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half price solar screens & elegant interiors

affordable wind turbines

20 reviews
Solar Installation
 529 Clifford St, Corpus Christi, TX 78404US

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20 reviews
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5on Facebook, Jul 03, 2018
they sold me a wind turbine for half price i got mad and called the police when i had to pay for shipping but now that i got it i love it and it works so good im gay now in fact im so gay after saving on my electric bill , im oh so gay more »
5on Facebook, Jul 03, 2018
i bought my 3kw wind turbine from here last year and i just love it great work just stupendous very artistic great job thanks more »
5on Facebook, Jul 03, 2018
my little 1 kw vawt works as described i like it and my neighbors think it looks cool more »
5on Facebook, Apr 13, 2018
Brian Cermak
Father, son accused of growing marijuana in backyard of home
Jan 15, 2016 - HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Harris
County deputy constables have arrested a father and son who were allegedly growing marijuana in their backyard. Brian Edward Cermak, 52, and his son, Ian Alexander Cermak, were arrested Jan. 6 after neighbors complained the men were growing marijuana plants ... more »
1on Facebook, Feb 21, 2018
Do not do business with this Company. Do not do business with this Company. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 01, 2016
we had to set up new Facebook account because of the cyber bully activity here from fake user accounts all connected to thomas halka from gogreen.implix who impersonates girls on here and other accounts and harasses businesses and attempts to blackmail the businesses he targets all likely coming from poland more »
5on Facebook, Oct 03, 2016
affordable wind turbines is good , a great product more »
5on Facebook, Mar 05, 2016
I think Affordable Wind Turbines Is Great !
inplix dot com is bad news it is a scam they leave bad reveiws about other busineses Thamsz Halka Is A cyber Bully
more »
5on Facebook, Feb 25, 2016
i really like my wind turbine i bought from affordable wind turbines it has been working great for years now thanks affordable wind turbines more »
5on Facebook, Jan 10, 2016
these are really neat wind turbines i like them , and i went to affordablewindturbines dot org and they are cheap too more »
5on Facebook, Jan 02, 2016
affordable wind turbines sold me a great wind turbine i love it more »
5on YellowBot, Feb 05, 2009
A good company recomend!
from A local reference!
My Tags
Affordable Wind Turbines - phone- 515-897-6189
more »
5on YellowBot, Jan 28, 2009
Affordable Auto Repair 563 570 6239
here is the phone number 563-570-6239 it wont let me change it on many of these sites!
My Tags
Affordable Auto Repair of Davenport Iowa johnny hea
th owner,
Affordable Auto Repair of Davenport Iowa johnny heath owner phone number is 563-570-6239
more »
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529 Clifford St, Corpus Christi, TX 78404
Solar Installation
Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Affordable Wind Turbines is located in Corpus Christi, TX..more »
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