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7 reviews
 400 Maryland Dr, SUITE 200, Fort Washington, PA 19034US

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7 reviews
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5on Martindale, Oct 11, 2013
Michelle takes the time to listen to you and make you feel like you are involved with the case instead of barking what she's going to do for you and all that. And she got me a great result. more »
5on Martindale, Jul 16, 2013
the law firm of michelle a fioravanti was very experienced,aggressive,respected and professional in all matters. our company ceo and president was very much pleased and would use the law firm again when if needed. more »
5on Avvo, Aug 25, 2012
I met Michelle Berk 5 years ago while on a bike ride in France. After briefly talking in very casual terms about estate planning and some special circumstances with regard to my children, Michelle was very kind and helpful in compiling a detailed list of Elder Law attorneys I could contact in the Seattle area (my home). She did this on her own and without charge or even the mention of compensation. It was a pleasure meeting Michelle and I will always be thankful for her help and recommendations. I would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone in the Northeast who is seeking an attorney specializing in her field of law. more »
5on Avvo, Jun 16, 2012
Michelle Berk, P.C. is my Elder Care lawyer, and in fact has been my entire family's Elder Care lawyer. This includes my cognitively challenged sister (since 2004), and my late mother who passed on October 5th, 2011. After a catastrophic, near fatal car accident in 2009 that ending my teaching career, she assisted with Social Security, the State Pension system, and Blue Cross issues. This has made it possible for me to live relatively independently, despite numerous, chronic, ongoing medical issues.
She has recently resolved a problem with a major bank withholding funds in my mother's trust well after her death, and currently working with me on a school loan Discharge Application: Total and Permanent Disability.
Given nearly a decade of closely working with Michelle Berk, P.C. with my family and myself; and my success in doing so, I endorse her as an expert with a heart. I have recommended her to associates, and all have been grateful and extremely satisfied with her work.
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5on Avvo, Apr 18, 2011
Michelle has been extremely helpful and very resourceful in my many dealings with her. She has not only handled my SSD business matters, but has always been available to answer any and all questions with regard to other legal matters. She always makes herself available to your needs. She is very professional, compassionate, empathetic, among many other positive adjectives. Out of any attorneys I have used in the past for whatever the reason, they do not come close to Michelle's stellar stand up profession as a lawyer and confidont.
Michelle is a extremely oranganized. There are way too many positive adjectives to describe Michelle. I could be here all night doing so.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with a wonderful lawyer. I don't even like saying that..." I look at Michelle as a kind human being and great woman with many good attributes, rather than just refering to her as a lawyer..
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5on Avvo, Mar 29, 2011
Michelle Berk has been providing legal services to our family for several years. We have found her to be extremely helpful as we travelled through the unknown and sometimes confusing legal processes. She is an attorney who processes insight, knowledge, and compassion. more »
5on Avvo, Mar 28, 2011
My husband & I hired Michelle at what was a very difficult time for us, and she guided us through everything with professionalism, attentiveness and compassion. more »
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400 Maryland Dr, SUITE 200, Fort Washington, PA 19034
Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Michelle C. Berk, Esquire, of the Law Offices of Michelle C. Berk, P.C., has practiced Elder Law, Wills & Estates, Probate and Disabilities, in Montgomery County since 1981. We provide experienced advice whether your case is large or small. Our convenient suburban setting and Center City Philadelphia offices allow us to serve the surrounding Greater Philadelphia Region and Tri State Area.more »
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