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Aero Motors Inc

59 reviews
(Auto Repair)
 50 Eastern Blvd, Essex, MD 21221US

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(410) 686-3444

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1on, Aug 15, 2013
We went there to look at a minivan and the dealers were rude and unreasonable with regards to price. The changed try amount of our trade in and the total amount of the car several times - it just kept going up. We had the funds and were ready to buy and they were less than helpful or eager. more »
Business Response:
Aero Motors has adopted a one price policy for simplification and to eliminate the need for negotiation. All prices are posted on the internet and based on current market value. We specialize in vehicles that are 4 to 10 years old with less than average mileage. A CARFAX reports is available upon request. Many of our vehicles have had only one previous owner.Aero's sales staff is experienced,friendly and professional. Any deviation from those standards should be reported to ownership.
2on Google, Apr 18, 2013
I bought an SUV from Aero Motors last year (2012). After 6 months, the SUV needed new control arms, new ball joints, new shocks, new rotors, brakes, new tires, and some engine work because it was leaking oil. I had the car appraised by my insurance company, and they said Aero motors should not have passed it for state inspection due to all of the issues, and that they had drilled holes in the ball joints and filled them with thick grease so they did not have to replace them (to quiet them down so buyers wouldn't hear the squeaking). Also, when I was buying the SUV, the right front tire was very low, so I asked them to check into it, they just pumped it with air and said it was fine. It turned out to be a nail, so on the second day of owning the car I had to purchase a new tire because there was "no proof that the nail didn't happen after I pulled out of the lot" despite the dealer remembering me asking to check it out. The finance company that Aero motors refers you to is HORRIBLE (Mariner Finance). They have a flat 24% rate (keep in mind most rates are 3-7%!!!!) so they offer you no way to pay off your car early due to the EXTREMELY high interest. All around, I feel I was taken advantage of, and I am regretting my decision wholeheartedly. I paid $7,500 for an SUV that was appraised to be worth $800! Go to somewhere reputable such as Carmax, or a name brand dealer (ford, mitsu, nissan, ect...) where they guarantee their cars or give warranties! The only upside to this place was that the staff was friendly, but what car dealer isn't? more »
5on Google, Feb 16, 2013
Won't go anywhere else for service and that is difficult as I live in another county. My family has 2 cars and a truck. I recently took a car for routine service and told them I needed the timing belt changed. I had completely confused the service records on my vehicles. A few hours later, I got a call from the mechanic informing me the belt had already been changed on this vehicle and it was another of my vehicles that was coming due. I was blown away! Not many dealerships would have been that honest with such a high dollar opportunity. They totally earned my respect and business. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Oct 17, 2012
Just moved in the area and needed an oil change so I stopped by Aero, the service was great. I had several things that they found were issues they walked me through what needs to be done now and what could wait for later. I m a student on a tight budget so this honesty was important to me. Other then the place looking a little old it was a great experience and i will be going back soon. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Oct 16, 2012
I got my car serviced here the other day, never knew they had a service department but I came across a oil change coupon. At first glance its a pretty large old building when I walked inside I was greeted by their car sales staff they pointed me in the right direction. Jeff was the guy that helped me. He was very kind and explain everything to me. Oil change was done in a timely manner despite me not calling ahead. At the end of the service Jeff gave me a sheet that told me all about the current condition of my vehicle. I really like that its almost like a check up at the doctor s. In all I was greatly impressed with the level of service I received and I will be back. I strongly recommend Aero Motors to anyone who want and honest car repair shop. more »
1on, Sep 16, 2012
I went to look at a Chevy Cavalier listed on The dealer told me upon arrival the car had been sold but tried to get me to look at other cars. Two weeks later, the car is still listed on cars. com as available. more »
1on Yahoo! Local, Jul 05, 2012
do not go to aero motors. They will over charge the hell out of you. They charge you prices that arent even close to the actual price of the part. They are rip offs. more »
1on Google, Feb 17, 2012
Don't buy from that company. All there cars are crap. It's a rip-off. Lets say you left your car at the aero motors parking lot for a voluntary repo. they will sell your car at the auction and buy it back from the auction for like few hundred dollars that they will hire a lawyer to file a suit to take the money that you owe. If, your car has a damage they will swap parts with a similar car and resell it. more »
5on Google, Feb 17, 2012
Aero motors is one if the very few automotive dealership that's is honest, respectful, and very helpful. They are a family owned dealership and have been around for over 50 years for a reason. As soon as you walk into the lot you are greeted by one of their salesmen who from the beginning are there go help you find a car that you actually want and when you but a car from them you feel like you are now part of the family. They put your concerns and worries before anything else they care more about making you happy than just making monetary there is not many places like that around anymore. Their financial department is the same way they work with you and accommodate you to find the best way to fit your personal budget. All of the cars are low mileage cars and are priced accordingly.They are very upfront with all of there cars and know everything there is to know about the cars and their Carfax reports. They don't try to hide anything. I don't know where these other people went but it wasn't Aero. I would highly recommend Aero motors to anybody who is looking to but a great car for a good price and become part of another family. more »
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50 Eastern Blvd, Essex, MD 21221
Auto Repair
Today 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Family Owned and Operated Used Cars Sales and Service Facility. In Business for 60 years. Quality Used Vehicles at a Fair Pricemore »

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