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3 Reviews
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Walker Road Chiropractic PCBeaverton OR
Walker Road Chiropractic PC
3 reviews
Dawn Sage
Jul 23, 2015

Coming here from out of state, I was worried about finding a really good chiropractor in the Portland area. We were "spoiled' where we lived previously and had a good provider back home. A very painful hip issue hit me out of nowhere about six months ago, to a point where I could only walk about 10 steps, then would have to sit down immediately to get out of pain. After much searching and a few attempts seeing other chiropractors here, we found Dr. Gard at Walker Road Chiropractic. This guy is AMAZING. He knows more about the human body than any other doctor I've ever been to (including MD's and ND's)!!! My hip not only cleared up in less than three sessions, but it has not returned AT ALL. This week I had a frozen shoulder coming on and in ONE session I walked out of his office completely free of pain. His techniques, knowledge, sense of humor and compassion speak loudly of the kind of person he truly is. He treats our entire family now and we could not be happier or more grateful. Thanks Dr. Gard, you're the BEST!!!

Walker Road Chiropractic PC
Walker Road Chiropractic PC | Jul 23, 2015 Beaverton, OR

Thank you!

Sara Raetz
Mar 24, 2015

I would give more stars if there were more. Very personable staff. I haven't been able to stop sharing with people how amazing this place is, how amazing Dr Gard is. Dr Gard is very thorough and very good at what he does. Skeptical? Yep, me too. Not any more. I couldn't move, sit, stand, walk, or sleep without pain. I could barely tie my own shoes and dressing myself was quite painful too. I struggled with walking, bending, twisting, stretching, etc. Tears of joy came to my eyes as I spoke with the lovely receptionist about my experience after my visit with Dr Gard. I had been relieved of so much of my pain and struggles that I had tried to endure for so long. I know that he's not what some would consider a miracle worker, but he most certainly knows what he is doing and does it very well. Thank you Dr Gard for being my miracle worker and helping me to live a better life. Thank you for being you and doing what you do.

Walker Road Chiropractic PC
Walker Road Chiropractic PC | Mar 24, 2015 Beaverton, OR

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experience!

Michael Lamberty
Mar 24, 2015

I have had 10 Orthopedic surgeries, have gone to countless Chiropractors and could probably be a Physical Therapist just by experience alone! After my first consult with Dr. Zane I thought "this guy is full of it! He hasn't done any "adjustments" just this little hand held thing and telling me to move my arms all over. This isn't going to work!" But after leaving and over the next few hours my back started feeling better and better. I gave him another chance and I am so glad I did! I haven't run in years and really missed it. Now I run every other day and have just started a Dragon Boat racing club! Dr. Guard has given me my quality of life back! His staff is helpful and pleasant and massages are wonderful to say the least! I don't know how such a simple principle can make such a great difference but it does and I'm sold!

Walker Road Chiropractic PC
Walker Road Chiropractic PC | Mar 24, 2015 Beaverton, OR

Thank you, we are wishing you great success with the Dragon Boat racing!

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