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Ball Chiropractic Center

21 reviews
 10468 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530US

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(510) 525-8611

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5on Facebook, Jun 21, 2017
Thank you Dr.Chris you are and mom really appreciate your help! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the kind words. We are happy to be able to assit your family with improved health and quality of life!
5on Google, Feb 12, 2017
I don't know what I would do without Dr. Chris and Dr. Carol at the Ball Chiropractic Center. When my previous upper cervical doctor in Novato died, I was desperate to find another just as skilled. And, I did! I'm still suffering from a neck injury and surgery due to a car accident in 1989 and without Dr. Carol and Dr. Chris I'd be in monumental pain all the time. They're miracle workers! In fact, I'm going to see them today! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 12, 2017
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5on Google, Oct 09, 2016
Our family appreciates the care we receive at Ball Chiropractic. Thanks for being part of our personal health program! more »
5on Google, Oct 09, 2016
Dr. Chris is Wonderful! I have been coming to Bal chiropractic for about a year now, and I have had such a wonderful experience here. I signed up at the Solano Stroll in 2015, because I had lower back pain, upper back pain and shoulder pain. I am generously endowed and my doctor told me that I would need breast reduction to relieve the pain. I wanted an alternative to surgery so I came here. I am very satisfied and pain free now. more »
5on Google, Aug 16, 2016
If you're tired of not getting answers from your doctors you need to check this clinic out. They will pinpoint the cause of your problem and use a very scientific approach to correcting it. This isn't your traditional chiropractic with twisting and popping, they use a sound wave to adjust you and will even measure how much the bone moves. Very cool! more »
1on Google, May 22, 2016
I was involved in a car accident and was looking for a good chiropractor I call to make a appointment and the front desk worker gave me a really hard time: she wants to know every detail about my case through the phone she even ask if I have ways to pay for the service and when I said that my insurance company will pay for all the medical expenses she ask for the claim number and everything and I refuse to give through the phone I ask her for a appointment and she said to me 'or You will need to pay cash or our clinic is not for you' and for me that was really rude and a good service starts by the lowest level employee. more »
5on Google, Dec 22, 2015
These practitioners are real healers! Their atlas work, based on digital images of your upper spine, has been of profound benefit to me. If you've floundered around with other modalities that never seemed to get to the root of the problem, please give these good people a try. more »
5on Google, Sep 21, 2015
I have been to numerous doctors and chiropractors over the years for chronic neck issues from auto accidents. No one has brought me the relief that I've gotten from being treated by Dr. Joe, Dr. Carol, and Dr. Chris. I can recommend their care without reservation for whatever ails you. more »
5on Google, Apr 22, 2015
My family--myself, parents and grandparents--have been going to Ball Chiropractic for a couple of years now. We love it here! The care is excellent, and our bodies are better for it. Highly recommend this chiropractor. more »
5on Google, Mar 23, 2015
The Balls are some of the best doctors I have ever met. They are constantly giving of their time and energy. They adjusted my wife who was just about to deliver our second child. When we got to Alta Bates, they were surprised how well she was doing. 20 minutes later, our child was born. Thank you Dr. Ball for helping us have a fast and successful delivery! more »
5on Google, Mar 23, 2015
I have benefited from chiropractic adjustments for 30 years. Dr. Joe and Dr. Carol are skilled, caring, and warm chiropractors. They offer advice on supplements and nutrition and are supportive of my efforts in maintaining good posture, physical balance and general back care. I recommend them whole-heartedly. more »
5on Google, Mar 23, 2015
Ball Chiropractic services is simply a healing and positive route. I am a local Pilates Instructor and have witnessed the amazing results that Dr. Carol,Dr. Joe and Dr. Chris have created for several of my clients.
I originally went to the Ball Chiropractic services for an injury, due to a car accident. Dr.Carol was extremely gentle with her touch and highly affective with her plan for my long term healing . I am back in action and feeling better than ever.
All three Dr's are extremely knowledgeable, highly insightful and offer a very precise method of Atlas work which is unobtrusive to the spine, yet yields results in optimum alignment.
I can't say enough about the integrity and support of the service that I receive and that many of my clients receive as well.
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5on Facebook, Jan 11, 2015
They're the best! Top notch friendly, compassionate and professional service! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 23, 2014
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5on Facebook, Sep 17, 2014
Thank you Dr. Chris! I haven't felt this good in a long time after seeing a chiropractor. I can now get a good nights rest, sleeping on my back. more »
5on Facebook, Jun 02, 2014
Love this Husband and Wife professional couple and Dr.Chris that had recently joined! Thanks for years of adjustments! more »
5on Facebook, Dec 22, 2013
more »
5on Facebook, Nov 20, 2013
Atlas adjustment = wow!!!
Simple concept yet profound
more »
on Facebook, Feb 23, 2012
Wonderful Site! more »
on YellowBot, Dec 14, 2009
Dr Joe Ball is an amazing practioner. He has helped my wife and I tremendously over the years. He is very personable and very professional. He has practical, hands on knowledge of the workings not… more »
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10468 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530
Today 8:30 am - 11:30 am


We effectively treat a myriad of conditions including neck pain, low back pain, headaches, migraines, vertigo, tinnitis, and tingling/pain that extends into the arm/hand or leg/feet. Ball Chiropractic gets results where other approaches may have failed or plateaued. We feature an Upper Cervical Specific Technique that is known as Advanced Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic. It is a safe, non-manipulative, gentle, effective treatment. A new digital x-ray imaging system allows us to take precision X-rays while minimizing patient exposure. Hablamos Español! Nos llama hoy!
Established in 1983.
We have been in practice in El Cerrito since January 1983. During that time we have provided quality chiropractic care to thousands of people in our community. We take a personal interest in the health and well being of each of our patients and do everything we can do help them achieve their health goals.
In 2014 Dr. Christopher Nizer joined our practice. Dr. Nizer received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 2011 from Life University in Atlanta,Ga. After graduation, he spent two years practicing chiropractic in Lima, Peru. Also a 2006 graduate of Miami University, Dr. Nizer holds a bachelors degree in Exercise Science. Hablamos Español! Nos llama hoy!!
Meet the Business Owner
Dr. Joe and Dr. Carol B.
Business Owner
We are a husband and wife chiropractic team and have served the chiropractic health care needs of our community since 1983. For more information about our background and our office please visit
our website at
more »

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