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ball air conditioning inc.

22 reviews
HVAC Contractor
 2524 Community Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32207US

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(904) 347-4315

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22 reviews
  • 16 reviews5.0
  • 3 reviews5.0
  • 3 reviews5.0
5on Facebook, Mar 03, 2018
more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jul 27, 2017
While me and Justin have not always seen eye to eye he has always handled his customers with the utmost professionalism. He gets the job done quickly and correctly and all at a very reasonable price! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 27, 2017
Thank you for coming out to fix the mess Florida Home Air Conditioning did. Justin is my go to guy from now on whenever we have ac problems. He is very professional and actually knows his shit unlike those incompetent techs florida home air conditioning have. more »
5on Facebook, May 28, 2017
They did a quick efficient job. Got the air running cold in no time. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jan 29, 2017
Mr. Ball and his team are very professional, always show up on time and do very good work at a reasonable price. I'm a property manager and have been using Ball Air services for almost 5 years now and he has proven be be very dependable and I highly recommend him. He has also replaced the AC system in my own home without any issues. You will be very satisfied if you decide to use his services. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 10, 2016
Ball Air is quick in response and repairs at the best price and the work includes extended warranties. more »
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2524 Community Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32207
HVAC Contractor
Today 12:00 pm - 12:00 pm


Ball Air Conditioning Inc. specializes in everything dealing with air. First, Ball Air hold the highest level HVAC license obtainable, the Florida Class A Air Conditioning Contractors license. The following is an ongoing list of individual specialties. 1. Air Conditioning 2. Heat Pumps 3. Gas Furnace 4. Heating 5. Variable speed 6. Dehumidification 7. Duct 8. Condensers 9. Air Handlers 10. Air Diagnostics 11. HVAC Maintenance 12. A/C Installation Ball Air provides these services the fastest with the best quality and warranties to the following cities: 1. Jacksonville 2. St. Augustine 3. Orange Park 4. Atlantic Beach 5. Ponte Vedra 6. Southside 7. Mandarin 8. Arlington 9. Nocatee 10. St. Johns 11. World Golf Villagemore »
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