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b & t kitchens

airs company inc

3 reviews
Home Improvements
 609 Copeland Dr, Hampton, VA 23661US

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(757) 838-1036

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3 reviews
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5on YellowBot, Jun 12, 2015
very professional company, they do professional job
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5on Yellow Pages, Jan 08, 2015
As result of a 12-degree artic blast, the above ground portion of our sprinkler system froze which then led to the pvc piping rupturing and spraying-down our lawn. We were directed to Atlantic and after a quick 5-minute call, Jason and Junior were here to evaluate the scene and immediately got to work. Polite, fast, and great work done in under two hours. Definitely recommend if you're in need. more »
1on YellowBot, Jul 05, 2012
Very unhappy with this company. Had to call them numerous time in order to get our bill. Never received the books they were suppose to send regarding the... more »
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609 Copeland Dr, Hampton, VA 23661
Home Improvements
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