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Mak Roofing & Construction

Allstar Roofing

40 reviews
Roofing Contractor
 123 West Brent, El Paso, TX 79935US

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40 reviews
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1on Yellow Pages, May 23, 2017
Allstar roofing in El Paso Texas (was absolutely horrible. One year later, I still have leaks and damage in my home. Paid them thousands of dollars and they would not show up and when they did, nothing was ever fixed. Very poor quality and even worse communication. They had to come back over six times but only when they had a spare moment or person. Did not clean the roof before fixing and the coatings are peeling off. They do not honor their warranty. Do not use! Their owner - Rick Castellanos - is not honorable and does not keep his commitments. Their workers are not skilled and their website is misleading. Poor quality, poor company. more »
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123 West Brent, El Paso, TX 79935
Roofing Contractor


Our work crews are experienced in every type of roofing systems and are experts in commercial or residential roof repair. Over 30 Years of combined experience offers our clients high quality, guaranteed work. Our professional staff consists of certified insurance adjusters, who are able field inspectors. They are equipped to assess property damage and reconcile a fair settlement with your insurance company. Certified Installers, Professional, High Quality Workmanship, Bonded, Insuredmore »
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