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American Auto Shield

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 5695 Yukon St, (W 57th Ave & Yukon St), Arvada, CO 80002US

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1on BirdEye, Aug 18, 2015
I checked with the BBB and they said they had a A + rating. I bought 2 warranty's from to save vehicle down time/ having to work on the car myself/ and money. Exact opposite on every single reason I had to purchase a warranty has happened. This compnay and all its employees should be thrown in prison.
They lie out their teeth every step of the way and make up random things to make you pay well over the $100 deductible every single time. The worst part is they force used junk parts on people to do the repairs or make you practically end up buying the part yourself. They claim they find these parts from junk yards and say they found the part and believe it is good for less then $50. So they give you the choice take the junk part or buy the new part in stock at the repair facility for like $500. Things that should be covered are not. I honestly wish I could get a refund because they keep my cars for weeks on almost every repair or find some way to add another $500 on top of the $100 deductible. I wait days for their auto part assessor guy to come and verify the part is bad to end up waiting a week for the junk yard part to come in, instead of them putting out for the part that is in stock at the repair facility they want me to pay the difference which is usually the whole price. This company doesnt answer its phones most the time and when someone does you get disconnected. When you do get through they give you a lame excuse were switching services again and blah blah blah. There is no way on this planet this is a A+ BBB rated company. Do yourself a favor check other sites on the internet for reviews on this company and DONT DARE BELIEVE THE BBB rating for this company like I did.
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5on Merchant Circle, Sep 11, 2011
Quality, quality, quality. Stay away from cheap and shoddy. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Sep 07, 2011
The repair looks perfect. I didn’t think it was possible for it to be perfect because it could never be what it was but it is nearly flawless. I have to take a magnifying glass to see where ding ever was. more »
1on Insider Pages, Jul 22, 2011
I bought a Powertrain Gold warranty for my used ford f-150 truck. The first time I needed the warranty, I had a heck of a time getting a tow. That was a disaster. Then when I finally got my truck towed and the repair shop called American Auto Shield, they got the run around. When I called American Auto Shield about why the repair shop can't get an answer if the work would be covered or not, the claims person criticized the repair shop, belittled me and hung up on me, but before doing so, he stated that if there was neglect on the USED vehicle I purchased, my fault or NOT, it wouldn't be covered. I only had the vehicle 4 months. Reason to purchase a warranty is to feel more secure that if there is something wrong, you know you have something to help. I did buy the vehicle from Clift Auto Sales in Annville, PA (NEVER AGAIN) My wife's car had a DIFFERENT warranty, the repairs were all made by the same shop I had my truck towed to and all the repair shop had to do was make 1 phone call and was given authorization to proceed with the repair. AMERICAN AUTO SHIELD wants to weasel out of paying anything even though the WARRANTY costs $2,700. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Apr 15, 2011
These guys are unbeatable – they gave me a great price and a perfect new windshield. They have worked on two of my friends cars too. Great business! more »
1on Citysearch, Apr 09, 2011
5on YellowBot, Aug 23, 2010
American Auto Shield repair negotiation services save you $$$
For as little as $49 a year, you can save yourself $100s on your future repairs. Repair Sentry is a membership service that allows y
ou access to our expert Automotive Repair Representatives who are ASE Certified Mechanics and/or Master Technicians - either to negotiate repairs on your behalf or simply to advise you in the process of getting your vehicle repaired. Now you'll know you're not overpaying for auto parts and labor!
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5695 Yukon St, (W 57th Ave & Yukon St), Arvada, CO 80002
Today 6:00 am - 5:00 pm


* Vehicle service contract development * Automotive claims administration * Automotive repair negotiation administration * Automotive aftermarket product development * Automotive aftermarket compliance expertise * Marketing solutions for partnersmore »
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