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Atta-Boy Movers

18 reviews
 18 Cll Sinsonte, Santa Fe, NM 87507US

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(505) 780-0199

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5on Google, Sep 02, 2017
I had a lot of big heavy pieces of furniture. These men were professional and very hard workers. They worked very quickly and with a lot of patience!!! Using them for my second phase out of state. more »
5on Google, Aug 26, 2017
Very courteous and professional. Timely and responsible service. Coordinates with other local providers (carpet vendors, etc.). Very reasonable prices. - Scott Hankins and Randall Hayden more »
5on Google, Aug 19, 2017
Mike and his crew are amazing! They were polite, accurate, and had my entire house moved in 3 and a half hours! They didn't quit until everything was where I wanted it. I recommend these guys any day, for any job! more »
5on Google, Aug 19, 2017
Everyone was super friendly and fast, and they did a wonderful job moving our office. They arrived late in the day so as not to disrupt our work flow, and everything was moved and in place at our new office in a couple hours or less. Will definitely use their services again. more »
1on Google, Jul 17, 2017
I called in for a quote July 12 , 2017 . The gentleman that answered was so rude to me . Talking over me, yelling at me wanting to know who was unloading my moving truck out of state . When I responded , he didn't like my vague answer and replied with absolute disrespect . I'm absoultely disgusted ! She has no interpersonal communication skills whatsoever !!! more »
5on Google, Jul 04, 2017
Great moving company, you can count on Mike and all the crew to deliver when you don't know the first thing about moving or how to go about it. These guys are friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend them if you need a mover in the Santa Fe area. more »
5on Google, Jul 04, 2017
Fast, careful and friendly. They did a really great job! more »
5on Google, May 03, 2017
I hired Mike B last year and the Atta-boy crew
John was Stellar at his job and lead hia crew like a pro.
I am moving again and called Mike B the Owner and I confident qill be an Awesomw We
ll done job.
Cheers Atta- Boyz🤗🤗🤗🐅🌲🌵🐎🐆🐰🐱🐯
D Sanchez
more »
5on Google, Apr 27, 2017
I have used ATTA-Boy movers twice. They had to be very clever getting some large pieces in the house. Another time they had to pick up pieces at several different places. They were to their word and did both with care and professionalism. more »
2on Google, Mar 04, 2017
I'll start with the good. We got moved.
The bad, its a hustle all the way around. They come out and quote based on limited hours to load and unload, then include packing and material costs
in the quote - even if you pack and provide boxes yourself. Likely to keep them from getting hooked by some law requiring no more than, I believe, 10% over estimate. But they way it put down its much lower than any other estimate. That's only to get you.
The move starts with Mike present and commanding the team and things move quickly. Then Mike has an emergency (both days) and leaves an hour in. Everything slows waaay down so the per hour charge stretches. On the move out day I finally gave them a deadline and I started pushing. I actually heard one of the guys talking to Mike, who was clearly irritated I was wrapping it sooner than he wanted, explaining I was forcing them to finish so fast. Same thing on move in day, I pushed them to wrap it up.
Next is the bill. Mike is of course gone so the kids working for him present a bill entirely different from the quote, and more expensive of course. The hours and charges make no sense and they simply explain "oh well, Mike does his bills weird." We paid regardless and tipped the guys. This is where the real problem begins for us.
Now, at this point my wife comes in after meticulously going through all the artwork exclaiming one of the pieces is not there. The guys casually explain they know the painting that particular painting was "accidentally" put in the back of personal Mike's truck. Mind you, every other painting was loaded in two large cargo trucks, but this one particular painting was placed all alone in the bed of Mike's truck. Imagine that.
The kids leave and an hour later Mike calls to explain that the kid got the bill wrong and it was about 30% more. And, opps, he has our painting. I asked to review the bill and in the interim asked to bring my painting back. He explains only if and when we pay. This went on for three weeks.
Without a doubt this was intentional. I gave him every opportunity within the three weeks to drop the painting off and THEN we would discuss the increased charges. This was intentional on my part, thinking had it truly been by accident that Mike ended up with a piece of our property the first instinct would be to bring it right back. Not hold hostage for three weeks despite my numerous requests, even demands, to return it.
In addition, a few things were broken ( a chair was destroyed and some other items) and they left some of our things at the old house that we had to retrieve ourselves.
There are much better, more honest movers out there. Don't use Attaboy. The experience is terrible and moves are hard. The movers shouldn't make it worse.
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5on Google, Mar 04, 2017
kind, prompt, professional. Mike was terrific. more »
5on Google, Oct 17, 2016
ATTA Boy Movers, the perfect name for this company. Mike Barela and his crew were excellent. Not only did they save the day, but they went out of their way to accommodate our needs. They were professional, considerate and very careful with every piece of furniture they touched, as if it was their own. Time constraints between selling one house and buying another had placed my wife and I were in a very stressful situation. Not only did Mike continue to reassure us with his friendly personality that he could help us, but he also had excellent suggestions on the placement of furniture in our new house. My wife and I highly recommend Mike Barela and his ATTA Boy Movers. Thanks Mike. more »
5on Google, Oct 15, 2016
Mike Barela and his Atta-Boy team of movers saved the day. On short notice, Mike scheduled my move. The day before, when he called to re-confirm date and time of arrival, we added a second destination. "We can handle that," Mike said. Arriving on time, they packed everything quickly and effectively -- no dame broken crystal, no damage to anything including an a fragile antique breakfront. My biggest concern was my baby grand piano, which they disassembled and, after driving it to its new home, reassembled in record time. I would recommend Atta-Boy Movers to anyone wanting a problem-free, quality move. Shirley Melis Hirsch more »
5on Google, Oct 15, 2016
I used Attaboy movers for an in-town move in Los Alamos. The crew of 3 guys arrived on time and worked extremely hard the entire day. The estimate we were provided was lower than the actual cost (the estimate didn't include gas and tax -- which we were charged for), but I was extremely pleased with the work done by the crew. I would recommend these guys to anyone (though ask about gas and tax during the estimate). more »
2on Google, Mar 02, 2016
Atta-Boy Movers.....Great move when Mike (owner) was around to assist and make sure his crew was working hard and taking great care of your stuff...My first move with Atta-Boy was great! The second move was not so great, Mike was not there and crew did not operate at the level before. They also ruined or damaged almost 90% of all our furniture, items where not packed correctly even though we had all proper moving equipment such as moving blankets etc...there was actually quite a few left by the door of the trailer. Moving far from New Mexico and opening the trailer they packed..even the crew that unpacked was like "Did you actually pay for this"and getting unpacked was a hard day for our family to see all the things we worked hard for scratched, dented etc....I'm glad I moved all my TV's and electronics only imagine what would have happened to those! Mike is a good guy, but his crew did not deliver on this move, which was unfortunate for us! more »
5on Google, Jul 02, 2015
We only have the highest praise for Atta Boy Movers after a three-house move to Santa Fe. Mike Barela is fantastic! Communicative, efficient, and courteous-- and he is excellent at what he does. The price for the move was very reasonable, but what won us over was the best customer service imaginable.
Mike did a remarkable job of organizing our move from the Four Corners (about 200 miles from Santa Fe) in the middle of January, which ended up involving driving on some icy roads and through some fog. He returned phone calls, emails, and texts promptly (sometimes responding to emails quite late at night if he had been on an all-day move). He gave great recommendations for the things we were packing ourselves (e.g. using contractor bags for clothing so they can be used for padding, packing books into boxes that will stack evenly at least 5 boxes high on a dolly) and asked good questions about the things we wanted him to pack (all the breakables, liquids, non-clothes/books). On the day of the move, he orchestrated all the packing and loading into three “smaller” trucks, knowing that our new home in Santa Fe didn’t have room for parking on the street in front and required pulling into the driveway. He was ever-watchful of his four guys, consistently overseeing their packing and loading, and they were quick to follow his instructions. (Of note, they also had very positive attitudes and great manners.) Unloading the next day went very smoothly, including our 100+ years old, very heavy upright grand piano with a long-broken wheel. Out of our combined three households and extensive art collection, only one martini glass and one small piece of pottery were broken in the entire move -- no walls or doorways damaged. It’s got to be some kind of record!
A really nice touch: Mike offered to come back and remove the boxes and packing materials after we unpacked. We were so glad that he used recycled boxes for our move --what a waste if all these boxes only get used once! On this return trip, he and two of his guys also shifted some furniture around for us, including that heavy grand piano. Once again, efficient and friendly, and as careful with our belongings as if they were his own prized possessions.
We wholeheartedly recommend hiring Atta Boy Movers for high quality, personalized service. Please support this local business. We’re so glad we worked with Mike and his guys!
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5on Google, Jul 02, 2013
Atta-Boy Movers is an excellent moving company! They were prompt, courteous, fast and at the same time very careful with my furniture. They moved everything in a very efficient manner and with a great sense of humor, which made the move less stressful! I would definitely recommend them again. more »
5on Google, Jul 02, 2013
I can recommend Atta-Boy Movers out of Santa Fe very highly based on my move from Los Alamos to Albuquerque. They returned promptly all my phone calls, came out quickly for a time/cost estimate, called to confirm 2 days before, were precisely on schedule, worked fast and efficiently, met me at my new house 15 minutes after I arrived, put the furniture and boxes where I wanted them, and reassembled the bed, all without damage. Their time estimate was 10 minutes under and the cost estimate was exact. It was a great relief to have the move completed so well. more »
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18 Cll Sinsonte, Santa Fe, NM 87507
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