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Back Bay

55 reviews
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 1 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115US

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55 reviews
  • 55 reviews4.9
5on Facebook, Jun 26, 2017
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5on Facebook, May 23, 2017
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5on Facebook, Apr 04, 2017
These are, hands down, the most caring folks around. They have looked after my furbaby since I moved to Boston 8 years ago and I can't say enough good things about them. I know my dog is in excelent hands always 💛 Thank you BBVC! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 06, 2017
Best Vet..Dr Fanous! He has a love for animals and they love HIM! I've worked and volunteered many times and being an 'Canine Behaviorist,'
It's a great place to board.
����������� more »
5on Facebook, Jan 03, 2017
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Back Bay Veterinary Clinic. I have had many good vets over the years, but the Clinic is in a category by itself.
I have never come across an entire sta
ff--from the receptionists to the vet techs to the vets-- who truly treat each and every animal that comes through the door as if their very own pet. And they take incredible care of the human parents, which is just as, if not more, important.
My regular vet is Dr. Satchu, whom I ...
They are incredibly thorough, while also being sensitive to the pet parents' financial constraints, and work with you to come up to alternate solutions for treatment if what is proposed isn't feasible for you (i.e. giving me syringes to inject fluid into my kitty when an IV was too complicated for me to do by myself).
They remember your pet's unique personality, quirks, and likes and dislikes which helps them provide exceptional care. No matter how many questions you ask (and I ask a million, being a worry wort pet parent!) they answer them with compassion and infinite patience, and will spend 30 minutes on the phone with you in between visits and treatment management if that's what is required to hear updates, give advice and treatment, and answer questions.
I honestly can't say enough good things about them, and this review doesn't even begin to do justice to how wonderful they are. I highly recommend the practice and am so grateful for their care.
See More absolutely adore. But even when she isn't available, her colleagues give the same time and attention to my kitty that they would if she were one of their regular patients. They go over every detail of care, treatment, and options with you, give you their recommendations, and ask for your opinion and comfort level on what they have proposed.
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5on Facebook, Dec 31, 2016
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5on Facebook, Dec 21, 2016
Excellent service and concern for animals and owners alike. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 11, 2016
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5on Facebook, Dec 07, 2016
Had the best experience at this vet, best staff and always helpful with advice. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 07, 2016
We had to bring our miniature Schnauzer, Sherlock, in for some tests while we were traveling across the country. The staff couldn't have been nicer, and we were thrilled with the care that Sherlock received. In particular, Dr. Carey went above and beyond as we traveled on to make sure that Sherlock was able to get the care he needed at other clinics. If I was living in Boston, I would take my pets here without question. more »
5on Facebook, Aug 11, 2016
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5on Facebook, Jun 19, 2016
Most ; kind, caring, loving, professional people...... Laysa loves them and so will you're 4 legged fur baby. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 26, 2016
I have wanted to write this review since I left our first visit in January, but every time I sat down to do it, it always felt substandard. It really comes down to this: you could not bring your pet to better humans than those at Back Bay Vet. They hashtag many of their Instagrams with #allcreaturesgreatandsmall, and you definitely feel that sentiment all around you when you’re there.
From the people who check you in, to the techs, and the doctors, you will not find more pat...
And I didn’t just bring her here for basic check ups or nail trims. Dr. Satchu performed major surgery on her, and continued to follow up regularly with me even beyond her formal recovery period had ended. I can only scratch the surface here of all the love and compassion she showed both my guinea pig and myself during such a difficult time; there really aren’t words to describe it fully.
I tell everyone that they could not put their trust or their beloved animals in the hands of better people than they could here. I’m only sad that I don’t have more friends with pets that I could recommend BBVC to. Thank you for everything!
See More ient, friendly, animal-respecting people in Boston. They took such good care of my sweet little guinea pig from the moment we met. I’m admittedly a bit of a worrier (understatement of the year), and even I felt wholly comfortable boarding her for over 4 days at BBVC, knowing she would be safe and getting the best possible care.
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5on Facebook, Mar 20, 2016
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5on Facebook, Nov 11, 2015
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5on Facebook, Oct 28, 2015
The best vets and techs around. Will always be grateful for the unsurpassed care that my babies get there. more »
5on Facebook, Sep 14, 2015
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5on Facebook, Sep 11, 2015
Thanks for seeing our pet hamster! He's already looking a lot better thanks to your treatment! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 11, 2015
I am Copleys Trainer from Tricked Out Pup. This was my first experience with Back Bay Vet. I have to say they are FANTASTIC!
Thanks to everyone there for the care given to Copley and the Leach f
amily. more »
5on Facebook, Jun 10, 2015
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5on Facebook, Apr 21, 2015
We love everyone at BackBay Vet! They were fantastic when our dog cut his paw while we were on a jog in the city. They took him right in and have been taking the best care of him! They made me feel more relaxed at the height of my concern for my "baby." They also give him the cutest bandages and now our Pup only answers to the name "tiger paw!" Thanks guys! Keep up the great work! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 01, 2015
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5on Facebook, Feb 05, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jan 16, 2015
Bagels had a great visit!!! We love Back Bay Vet! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 10, 2015
Thank you Dr Jou and team for taking such good care of Rosie for her procedure yesterday:)
Allie + Rosie
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1 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115
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