mind. They have a great product and the salon is very cute and inviting. They are located downtown and have always been very accomodating when scheduling my appointments. I love my lashes and highly recommend them! more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 22, 2007
Thank you soooo... much for spending time doing my lashes. Kate is such such a perfectionist. I love my lashes!!! I can't stop looking at my eyes. My lashes look so lush and full, better than anyone has ever done. Luxe Lash lashes are by far more beautiful than all the previous places that I have gone to in the past year and a half. I have given out your card to several people who commented on... more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 18, 2007
I recently got eyelash extensions and have been VERY pleased with my new look. I was a little worried to try them because I had long lashes to begin with and was afraid they would be ruined if I messed with them. I also have contacts and was worried about touching them daily. However, all my worries have disappeared because the lashes have felt and looked very natural. I haven't had any... more »
5on YellowBot, Jul 17, 2007
I got eyelash extensions from Luxe Lash and am VERY happy with my new look. I was hesitant at first but was quickly won over when I saw how natural yet glamorous they look. They feel like my natural lashes and have not bothered me at all. I will definitely continue to go to Luxe Lash! more »
5on YellowBot, Dec 12, 2006
Beauty salon offers eyelash extensions that give the appearance of long, dark, thick eyelashes. more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 13, 2006
I love my lashes! I can't live w/out them! They are soooo glamorous! My husband loves them as much as I do. Thanks, I'll see you every month for maintenance. more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 09, 2006
I just wanted you to know that I got back from LA a few days ago. While I was there I had my makeup done a few times. Each girl who did my face was blown away by the quailty of work. They told the other artists to come look at my extensions - each one commented about how fantastic they looked, that even up close they could not see where the bonding was, and that they were the nicest they had... more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 09, 2006
I love my new extension lashes. I don't need to wear eye makeup anymore. I was so surprise and impressed how nice I look in the morning without any makeup on. I will recommend Luxe Lash to all my friends! more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 09, 2006
My lashes are amazing!! They are so fun and beautiful. Still shocking, but cool! Thank you so much. Got lots of complements on them today. more »
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515 W 15th St, Austin, TX 78701
Eyelash Service
Today 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Eyelash Extensions
Organic Sunless Spray Tanning
Microblading Eyebrow
Lash Lift
Lash Tinting
Established in 2006.
Betty Lash was Austin's very first lash studio. The company was formed in 2006 by Kate Merrick-Smith, bringing to Austin a brand new way for women to look and feel beautiful. What was once a small studio on West 3rd Street has grown to a fully established and well-known boutique, lash spa, skin care clinic, organic spray tanning studio, and waxing/sugaring business located on 15th and Nueces. The business was purchased in 2013 by Azure Grillo, an esthetician known in Austin for her incredible work with anti-aging and acne. Betty Lash is an education-based business, providing a learning and growing environment to staff and a comfortable haven of warmth and education in beauty to clients. We welcome you to come in and experience what makes us so unique!
Meet the Business Owner
Azure G.
Business Owner
Azure, a master esthetician, purchased Betty Lash in 2013 from Kate Merrick, Austin’s original lash expert, and blended the two businesses to become a superbly unique and well-rounded one-stop shop for beauty. Azure’s philosophy is in training estheticians and lash artists to be professional consultants for all things beauty. Her extensive training programs and continuing personal and business development ensure that you are always going to be working with a knowledgeable professional. Azure and her staff seek to earn your trust and to truly care for and listen to you. Because 100% client satisfaction is the primary goal, doing business with Azure and the staff at Betty Lash is easy.
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